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The Blog of an Alevel Photograph Student Part 45


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The Blog of an Alevel Photograph Student Part 45

24 Jun 2013 8:14PM   Views : 859 Unique : 648

Todays lovely blog about Jeff Wall and Edouard Manet Wink

So i know i have blogged in a while and i have yet to finish typing up my history of photography work so that will come in the next few blogs. Been so busy with job interviews then training and flipping media essays 10 pages long. Though i do get to go to mansfield for two days to train at CEX. Though i did have a spare half an hour to write about this photograph and painting.


Jeff Wall photograph. Please take a few minutes to study the photograph and consider how you think it was taken.

Jeff Wall:
To analyze this photograph I am going to use the four-domain theory.

The historical points of this photograph are that from the way it is coloured (the tones and vibrancy) we can automatically tell it was captured in the 1970’s, however to also tell us it was taken in 1970’s we can tell by the people in the photographs clothing and hair styles.
The Aesthetics’ of the photograph make us believe that it is a self-portrait with the man being our photographer (Jeff Wall). If you look closely as the way the camera is set up, it is in fact set to follow the perspectives of the room.
This therefore draws the attention of the camera to the viewer and nevertheless the camera as always seems to be point at us the viewer, so why are we not in the photograph?
The setting of the photograph seems to be quite a private space, which shows through the facial expressions of the female and male, that could therefore symbolize a sexual tension. As the female is unknowingly pushing her hips forwards to say “look at me”.
Again we can analyze the women as being older than the male by her hands. Her hands seem worked and old like you expect mothers to be, so therefore we assume she is older.
The content of the photograph shows sonly the basic things such as the camera, watch, metal poles and him and her, it gives no indication to where and what country it was taking in.
We then come to the interesting part of the photograph in my opinion, the process. We are lead to believe it is a reflection in a mirror, however there are in fact two cameras opposite each other and the hand we cannot see of the mans is holding the other release cable. Causing camera trickery to give an unknown perspective of how a photograph can be taken but then perceived differently.


Edouard Manet: A Bar at the Folies-Bergere - 1881. Take a look and refer back to the process of the beginning photograph to see if you understand how it was painted. Before reading on.

To analyze this painting I will be using the four domains theory.

This painting is current displayed in Somerset house.
Manet was a famous artist known for his impression paintings. So when he painted this painting of a famous prostitute house in Paris there was up roar.
At first glance we are lead to believe this is a women stood in front of a mirror. The content of the photograph is the bar maid, the escorts in the background and would have been naked lady trapeze artist in the top left corner. We also a male, most males in the 1800’s would of looked like this fellow.
Historically this photograph caused up roar because it exposed the prostitution industry in Paris to the married women as this was the first exhibition of work, which included this painting that women could go and see. And like I stated all men looked similar in those days so if the married women saw the man in this painting she would automatically assuming it as her husband in the escort bar.
The process of the painting Manet has made it look like a mirror is behind her but in fact it is just the other side of the bar, we can tell this by the women with her back to us seems to have gain quite a bit of weight if it where the women we can see in front of us.
The Aesthetics of this photographs included several small details which help determine what type of bar it was including the glass objects and well dressed bar maid dressed well, meaning they must have had the rich married men of Paris coming into spend money to be able to afford such luxuries.

Anyway guys im off to relax ever so tired... why is end of term so full of work!

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dudler Plus
18 1.9k 1937 England
30 Jun 2013 4:35PM
Things are not always as they seem.

I certainly wouldn't have spotted the lack of a mirror in the first picture, and it would have taken a long time in the painting... I've seen it before, and not realised that the perspective is all wrong for the back view to be of the barmaid facing hte painter.

I am not sure to what extent i like this sort of visual mystery when there's other content in the image... Does it get in the way of the primary message?

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