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Hi folks, greetings from Karlsruhe, Germany
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  • Bumbelbee in action

    @KarenFB: I wish the complete eye was on the shot. I left only more of the flower away. Taking a picture of a bumble bee at this close range (2-3 cm) is a challenge that may drive you crazy. It only works with a mirrorless MFT camera where you can move quicker than with a DSLR or any large equipment. This was the best of about 50 shots meeting my expectations for detail and sharpness.
    • 12 Aug 2020 6:35PM
  • Wrong appartement

    The photo was made using a "Catch-IN Focus" Technology with a predefined frame. There was much room on the left side because I wanted to catch landing and departing tits as well. So a 3:2 Format would have had much empty room at the left and middle of the frame and the bird compressed on the right side. The starling landed unexpected. With a tit, the square is much nicer.
    • 30 Apr 2020 8:41AM
  • Oil on water setup

    Hi all Smile Some additional information
    1. A glass bowl illuminated from below is ideal.
    2. Water depth at least 2 cm, so that the bottom of the bowl is no longer sharp. Aperture approx. 5.6
    3. Coloured light (continuous light = LED) from below gives good results. A CD automatically delivers "rainbow colours", however, only in a narrow area. Therefore a macro at 1:2 is ideal.
    4. exposure time shorter than 1/100 to stop water/oil movements.
    5. I tried different oils, what a mess to get everything clean again.
    6. the following procedure worked best:
    - Fill in clean water. Water from the tap can contain fluff or particles, which you can see clearly later.
    - Fill in a little oil (e.g. sunflower oil), pipette, syringe or directly from the bottle.
    - Stir the whole carefully until many single drops form.
    - Wait !!! until the movements have calmed down and small "islands" with groups of drops have formed.
    - Move the camera / glass bowl so that the drops are in the field of vision.
    - Adjust Sharpness / CD / light and adjust lighting / colors until a good photo is possible.
    - Photograph as long as the oil islands do not begin to wander through thermal movements.

    Good luck

    • 18 Dec 2019 10:34AM
  • grass snake (Natrix natrix)

    yes, probably a moskito
    • 14 Sep 2019 9:19AM
  • thunderstorm cell

    I used a Pentax camera for this purpose. Almost all Pentaxes have a build in intervalometer. If there is not to much light, as it was the case, I simply use: Manual Mode, Time 10 - 15 seconds, ISO 100 - 400, Aperture 8 - 16. 1 second delay for the camera to store the picture.
    This way you get a nice time coverage. Ithe direction and zoom ist OK, then you will get nice images.

    Best regards,
    • 4 Aug 2018 2:47PM
  • The photographer

    Yes, but since thepicfure does not appear as a foto in this way on the sensor at all, this minor "fault" should be forgiven Smile
    • 11 Feb 2018 1:00PM
  • Calling

    Great shot
    • 29 Oct 2017 4:53PM
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