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Bonjour Grin

Transgender lensperson, some self portraits, some other random stuff now and then, mostly family, landscapes, stuff...
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A quick view of AlexandraSD's recent activity.

  • infinite ripples

    Quote:Just be careful you don't speed dial the wrong person....😊 😊

    more worried about dropping the phone in the drink lolxx
    • 9 Jul 2017 11:10PM
  • Dunster Yarn Market

    Quote:I won't say I know the lass well, but we've met...

    Lovely picture, capturing the shade and the appeal.

    A pity about modern road markings - but at least it keeps the area free of SUVs.

    Yes those lines are horrible but they are part of that scene now whether we like it or not, i detest road markings like that but in 50 years time they might not be there anymore seeing as we will all have drone cars and hoverbikes and whatnot! For me it ties the image to the date it was taken, which is why i dont really mind cars cropping up in shots like this, but i did have to wait 3 nights for a car/SUV free image, was well worth the wait!

    Aye, me and the yarn market have good memories together, i actually hugged one of the posts when i returned after so long Smile
    • 29 Jun 2017 3:05PM
  • in brighton

    Quote: Hope you tried Brighton Gin while you were there. It's a cut above the average.

    Brighton Gin? Was not even aware of it, might have to go back and redeem myself Smile
    • 29 Jun 2017 6:58AM
  • The Butlins Express pulls into Dunster

    Quote:There's soemthing wonderfully relaxed and old-fashioned about a steam train on a preserved line... The days when you could get ANYWHERE by train...

    I spent 16 years commuting by train, and modern trains are less fun. Some are now faster: though many are not, and some a lot slower.

    It took until the Noughties for the times from places like Birmingham or Stoke to London to beat the prewar schedules, I think. And remember that Mallard achieved 126 mph in July 1938, running up the East Ccoast line.

    (I do have an anorak, but my notebook is purely for model and film details...)

    This train probably did 26pmh at its fastest, most of the time much slower I think but i could be wrong, at times it seemed like a gentle crawl!
    • 27 Jun 2017 4:14PM
  • Fishing

    Quote:Great capture *****

    Thank you, its a simple composition but i like it Smile
    • 26 Jun 2017 10:37AM
  • Window dressing

    Quote:Excellent use of light - and the window makes a great frame. A window frame, as it were...

    Thank you, was such a pretty room for photos but I didnt spend all holiday in there, it was too hot for starters Smile
    • 26 Jun 2017 10:36AM
  • still here =D

    Quote:Looking good. The hair is nice too.

    Image is a touch soft, - but maybe thats how you are!

    Feeling good too, thank you Smile
    • 23 Apr 2017 12:33PM

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