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AlexandraSD's Blog


Bonjour Grin

Transgender lensperson, some self portraits, some other random stuff now and then, mostly family, landscapes, stuff...
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  • My latest camera...

    Another little catch up :) At the weekend I decided to treat myself to a new camera, well, a new second hand camera. The Fujifilm X-E2! Bought from Wex in Norwich obviously, where else would a Norfolk girl go to get her camera's? Initial impressi...


    1 Jun 2017 1:41PM | Read


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  • WHat I have been up to lately!

    You may be wondering, or not, why I am not as active on here as I used to be, one simple answer, I am having too much fun to go online much, or even do photography for that matter! I am devoting a lot of time currently by volunteering at a local cha...


    4 Mar 2017 10:36AM | Read


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  • New camera!

    I gave myself a birthday treat recently, I bought myself a new Polaroid Snap camera, those that use the Zink paper. I have been hankering after one for a while now, I was going to get the Snap Touch version, their latest model, but to be honest, wha...


    16 Jan 2017 6:35PM | Read


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  • Welding glass big stoppers

    Not written a blog here on ePz in ages, the truth is i am far too busy with photography now, not just taking images, but writing for my website, making photography youtube videos, and watching photography youtube videos, and i am not talking about th...

    18 Sep 2016 2:47PM | Read


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  • strobist portability solution

    So, since last year i have slowly but surely bought more and more strobist equipment, and i still have more in transit in the post, as well as a few other items on my list. All this gear is handy, its all good, except now i have so much gear, it was...

    19 Feb 2016 3:11PM | Read


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  • changes to my websites

    After 5 years of having thegirlwitin.co.uk online, i am having to close it down for good at the end of december. thegirlwithin.co.uk is my transgender website, however as time has moved on, i realize that i am less transgender and more me, what i ...

    1 Dec 2015 12:41PM | Read


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  • Best Lens... Ever...

    Obviously Fuji's new 35mm f2 lens! Its true that i dont have much to compare it to, a big percentage of my lens is vintage stuff, flawed but full of character, and the only new lenses i have had in the past 15 years are a samyang 8mm fisheye, the ...


    29 Nov 2015 11:41AM | Read


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  • Halloween

    Ask most English folks what they think of halloween, they will probably tell you it is some American bullsh*t, or something along those lines. I agree, slightly, but not completely. In times before the Roman Invasion, celts would mark this time...

    1 Nov 2015 3:12PM | Read


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  • my photography website

    It has been a long time since i had a photography website, and its been a while since i even designed one. I was not going to bother but i have several gigs of webspace, as well as a web address i never really used, and lets be honest, its always ...

    26 Oct 2015 2:25PM | Read


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  • m39 to fuji x mount

    It is crazy to think that in all those years of owning a DSLR, i never once bought any decent glass for it, not once! All i had was the basic kit lens and the 100.230 or whatever zoom lens, hey, i only have myself to blame! Since owning this Fuji,...

    13 Oct 2015 2:41PM | Read


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  • get out more...

    A few days ago i posted this... ...to a facebook community page. It was taken locally obviously, in fact less than 1 mile from my house, in my youth we would take our bikes there, 3 of us had Kawasaki KMX 125's, so this place was great fun ...


    12 Oct 2015 3:56PM | Read


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  • Progress with speedlighting

    Yesterday i had an amazing 3 hour shoot at a relatively new location for me, though it is yet another derelict raf base, but this one is in Norfolk, a bit further afield than my usual haunt, but well worth the 45 minute drive to get there! My prev...


    5 Oct 2015 5:49PM | Read


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  • why i probably wont buy a new modern lens again..

    So i have been playing with my legacy lens, my Helios 44-2 f/2 58mm, attached to my fuji, for a few weeks now, and i have used it almost daily, most times when out walking the dog through the local woods, or when browing for shrooms at bigger woods a...

    3 Oct 2015 3:45PM | Read


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  • Problem solving in the DreamWorld

    Little known fact, sometimes when I am dreaming, I know I am dreaming. For so long now I have been trying to become lucid in my dreams, and I am getting there, though more often than not, the excitment of it all causes me to wake up. To get this f...

    21 Sep 2015 6:27PM | Read


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  • rewriting my ebook

    I published a free ebook this year called The Perfect Selfie. At first I was rather pleased with it, but after a while it began to niggle me. Basically the word Selfie really p****d me off, I mean, selfie? Really? I dont do selfies, well, yes i...

    18 Sep 2015 4:33PM | Read


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