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AliceLuisePhotography's Blog


Semi pro photographer who has dabbled in photographing cars, weddings , animals and portraits.
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  • My ambition.

    I been through many different ambition ideas, i've gone from archaeologist, to famous flute player ( but I gave the flute up at grade 3) to being a model. I have finally settled on the idea of a photographer. Taking a picture to me is more th...0

    18 Sep 2011 10:35AM  |  Read


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  • Fruit loop rabbit

    I have a rabbit called Alvin which is mainly the subjects of my outdoor photos. But some times he can be a real fruit loop as you can tell from these pictures 0


    17 Sep 2011 12:49PM  |  Read


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  • Heres my attempt at a bit of fashion photographs

    Its been quite nice and sunny here today, so when i got home from school at 1 ( because i have early finished) I grabbed my tripod , my camera and my remote and started snapping some pictures of myself this is my best result of the day 0


    16 Sep 2011 7:33PM  |  Read


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  • Happy snappers

    As a 15 year old girl, I am always out and about. And i rarely seen without my camera. I saved up for my first dslr 3 years ago, and i eventually settled for a nikon d70 with a 18mm-70mm lens. I do alot of photography for my school, i have ph...0

    16 Sep 2011 6:49AM  |  Read


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  • This is my first time using this website.

    Is this website any good? I was hoping it would be a good way to promote my photographs , so just wondering if its any good.0

    15 Sep 2011 7:52PM  |  Read


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