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I only plan to upload experimental images on here, so as much feedback as possible would be really appreciated.

Peace and Love.
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  • I'm facing a bit of a dilema...

    I am 17, and have pitifully little money but just enough for either a new lens (which is desperately needed) or for a bargain studio lighting kit. The thought of having enough equipment for a simple home studio is extremely alluring -- that and I have agreed to do some portrait work in the new year.

    Which would I be better off with in the long run....I'm thinking: get the lighting, do the shoot well and bag some cash to get the lens later...
    Anyone have advice?
  • I have only heard dodgey things about Opteka...I saw lenses from them on ebay for unbelievable prices--probably because the 50 for a 500mm lens reflects quality in every way possible!
  • See, I was just all set to go for the Sigma, Amazon have it for 124 ...but with the risk of defect I think the Sony could be better-it's not perfect: I would like to have a focus distance scale but I could do without.
  • I need a lens with a focal range of about 70-200/300mm.
    Sigma, Tamron and Sony all have lenses that fit my criteria, all around the same price but I am split over which company would produce the best results. I am a little strapped for cash atm, so the investment can wait for the time being--at least until i know what to go for...

    Anyone have any knowledge or opinions?
  • Well, I seem to have got everyone bickering...probably should have phrased the original comment a little better, but all the same, I have enjoyed the read guys-I think it's fair to say it has helped some what!

    Oh, and I wasn't having a dig btw...
  • Cheers guys, just what I wanted to hear!
  • Something that has been bugging me is the world of digital image editing. Everyone seems to be doing nothing but taking photos, usually good or better than good, and then editing the living hell out of them. Is it just me or does anyone else prefer not to...or should I start learning the complexities of it?