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AliceLuisePhotography's Blog


Semi pro photographer who has dabbled in photographing cars, weddings , animals and portraits.
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  • Returning to the roots.

    Hi guys, So I have worked out I haven't been on here in almost a year..... Reason why? Well I lost my motivation with photography, partly due to I moved jobs from photographing with Manhiem to estate agency, and now I am back in retail ..... I can...


    2 Jan 2016 8:42PM | Read


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  • The Blog of a Young Photographer Part 4!

    All exams done! Time to eat sleep photography and repeat! Both exams went well.... except the fire alarm going off in the middle of one of them.... good timing art students chose to burn some work. Started my work for Manheim, started doing an...

    24 Jun 2014 5:15PM | Read


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  • The Blog of a Young Photographer Part 3!

    Got a job being a photographer for the company Manhiem? Photographing Honda dealerships cars, hehe combing my love for cars and photography... pretty awesome!. Rather stressed and busy at the moment one more exam to go, today i had my 2.30h media ...


    10 Jun 2014 8:04PM | Read


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  • The Blog of a Young Photographer Part 2!

    Second Blog! Been a rather busy few weeks revising for my last 2 exams, six days left college! Ive been playing around with tilt shift on adobe cs6, I've learnt the trick that using the tilt shift to focus on the middle of a high angled shot befo...

    6 Jun 2014 8:29PM | Read


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  • The Blog of a Young Photographer Part 1!

    So end of an era ! No more student blog, decided to set up this new blog for a fresh start but of course i will post my a level photography result in august to let you guys know. Anyways I've been approached by a mother of sever disabled adult who...

    31 May 2014 10:04PM | Read


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  • The Blog of an Alevel Photography Student part 98!

    Well thats me all done and finished for Photography Alevel.... now the wait beginnings for the results. Celebrated finishing one course and also my 18th today! My lovely boyfriend took me to the zoo, managed to get some lovely photographs but also ha...


    17 May 2014 10:36PM | Read


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  • The Blog of an Alevel Photography Student Part 97!

    Physically finished MY A2 PHOTOGRAPHY YAY! Though technically i just have to hand in my last essay thursday and I'm all signed off.... then its the wait for the results. For my final pieces of my exam work I chose to create a collection of photogr...


    13 May 2014 3:56PM | Read


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  • The Blog of an Alevel Photography Student Part 96!

    EEEK ! ONE WEEK LEFT OF MY EXAM! Right in the middle of my A2 photography exam at the moment, i have done 4 out of the 15 hours so far and i still need to mount the rest of my photographs and write my final essay so it should be do bad. I decided...


    8 May 2014 5:32PM | Read


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  • The Blog of an Alevel Photography Student Part 95!

    Eeek! Photography exam time starts tomorrow!!! Beginning of the 15 hours! I have been able to get my way with my lecture to let me do my exam time in which i need to sit and photoshop and then print and mount, in the graphics mac suite... purely bec...

    30 Apr 2014 9:15PM | Read


    Views : 635

  • The Blog of an Alevel Photography Student Part 94!

    So the fog bandit went off at work! Photographs for you guys! 50 DAYS LEFT AT COLLEGE! Today i put my finishing touches to my photography course work evaluation e.g. front cover, bibliography. Had my mock ICT exam today, my lecture was 20mins to ...


    28 Apr 2014 8:07PM | Read


    Views : 730

  • The Blog of an Alevel Photography Student Part 93!

    Slowly working my way towards my 100th blog! Today has been a day for doing theory photography work in particular writing about photographs using - The theory; The Four Domains of Visual Analysis. What is the Four Domains? It is an in depth analy...

    24 Apr 2014 2:17PM | Read


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  • The Blog of an Alevel Photography Student Part 92!

    Eeek Mock exam 9am tomorrow morning! Sigh... holidays almost over..... On the upside the weather its perfect! Even managed to pop out for a drive in the vale with the camera to capture some snaps for you all. The next two months are going to be...


    21 Apr 2014 5:24PM | Read


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  • The Blog of an Alevel Photography Student Part 91!

    Been super busy either working with my new store opening, or revising for my up coming mock week (next week) and then my actual exams less than a month after that. I have managed to do some photography work for my upcoming 15 hour photography exa...


    15 Apr 2014 8:13PM | Read


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  • The Blog of an Alevel Photography Student Part 90!

    So been a busy experimenting day photography wise got some photographs for you guys! Had the studio to myself this afternoon ( The studio and my experiment) Once again i found myself experimenting with cross polarisation, got some prett...


    31 Mar 2014 8:58PM | Read


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  • The Blog of an Alevel Photography Student Part 89!

    Not blogged in a while, been trying to focus my passion back on photography... not that I've lost it, just I've lost the passion to learn. This year my photography course hasn't really been as good as last year, personally i feel its because i lost a...


    28 Mar 2014 9:37PM | Read


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