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Activity : Photo Comments

Aldo Panzieri

Welcome to my portfoli Brouse and look at the work.
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  • Sidewalk Colors

    We take risks in the road. With a Ferrari, and a Lamborghini on either side of you and an old Lady from Pasadena doing ten miles an hour in front of you, you get an urge to stomp on the gas pedal, and blowing that old broad right of the road.
    • 3 Aug 2015 10:06AM
  • Convergence

    Very nice! It would have annoyed the hell out of my Large format photo teacher in Art Center College of Design. It is a school so full of little goose stepping professors, that has the reputation of being the only school left that accepts Nazis.
    • 2 Aug 2015 11:32PM
  • Clare Glen at Dawn

    A breath of fresh air on a subject that is often over done!
    • 6 May 2015 1:13AM
  • Bathed in Light

    Such a quality of light!

    • 29 Apr 2015 4:14AM
  • Floral Heart

    Now, THAT is a great shot! Keep up the good work!

    • 20 Mar 2015 4:51PM
  • Twist of Lemon

    I haven't seen anything this gorgeous since I saw Halley Berry come out of the ocean in a bikini in a James Bond movie.

    • 4 Jan 2015 10:24PM
  • Shades of Summer

    DAMN GIRL!!! Your bloody great! I haven't seen anything this gorgeous since I did a photo session with my Psychiatrists daughter Masha, who is such an elegant, stunning young woman, I wished I had worn a tuxedo to the session. Her Dad stood next to me through the whole session, and actually stopped my usual babble of profanity.

    • 28 Dec 2014 11:09PM
  • St Anne's Beach

    Nice minimalist beach shot. try Picasa to add enough effects to annoy the rule people., I see you had a Christmas gift from Theresa that was on my Christmas list when I was fifteen.

    • 27 Dec 2014 4:48AM
  • Regurgitate for the family

    Nice nature shot, but regurgitate is such a nasty word. Maybe barfing for the babies has a better ring.

    • 24 Sep 2014 11:24PM
  • The enchanted Forest

    Nice!, really nice! Too many pictures are just a record shot. This has flair.

    • 14 Jun 2014 3:18AM
  • Bare back Rider

    I love it! The last time I was on the back of animal it was on a donkey ride at Disneyland. I was twelve, and had a safety belt on. The donkeys carried us through the "ride" it a narrow trench which kept them lined up and unable toss the annoying children who shrieked at their exposure to a real animal you could ride.

    On the other hand, this lovely young woman deserves a standing ovation for riding a rearing horse bareback, especially from the arrogant army of male chauvinists who belittle women who are more intelligent and talented than they are. As a war veteran I have long since stopped being amazed at the things women do. As many women as men are my friends, and each have respect for each other.
    • 13 Jun 2014 9:05AM
  • Diving Red Kite

    Holy guacamole Batman! That is one bitchin bird shot. Here in psychosis by the sea, us L.A. weirdo's, have a large segment of "birders," as well as those of us who just photograph hunting birds just because they are magnificent creatures.

    After a long night of photographing corpses and mangled cars, I like to drop into a comphy chair and relax and wind down. Spending the night in the worst part of town with a guy standing behind you with a shot gun and a nine millimeter are not conducive to mellowness. I was enjoying the morning sun and leaned back in the chair and looked up at the puffy clouds passing over. I notices a few pigeons moving slowly to the east. Suddenly, there was a loud "POP" and a circle of pigeon fluttering down.

    A falcon had hit the pigeon in a vertical drive at more than a hundred miles an hour. I watched the feathers float down still in a circle. I tried to close my eyes, but there another loud noise. I opened my eyes, and there was the falcon the pigeon held in one claw, the talons puncturing the back of the doomed bird. They were not very far from me, and I goy as close as ten feet before I stopped.

    I keep my Nikon Coolpix 510 in a small pouch. It replaced forty five pounds of photo crapola I've carried on the job for over five decades. At first it was a speed Graphic with eighteen film holders, a light meter, two dozen flash bulbs, and a Rolliflex with a dozen rolls of film. It worked it way down to three Nikons, two flash units, half a case Of Tri-X, and six lenses. The weight stayed about the same.

    The Coolpix replaces all of it. I was able to shoot pictures of the two birds in a few seconds. I've photographed more birds since then.
    • 12 Jun 2014 7:07AM
  • Volvo and shadow

    Glad y'all like it. I shot some sky images yesterday that had some really beautiful clouds in them, but shooting from a Costco parking lot just doesn't cut it. It's like opening up Playboy and seeing Joan Rivers. I also shot some basil today that I haven't down loaded yet. Damn! I wish I had the chance to photograph Masha again. Look on my portfolio, what a striking face. I'd like to shoot some really great fashion portraits. Since my model friend Suzanne retired, I haven't had a model. However, Masha isn't interested in modeling. Too bad, such a great face.

    • 4 Jun 2014 7:10AM
  • A load off my feet


    Thanks for the kind words. I was afraid I was being an airborne anal orifice. That's a polite term I use for ego maniacs in photography.

    • 1 Jun 2014 10:06PM
  • Basil on a window


    Wish I had the machine! Our little place was built a hundred years ago when men were five foot three, and women were four foot ten, which my wife is now. The place is so small, that if there is a funny joke on the T.V. we have to laugh he, he, he instead of ha, ha, ha.

    • 29 May 2014 7:33PM
  • Hotel Roof

    Hi R,

    You know what I'm after. I want to turn every day things into art. I wish I had models again. We used to test a lot. That a shoot where each of the parties involved does not charge each other. Both of the parties involved get good stuff for their portfolios. If the photographer sells the image, he is supposed to give the model twenty percent, but I give them half. Other photographer are very annoyed because their models tell them that I am a lot more fair with models than they are.

    • 17 May 2014 11:52PM
  • Shiner

    A very nice shot!
    • 27 Apr 2014 9:13PM
  • Hot Car

    You have my sympathies. Men are a pain as it is, guzzling beer in front of the TV in their under wear with yet another sporting event on. I have so much gas, Arabs follow me. I hope you are not in the same fix. As they say, "You can tell a man, but you can't tell him much.
    • 3 Mar 2014 8:40PM
  • Laguna Beach Sunset

    Thanks! That's what I was going for. There is a tiny place where I did some retouching. I hate retouching it seems dishonest for an ex-news photographer. However, there was one black object that protruded into the very middle of the picture. My retouching seems very obvious to me, but others say that it's invisible. In any case, I'm glad you like it. I've had a rough go of it this week. I wrote some thoughts under one beach scene, and mortally offended one person who told me never to darken her doorway again. She threatened to report me, but I had already reported myself. They simply removed my words, and we went on. I'm going to make my captions very short, and as PC as I can make them.
    • 1 Mar 2014 9:27AM
  • 149-fractal orchid

    Damn! this is a hot shot!

    • 25 Feb 2014 4:55AM
  • Masha at fourteen

    I am very happy with my pictures of Masha. She is the sweetest, most beautiful young woman I've ever met. She brings out the best in me as a photographer, and as a human being. I think if ever someone ever really hurt her, they would meet that man who came back from Vietnam. Not a pretty picture.

    • 23 Feb 2014 7:21AM
  • The Fog

    Love it! Fog is such a cool subject to shoot!

    • 19 Dec 2013 4:52AM
  • Clowns

    This looks like a meeting of the tea party congress. Nice shot!

    • 30 Nov 2013 8:08AM
  • eighty one

    I like it! There aren't too many tea parties for Hells Angels here, just mixers. Mix one hells angel with fifteen cops, stir well.

    • 2 Jul 2011 12:34AM
  • Avocado leaves

    I park my car under an avocado tree, a calculated risk. Debris rains down as well as an occasional rock hard avocado usually thrown at my head by Mister Squirrel, or Mister raccoon. Both of whom are excellent shots.

    I noticed new spring growth yesterday and took some pictures. New growth is thin and allows a lot of light to come through. older growth is rather dense, like that damn squirrel and raccoon.
    • 14 Apr 2011 2:58AM
  • Wooo hoooo bigger beds here .....

    I'm a sucker for cat pictures. Nothing like watching a cat relax and nap makes me feel better.
    • 5 Sep 2010 2:13AM
  • eyes

    Glad you like it! I don't use too many effects as a CSI photographer, so this is a change for me.

    • 4 Sep 2010 10:40PM
  • The Chindit

    Love the smile! Don't see that too often in Veterans.

    • 28 Aug 2010 11:31AM
  • The Best

    Suzanne often asked me if it was difficult being her friend. I always told her that it was never difficult, but it was usually pretty hard.

    • 8 Aug 2010 10:41AM
  • A new cutie for a man in blue.

    He may be a tough cop, but to his girls, he's a big teddy bear.

    • 21 Jul 2010 4:43AM