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First time selling gear on ebay



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First time selling gear on ebay

24 Feb 2018 4:20PM   Views : 1108 Unique : 344

Been an ebay member for years but never sold anything on there until now.

I won a Canon M5 on this site in the prize draw, the adaptor that came with it allowed me to use my old 90-300mm zoom lens on it for some bird photography. Ahhh, just like the old days with my old 350D...

The camera performed great but the 90-300mm lens is not up to par, so I decided to save up for a 150-600mm sigma contemporary lens, but as i am also saving for a new Mini Cooper, a new lens is out of the question, or it would have been had i not decided to sell some camera gear.

First stop were my vintage collection of soviet era Jupiter lenses, the Jupiter 3 50mm f1.5, the Jupiter 8 50mm f2 and the Jupiter 11 135mm f4, as well as the helios 44-2 58mm f2 lens and my 8mm samyang 2.8 mkII FX fisheye lens.

The Jupiter trio actually got sold pretty quickly, one of my viewers got in touch asking for a Buy It Now price and he accepted the terms and the sale went through so smoothly, i sent out the lenses yesterday afternoon at 2pm, by this morning the package went from Norfolk to Cornwall in well less than 24 hours and 2 days before the actual due date, which was 1pm this coming monday, so a speedy service equals one very happy customer!

I am glad the transaction went well, this being my first time selling on this site, the buyer was an absolute gent too, which made the experience even better, and I am glad they have gone to a new home and hopefully get used a bit more than they were when they were in my possession!

I have already added more items to my listings, a canon, polaroid and leica camera, and so far my sales figures keep getting higher and higher, progressively, which is great, because i am itching ever closer to my target.

Gotta admit though, the ebay fees are higher than i thought, they must be making billions every day, ok for some eh lol but overall i am very happy with the way things are going, and it has been very therapeutic to be having this camera gear spring clean, because aside from the leica camera, nothing else gets used much.

Things i refuse to sell, the M5 obviously, the fuji x-e2, fuji 35mm f2, and my speedlight set up, which is still growing slowly, a new speedlight was added this week, an amazon basics DF500 for 25GBP, i used that flash excessively last week photographing the gear for ebay listings and the flashgun worked really well, never missed a shot.

All going well, i should reach my target with ease however i do have other items to sell on ebay if need be, mostly my huge crystal and minerals collection, though there are some ill never sell like my Moldavite and Herkimer diamonds, but i do have many rare crystals which are seldom seen on ebay anymore, so that could be a nice little earner too, but for now ill see how the next 7 days play out until i decide on further selling action!

It does make sense to sell unwanted gear for newer gear, and it leaves an awful lot of free space in my wardrobes and cupboards!

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