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Hi. As I have been a member since February I think it about time I told a little. I am 62 years of age and was born and bred in Liverpool (Everton) I have lived in Warwickshire for the past 30 years or so.
I got into digital about fifteen months ago with a Fuji 2800Z and have now upgraded to a Fuji S602Z Pro which I am still getting used to. Recently I purchased a second hand Fujica ST605 SLR and I am waiting for the film to be developed before I can make any comment on it. As you can see from my portfolio I like all sorts of photography but mainly flowers and gardens but really like landscape photography..
This is the most informative website for all sorts of photography that I have seen so far.
I have now got myself a used Canon T70 35mm SLR which I seem to be using more and more as I get used to it.


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