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Grumpy? pffffffffffft...........


Bonjour Grin

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Grumpy? pffffffffffft...........

24 Nov 2012 1:51AM   Views : 3287 Unique : 296

I have not been a grumpy bum in ages! I used t get wound up over the smallest thing, now i just dont have time, and i long since accepted that anything beyond my control isn't worth getting my knickers in a twist over, if the net goes down, ill read a book, if i cant pay a bill this week, it can wait til the next, if my dog ****s on my carpet then its my fault for not letting her out, but there is one thing that really fecks me off.

Bad Driving.

Ok, bad language warning, i have been typing for at least an hour here there and everywhere and i felt calm until i thought about what really pisses me off, and instantly it has made my adrenaline soar through me, so forgive me if i seem hostile and potty mouthed, you have been warned.

Ok, its bad drivers, nay, not bad drivers, we all drive badly at times, that is a given, we dont mean to but we do, we glance at our phone, we look for CDs, we consult maps, we drink hot coffee, fiddle with ipods, chat to back seat passengers intently, glance around going ooooh thats pretty isn't it love....

Yes we all drive badly, but by and large most of us behave impeccably on the road.

But there are some drivers who quite frankly are buffoons, complete imbeciles unable to control their aggression while behind the wheel of a car which just happens to be behind another car which is keeping to the speed limit, if conditions dictate, i have no qualms in going slower, none whatsoever, it conserves fuel and makes the drive much more pleasurable than zipping down roads and country lanes in the fastest possible time in all weathers, with their fecking headlights and fog lights on full whack, as close to your arse as a nappy, so close that the headlights vanish!

WTF is wrong with you people? Are you deprived of a hug? Deprived of sense evidently, seriously, its like its their mission to be a complete w@nker to everyone on the road, feck em, their in my way, ill be an utter shit to everyone in a yellow car....


Tonight i had my niece in my car as i drove to the chippy and back, half that journey was spent with me concentrating on the *****s driving erratically behind me, 3 altogether, all up my arse with lights full on, flashing me and weaving in and out, fists shaking at me, some giving me the birdy, like im the one who cant drive? Sort yourselves out, if you wanna die, go fecking OD on copious amounts of ketamine or something, slit your wrists, just dont involve me and my family, for fkkkks sake.

It makes me really angry, but i never let my driving become influenced, i never behave like that, ill mutter under my breath at most, Jesus Christ, i drive a little funto but these idiots drive motors with barely any more BHP then i have in the bonnets. I drive a lot, and at night, night time drivers are the worst, its like they use main beam like a weapon, i dont give a toss when their way back behind with main beam on, ill tilt the mirror, no problem at all, but up close its fecking scary!

I am seriously thinking about installing surveillance/recording equipment about the funto, because the way people are driving it is as if they have never been taught, and maybe they haven't? Its pricey, why take the test when you can bypass all that legal stuff and drive anyway? Though its not just those with crappy cars, even those with prestige motors act like kents, the big powerful car making up for the lack of a decent penis and consistent semen.

Now i feel calm again, until next time some twerp decides to drive like speed limit signs were just guideline estimations for their own IQ.

I do apologise for the language, i tried hard not to be offensive, i really wanted to say the C word more than a few times, because thats one of the first words that forms on my lips when confronted with these types of drivers, You C...!

If your one of these arseholes, give it a rest, its not big, its not clever, its not entertaining and certainly not impressing anyone, its dangerous, retarded and selfish, and if you end up seeing what a ditch looks like from upside down a few miles up the road after being a prick behind me, dont expect me to offer any assistance.

This was to go into the Grumpy thread in the discussion forums but it got a bit serious, not so much grumpy, more frustrated than anything, these people really need to sort it out, driving like they do, there is no need for it at all.


KarenFB Plus
12 5.0k 171 England
24 Nov 2012 8:12AM
I totally agree with all you've written (except for the bad language! Wink), there are times when other folk's driving beggers belief! If I get really fed up with it I will choose a safe place and pull in.....................better to have the pratts ahead of you then behind! Let them go on their merry way, let them think they've won!

The number of times I've done that, then sit there chortling next time I meet them at traffic lights! They may not see me chortling, but they recognise my car, they feel stupid for being caught up!

We can only hope there really is 'Kharma' in this world! Smile

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AlexandraSD 6 759 United Kingdom
24 Nov 2012 11:58AM
A friend suggested i pulled over and terrorise those who drive like this but i wouldnt dare!

As for traffic lights, yes, 20 minutes later you see a red light and then the idiot who really badly needed to overtake sat at the lights like everyone else, helpless like the rest of us. Yes driving fast can get you home like 2 minutes sooner than expected on a half hour journey, but surely its better to get home safely than being such an arrogant arse on the roads?

I have only ever experienced road rage at close quarters once, or maybe twice, once when i was driving through Wells Next To The Sea in Norfolk, through the actual twn itself, some fool took unkindly to my pace, car behind clearly agitated, eventually i pulled over when it was safe, but the car behind just pulled up, the driver got out, waltzed over looked at me and declared "If you were a man id flipping thump you" or something to that effect, to which i replied "Well im half a man, what are you waiting for?" This bloke wasn't some spring chicken, he was old enough to be my dad anyhow, and he soon sloped off back to his car muttering to himself. The second time some idiot behind me at the lights got annoyed when i didnt move on green, sorry but my Lambo(?) sensor was knackered, and it was raining and my car refused to even budge! This guy got out, screamed obscenities at me before kicking my wing mirror off, this was while i had hazard lights on because i realized i wasn't going anywhere. Eventually this guy cleared off and some kinder folk helped push my car somewhere safe until it decided to work properly again.

I am not overly keen on aggressive confrontation, even though im as argumental as the best of them, i dont really do public violence, never have and never will, and i dont get why getting in a car makes some people behave appallingly, atrociously and shamefully, you rarely meet aggressive pedestrians, unless their drunk, then their mostly too unstable to even stand up let alone swing at you, so what makes driving so unpleasant that they have to behave in such a fashion?

As for karma, well, we all know that like attracts like, so aggressive, negative people will come up against their own kind soon enough. There are many things i dont believe in, god, capitol punishment, war, the illuminate, karma though, karma isn't to be messed with Smile
Gary66 5 246 England
24 Nov 2012 2:29PM
I 99.9% of the time stick to the speed limit whether on my motorcycle or in the car, when I get a driver who wants to put his car in my boot I just slow down even more,
My biggest wind ups are non indicators at junctions and r/abouts, probably the simplist thing a driver needs to do.
Jeez you got me going, better stop before I get the swear jar shoved under me nose!
AlexandraSD 6 759 United Kingdom
24 Nov 2012 11:02PM
Oh but indicating uses way too much finger effort for some, they prefer to indicate another way...

Yesp, non indicating is a bugbear, i also find myself despairing everytime i see some idiot chatting on a mobile phone, you can spot these easily when behind one, they come to a roundabout, straddling both lanes, no indication of which direction their going to take, then they take forever to decide cos they were too distracted by chatting to spouses/boss/both.

I think the driving test should be made nigh on impossible for anyone with an IQ less than average, get all the idiots on public transport where they can maim each other all they want.

Anyway, another shift over, its lashing down outside and yet the morons are still driving moronically. It seems to be a night time thing, does the darkness made them all ferocious or what? Do they feel anonymous? Its weird!
Hi AlexandraSmile
Being a driving instructor, I feel you pain. When I lived and worked in London, there were lots of people who would have no patience with me and my pupil (blasting their horns/giving the finger/mouthing obscenities)
There favorite remark was "Aren't you meant to be a driving instructor"!, which was spoken out of a window, after blaring their horn and causing the pupil to stall the car.
Life is much better, now that I am living and teaching in IpswichSmile

AlexandraSD 6 759 United Kingdom
27 Nov 2012 12:05PM
ooooh, being a driving instructer was actually my second career choice, and its still something im interested in, must be such a buzz to teach people how to drive, i know its a buzz when learning, i only passed in dec 1999 at 25 years old but i still remember seeing my instructors face when i passed, she was as thrilled as i was, but shaking far less than me Smile

We certainly need more police on the roads, not just motorways but minor A roads too, maybe more of those speed limit accumulator thingys, what are they called? I know there is a name for them but fr the life of me i cant remember what their called lol anyway, they force everyone to more or less stick to the limit, though these cameras are usually at accident blackspots.

The trouble with that road from Whittlesey to March is that its a fast road, even though its a minor A road, winding through the fen countryside, you can get up to 90 in places without much fear, but a couple of the corners would be hairy doing almost a tonne.

Anyway, nothing to report since last time, its all gone a bit quiet, too quiet...

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