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My Covid19 Experience


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My Covid19 Experience

6 Apr 2020 2:47PM   Views : 244 Unique : 157

For 7 weeks now i have been unwell, bad cold, nasty cough, same unwell feeling i get every year for a couple of weeks, but this has now been almost 7 weeks, ever since i came back from wiltshire to norfolk, where i live.
Saturday night i felt fine, snotty nose, but apart from that, i felt great, then about 2am saturday night/sunday morning, i felt cold, lethargic and got a headache. yesterday (sunday morning) i woke still feeling lethargic, and as the day went on, i felt worse and worse, no appetite, huge headache. Last night i had a bath and went to bed about 9pm still feeling like ****. I woke at 1am last night, headache incredibly overwhelming, i was cold, shivering and wanted to vomit. i didnt vomit, but i did pass out on the stairs.
I live alone, and feeling frightened, i rang my mum, who came over, handed me a thermometer and i took my temperature, which was 40. she rang 111, they told her to ring 999, who then told her to ring 111 again and select the covid19 option, option 2 i believe. A medically untrained phone operator in scotland then asked me questions about my symptoms, all outlined above. At the end of it, she diagnosed me with mild cv19 symptoms. that scared my mum for obvious reasons, she is in her 70s, has battled cancer twice and has a weak immune system. she kept her distance and we both wore surgical masks just to be safe you know. I must point out at this juncture that i have not once had any shortness of breath, and not a dry cough, i have had lots of phlegm lately along with my cough. At first we were told those with cv19 have a dry cough, no phlegm, but now that has changed and phlegm is now part of covid19's symptoms...
By half 4 in the morning, my symptoms seemingly vanished, i warmed up, stopped sweating, headache was gone and my appetite came back, i ate a garlic loaded minestrone soup with 2 rounds of bread. This morning i woke at 11am feeling totally fine, as if last night did not happen.
I have mild covid19 symptoms? Really? I am calling bullshit on that!
I have no underlying health issues at all, in fact i am quite healthy most of the time, i eat well, exercise daily, do a lot of yoga, i do drink a lot of coffee and smoke weed now and then, but aside from that i am one healthy person!
Has anyone took note of the wording the mass media use, "died after being tested positive for cv19", its never "died from covid19", never! Have i been "tested for cv19"? Does this over the phone diagnosis add to the cv19 stats out there? Another thing the media claim all the time is "other underlying health issues". How many die from the flu and pneumonia each year, who also have underlying health issues?
Something is definitely not right about all this, and now i am as sceptical as ever over this whole business. Fear is one hell of a powerful weapon, fear can make people do things they would never ordinarily do. And folk are scared about this mystery virus, of course they are, the hysteria being whipped up is incredibly overwhelming, it has even scared me on more than one occasion. But i do not for one moment believe i have covid19, and even if i do have it, it is no worse than any other bug i have had in the past.
Have i ever felt like this before? Yes, 3 or 4 years ago, i woke up in a sweat, vomited violently for half an hour, headache, all of the above really, and was gone within a few hours, just like last night. Today i feel as if last night never happened, my appetite is back and i am ready to do some house work, as well as bath my smelly sheepdog!

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