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Thanks for looking at my images as you can see they cover a wide range of subject matter enjoy
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I have been taking pictures for about thirty years. I have worked in photographic industry since I was seventeen.

I live and work in London

I bought my first camera when I was Fifteen which was a Zenith E, a fully manuel camera. I have owned and used a huge range of cameras 35mm and 2 1/4 Square, from Nikon to Mamiya to Hasselblad.

In the last few years I have been working with digital camera's I started with a Canon A5 but soon found the limitations with that, I changed over to a Sony 505 and then worked through the F range of cameras to the 828 I used a Nikon D200 i mainly use with a 18-200 lens which I used for a number of years.

I have recently upgraded from DX to FX and now use a Nikon D610

Most of the images that I have uploaded have not been worked in photoshop and are as taken.

I have been of line for a few months problems with my internet provider new provider so i'll be uploading again


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