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Semi pro photographer who has dabbled in photographing cars, weddings , animals and portraits.
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  • The Blog of an Alevel Photography Student Part 36

    Well hello there! Its sunny yay!. Mostly finished my AS photography course now, though my lecture still has to go through my work to tell me if anything is missing. Hopefully not so i can focus on my media exam and my ict coursework/exam (using Mi...0


    2 May 2013 7:59AM  |  Read


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  • The Blog of An Alevel Photography Student Part 35

    Busy day at college nearly was on the wrong bus going home oops! I have mounted 3 out of my 4 A1 Card exam pieces, so just sat and wrote my exam piece evaluation. Very busy creating this stupid database for my ict coursework before my exam in 4 we...0

    29 Apr 2013 6:59PM  |  Read


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  • The Blog of an Alevel Photography Student part 34

    Just done my final part of my photography exam glad that's done out the way, can focus on my other exams for my other subjects now Roasting in the studio today, keep wandering in the darkroom to cool down. Just mounting 2 sets of my exam work on A1 ...0

    25 Apr 2013 2:32PM  |  Read


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  • The Blog of an Alevel Photography Student Part 33

    Sorry i havent blogged in a while its been very busy. Though it is pay day today yay! Torn whether or not to buy a light meter. Did some more of my 5 hour exam time, need to start window mounting my growing collection of exam photographs, i do not...0

    23 Apr 2013 5:04PM  |  Read


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  • The Blog of an Alevel Photography Student Part 32

    WORD CLOUD! After zoning out of my 3500 ict coursework essay, i decided why not create a word cloud of all my ramblings of all 32 blogs and this was my result. Anyways my Ilford Pearl Multigrade rc came today 28 for a box of 50 sheets so the ...0


    17 Apr 2013 7:49PM  |  Read


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  • The Blog of an Alevel photography Student Part 31

    So yesterday I did the first part (30mins) of my five hour exam, I developed 8 photographs I had taken of the cello and chose to develop them on multigrade paper, which mean drying them on board with tape. So for my next lot of images I have order mu...0

    17 Apr 2013 8:53AM  |  Read


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  • The Blog of an Alevel Photography student Part 31

    Well first day back and my bus has been cancelled :( because I live in a village we use to have three buses go through at 8.05am however only two went straight through on the main road, the third ( the one I use to catch) came round the houses of the...0

    15 Apr 2013 8:38AM  |  Read


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  • The Blog of an Alevel Photography Student Part 30

    Back to college on monday sigh... and unfortunately is is straight into my exam which means once i literally finish my photography exam i then have a media one. Which i had 4 chances to sit and watch a moving image extract then i have 2 and half hour...0


    12 Apr 2013 1:23PM  |  Read


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  • The Blog of an Alevel Photography Part 29

    Its half past seven in the morning and I'm sat writing and evaluation of all my work... the things i do to get and A* 1445 words and counting. I did get some free time yesterday and sat and created this anyone guess what animal it is? I was re...0


    4 Apr 2013 8:29AM  |  Read


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  • The Blog of An Alevel Photography Student Part 28

    Its holiday time! However no holiday for me... I had work to do :D I sat yesterday and wrote 8 pages for my media homework joys! So todays focus is photography evaluations and plans ready for my exam. I did however managed to take a break yesterday a...0


    3 Apr 2013 8:35AM  |  Read


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  • The Blog of An Alevel Photography Student Part 27

    Hey guys sorry i haven't blog in a while soon busy! i have 20 page course work to write for ICT which i have to do based on a Database that i have to create whist doing it. Then use my report in my june exam as a refetene when answering questions....0


    27 Mar 2013 7:10PM  |  Read


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  • The Blog of An Alevel Photography Student Part 26

    Well I have a busy day today! Went out on Saturday and took my finial set three photographs in the snow. Worked out okay as it gave me a different setting to the rest of my photographs and creates a unique view to them. Today I have an hour and h...0

    25 Mar 2013 8:55AM  |  Read


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  • The Blog of an Alevel Photography Student Part 25

    Well i am working to a very tight dead line eek!. I only have 3 hours to develop a film, create contact prints for my developed film and the one i need to develop oh and then print 7 photographs all before i break up from college next wednesday!! ...0

    21 Mar 2013 5:38PM  |  Read


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  • The Blog of An Alevel Photography Student Part 24

    Right photographs evaluated... And one role of 125 Ilford HP4 film taken for my set 3 finally ... exam in 3 weeks eek! Set Two of Photographs: For my set two of photographs I have decided to use both film and digital media because I want to s...0


    19 Mar 2013 3:40PM  |  Read


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  • The Blog of an Alevel Student Part 23

    I finally have some time to just sit down and blog. Not going to do any alevel work tonight need to just sit and chill. Thought id show you some of my equipment after inspiration comes from finding a film camera someone donated to my shop today. ...0


    17 Mar 2013 6:51PM  |  Read


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