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Hi, I am a keen amateur Landscape photographer, enjoy being outside taking photographs, or just enjoying the amazing scenery that we have.Since joining ePhotozine I have been amazed at the varied variety of photographs that are placed on the site. My only wish is that I had joined ePhotozine years ago. Would love to meet others who are into Landscape Photography.

Alex 64.
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  • Lightroom Problems.

    Thank you all for replying and your helpful suggestions, my desk top, is over ten years old, so probably time to upgrade. Best wishes... Alex
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  • Battery Grip for the Canon 50D DSLR.

    Canon battery grip, nice condition, comes with the Alkaline/recharge battery carriage. Boxed, Uk sale only. 30.00 free postage. This is the Canon BG-E2N Grip.
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  • Ephotozine and AVG Anti Virus.

    Straycat i have used that one to i think defender is a upgraded version but they both work great and freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Andy
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  • Dark prints

    I would recommend looking at the Marrutt Inkjet Printing Masterclass. A link to one lesson which is relevant is:
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  • Hello form a mature amateur...

    Hi Alex, as the others have already said, this is a great site for all things photographic, and it gets better the more you get involved. Commenting others images, asking...
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