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What you doing ere?
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A quick view of AlexandraSD's recent activity.

  • 100101011010010101110101010000110011011011101001

    Quote:It's coincidental. All those conspiracy theories ... just go home. It will be okay in the morning.

    I dont believe a single one of them... Wink
    • 13 Dec 2020 10:45PM
  • Try not to forget to get some baguettes

    Quote:Glad to hear your Mum is on the mend.

    After that trauma I think you are entitled to forget to don the skirt, thank goodness you remembered the pants!!!Wink


    Thank you, i will admit that it was pure luck that this image happened, my outfit compliments the scenes colours, had i worn a red shirt or pink knickers, the image would have been wasted, but the silvers and blacks sit perfectly within the back drop. Very pleased with this one Smile
    • 11 Nov 2020 4:56PM
  • Kerb Crawlers

    Quote:10 out of 10 for bottle, but I do prefer yesterdays. I think maybe it's because you are so brightly lit in this one, but I really am no expert to judge!!!Smile


    Previous image was lit using ambient lighting, todays upload has controlled lighting, ie i set up a light and stood near it, as opposed to standing near an ambient light source. Both were taken just meters apart, but like you, i kinda prefer the previous image, it tells more of a story plus it does look better!
    • 16 Sep 2020 3:03PM
  • Grim-Dark Glamcore

    Quote:The car headlights make it for me. And, once again, well done you for having the bottle!!!

    Oooo that was weird this came up on my playlist as I was viewing your picture.
    Not sure if the link will work...Shady Lane Lady by Mike Harding


    The link did work, and yes its very apt. Less sentimental, i had this in my head last night,
    Its Grim Up North by the Jamms Smile

    I have more confidence than i should probably have, and one day i will get into trouble for it, but not last night!!!
    • 15 Sep 2020 2:59PM
  • At Peckover House

    Quote:4 in the morning! I hope you didn't wake the residents with strange bright lights shining through their windows!!! Grin

    Classy image, nice one.


    haha truth, this is now a national trust property, so no overnight residents, i was very quiet and very quick, like a photography ninja, in and out before found out Smile plus i review the images without moving so i know exactly what i have, as long as focus hits, only had one miss focus all night!
    • 15 Aug 2020 4:30PM
  • trouble

    Quote:I like this, nicely shot Smile

    Thank you, not my usual lighting set up, though i wish i could get some vivid blue light to blast from those windows above, maybe a carefully placed speedlight with a blue gel on it would do the trick!
    • 30 Jul 2020 5:14PM
  • Tranquility

    Not sure the light on that tree can get any better, so gorgeous!
    • 20 Jul 2020 6:18PM

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