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  • In the morning2

    Wow! GrinGrinGrin
    • 13 Oct 2016 7:47PM
  • Split rooftops

    Did you replace the sky? There is a clear white outline on the rooftops where it looks as if it wasn't masked out properly. Either that or you oversharpened, which causes a white outline. Grin. Nice image otherwise GrinGrin.
    • 13 Oct 2016 7:35PM
  • Alone

    How I feel at the moment. I love this image, very poignant. Grin
    • 12 Oct 2016 6:29PM
  • Aiming for the top...........

    Lovely image GrinGrin. Does look like your lens needs a clean though TongueGrinGrin.
    • 12 Oct 2016 6:23PM
  • Autumn

    Stunning GrinGrinGrin
    • 12 Oct 2016 6:17PM
  • Pollution

    Love it!!! GrinGrin
    • 12 Oct 2016 5:37PM
  • Poser

    Beautiful cat Grin. My daughters think so as well. GrinGrin
    • 12 Oct 2016 5:34PM

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