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Transgender lensperson, some self portraits, some other random stuff now and then, mostly family, landscapes, stuff...
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A quick view of AlexandraSD's recent activity.

  • Gypsy Queen

    Quote:Sorry to hear of your indisposition Alexandra.
    Did you catch it off the donkey?

    haha i dont think so, he kept to his side of the fence, he was quite well behaved for a donkey, such a cutie =)
    • 29 Jul 2019 3:40PM
  • Lost In Wales

    Quote:Beautiful photo

    Thank you =)
    • 29 Jul 2019 3:38PM
  • beyond repair

    Quote:I like it. Still, I am a little puzzled where those stairs lead considering the choice of attire.

    Oh those stairs lead to the Devils Chair, which leads to the demon in some alternate reality created by a psychopath called Nick West!
    • 20 Jun 2019 5:24AM
  • Gold digger?

    Quote:Now if this had been 1944, or thereabouts, (long, long before your time and my timeWink), you could have titled this Digging for Victory.
    The slant adds to quirkiness of the scene, so don't straighten it.

    haha i could photoshop some spitfires flying overhead Smile

    Quote:It's dynamic and beautiful...

    And the processing makes it sing.

    Awww thank you, it had to be processed this way, emphasising the goldness of the image!

    Quote:WinkWinkWinkWinkWink well done.

    Why thank you =)

    Quote:Works well.

    I think so, not bad or a quickie!
    • 4 Jun 2019 9:19PM
  • Watering Cauliflowers

    Quote:Love this - well done.

    Wow thank you Nick, it is slightly different Smile
    • 2 Jun 2019 6:35AM
  • What did the nurse say when she found a rectal thermometer in her pocket?

    Quote:Never mind the thermometer - what procedure do you have in mind with those secateurs?

    Well, whatever i cut off, i shall be wearing as ear rings Grin
    • 11 Feb 2019 4:17PM
  • awful attempt at boudoir photography

    Quote:Spotlighting, some soft focus... I prefer a Zeiss Softar filter or a Lensbaby Velvet, but many swear by Gaussian blur or some such device...

    Ahhh i totally forgot about G-blur lol i hang my head in shame Smile
    • 11 Feb 2019 2:38PM

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