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AlexandraSD's Blog


Bonjour Grin

Transgender lensperson, some self portraits, some other random stuff now and then, mostly family, landscapes, stuff...
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  • rewriting my ebook

    I published a free ebook this year called The Perfect Selfie. At first I was rather pleased with it, but after a while it began to niggle me. Basically the word Selfie really p****d me off, I mean, selfie? Really? I dont do selfies, well, yes i...

    18 Sep 2015 4:33PM | Read


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  • cheap triggers

    Ooooooh they make me scream with rage and sheer frustration at their uselessness, their inability to work further than 3 feet, their constant misfiring!!! So, kinda trying out some strobist things right now, got two awesome manual speedlights, a ...

    9 Sep 2015 8:04PM | Read


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  • some new lenses

    The only lens i had for my new fuji x-a2 wa the standard kit lens, the 16-50mm etc, which for a kit lens, quality is not that bad. Never liked the depth of field on it though, the bokeh was not nearly enough in the end, sooooo, i delved into some ...


    25 Aug 2015 6:03PM | Read


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  • new puppy woes

    I arrived home from work an hour ago and have just got back from walking the dog. She had her injections wednesday, and weighed at the vets, now 7.5kg in weight, she was only 2kg when we got her. I have struggled with her, specially this week....

    19 Jun 2015 7:40AM | Read


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  • Twinkle Twinkle...

    This little bundle of fluff is Twinkle Starr She is a border collie, from a litter of 6. I am sure you are all going "awww" right now but let me assure you, she is demonic! Pretty sure she will calm down though, i just need to be more firm wit...


    16 May 2015 7:49PM | Read


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  • Photography eBook published

    For the past few months i have been working on a little project to enlighten the duck face generation on how to take self portraits properly, and now I have finished writing it all. Spread out over 34 pages with close to 8000 words, this clearly i...


    30 Mar 2015 4:39PM | Read


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  • from hopeless to hopeful

    ABout 18 months ago i began work for an agency and was posted to some weird, skandanavian goods warehouse, and at first i totally hated it there, but then i was not in a great place myself. BUt i got my head down, went to work, made a few friends,...

    19 Mar 2015 4:53PM | Read


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  • Goodbye Poppy.

    On rememberance day 1999 I went with my parents to an animal rescue centre, and this little long legged sandy coloured dog looked at us and i swear she smiled, and that was it, we bought her home and named her Poppy. I was in my mid twenties at th...


    16 Mar 2015 1:45PM | Read


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  • Lexi's got a brand new bag

    Needed to update my camera bag, seeing as the one i have now is about 10 years old and a bit tired looking now. My current bag is a Lowepro backpack, with Practical Photography on the front in red lettering. I thought it looked good at the time......

    7 Mar 2015 8:30PM | Read


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  • New Camera.

    Fujifilm X-A2 of all things ;) I have followed with great interest Fuji's journey through the retro rangefinder style X series camera's. Of course, their pretty styling caught my attention right away. They are undeniably good looking camera's. ...

    8 Feb 2015 12:54PM | Read


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  • London November 2014

    I visited London again last weekend, and i had a hoot! Friday night was a night with Damien Rice at Londons Palladium. Now that venue is posh, very posh, with ornate plaster work and red carpet everywhere, though not much room in the seating area,...


    17 Nov 2014 5:47PM | Read


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  • So a catch up is long overdue...

    Gosh i hadn't realized my last blog entry was in January, seems so long ago now... So much to do, so little time to do it all in, meaning that my photography has taken a back seat for a while. Of course, working nights really puts pay to this, and...

    16 Oct 2014 4:20PM | Read


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  • In London for another gig

    So, in november last year i went to Nottingham to watch my fav boys playing live, Sigur Ros, who were supported by a relatively unknown band by the name of I Break Horses. IBH were so good i just had to see them live again properly, in Nottingham ...


    27 Jan 2014 7:26PM | Read


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  • Apparently i am now middle aged...

    So, yesterday i turned 40, bit of a bugger, ill neve rbe in my 30's again. But you know something? I dont feel like i am 40, middle aged, presuming i live to eighty. Twice as old as i was when i was 20. And thats the trouble, my head still thinks ...

    9 Jan 2014 7:24AM | Read


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  • small catch up...

    A while ago i mentioned a new job, well it never materialized, in fact the job was not even mine to be given, there was no contracts, nothing, and it left me seriously out of pocket for ages, weeks and weeks. I wont dwell on that anyway. And then...

    27 Nov 2013 5:57PM | Read


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