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AlexandraSD's Blog


Bonjour Grin

Transgender lensperson, some self portraits, some other random stuff now and then, mostly family, landscapes, stuff...
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  • satisfyingly empty

    Just over a week ago i decided to give my doss-hole of a bedroom a makeover, a drastic makeover. But what to do? My room was full of junk, a complete mess, sometimes you couldnt walk in a straight line, it was that bad, i had to d something. W...


    3 Aug 2013 4:29PM | Read


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  • I am not being idle.

    Its been rather a quiet year for me regarding photography, but that does not mean i have not used my camera much this year. Far from the truth, i am using my camera a lot recently, utilising the movie mode functions as opposed to static stills ima...

    1 Jul 2013 12:58PM | Read


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  • nothing much.

    Heyllo :D i thought i would give a little update on the life of Lexi. Believe it for not a ihave done lots of images recently that have not been uploaded here, but they are mostly family images, andi post enough of them anyway and i am sure they g...

    21 Apr 2013 1:07PM | Read


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  • Focus On Imaging

    I should be reviewing this event but for one major factor... I didnt go.... I was all set to go, i got my pass 3 weeks ago and was looking forward to spending some time in like minded company while browsing the latest gadgets and stalls. The pl...

    8 Mar 2013 2:05PM | Read


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  • My night with Sigur Ros (now with vid review)

    The other night i stood in a room watching my favourite group, Sigur Ros perform live just for me at the Wolverhampton Civic. There were a few others there i admit, about 700. But really Sigur Ros were only there to play for me :) I have been...


    7 Mar 2013 1:14PM | Read


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  • My new patch

    I was always envious of those who found their patch. The kind of patch where all manner of wildlife is observed and captured in pixels, or c41, or e6 if your posh. I have never had my own patch really. True, there are places i know and frequent of...

    18 Feb 2013 5:30PM | Read


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  • January 2012

    January 2013 was certainly a good month photography wise, all that snow and ice was stunning for a time, and made even more stunning by bringing us clear blue skies now and then. It is no secret that i disliked January, its a dark, cold, empty so...

    1 Feb 2013 12:59PM | Read


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  • The Golden Pheasant

    Today i spent a few magical moments filming a Golden Pheasant in Wolferton, West Norfolk. It was very late in the day to be going out with the camera, but after the snow has thawed i decided it would be nice to get out, and i headed to Wolferton, ...

    27 Jan 2013 10:15PM | Read


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  • No Time For The Winter Blues

    It seems that only East Anglia has had the snow so far. But there is more to come :P It began to snow on Monday night i think, it settled, but then thawed out a bit, but then tuesday night it got really cold, something like -6 here in the fens, so...


    17 Jan 2013 5:10PM | Read


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  • You get what you pay for

    Sometimes a bargain is too good to resist, like a pair of bootcut jeans for a tenner, or a half price discount on something else entirely. Or a ten pound slave flashgun... What could go wrong? Well it all seemed fine until last night, the thing...

    13 Jan 2013 12:13PM | Read


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  • DIY mini softbox

    Cant afford a lightbox, need one for my little slave flash, but their all a bit small for the job and the bigger ones cost silly money! So, time to get all Blue Peter i think. One box of Mini Rolls, devoured one by one until box is empty. C...


    12 Jan 2013 6:18PM | Read


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  • So much for streamlining....

    The whole idea of buying the Leica was to rid myself of 'tograffeee stuff. So far this month i have bought several filters including a 4 point star burst, i kid you not! A Hama Compact Pro Traveller Tripod with a lovely little ball head. A Godox c...


    11 Jan 2013 9:32PM | Read


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  • Reflecting on 2012

    Considering the year began on a knife edge, i didnt know how it would work out, it actually worked out alright in the end. I didnt want to be here last year, not epz, just here, living the way i was living back then, all secrets, guilt and argumen...

    2 Jan 2013 3:27AM | Read


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  • New Camera, First Impressions

    WOW :D You want more? ok, its fab lol it arrived about half 4 yesterday evening, only took about 2 hours to fully charge up, could not wait to put it through its paces in an erratic session with the camera, getting to grips with its close up ca...

    18 Dec 2012 12:11PM | Read


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  • Respect Due

    About a month ago i emailed a few camera shops who were selling the Leica V-Lux 3 at teh discounted price of 399, the camera has now been superseded by the V-Lux 4. I made the cheeky request to be able to pay for it in two instalments before the chr...

    15 Dec 2012 1:26AM | Read


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