The Blog of an Alevel Photography Student Part 80!


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The Blog of an Alevel Photography Student Part 80!

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Hi guys! I haven't quite finished my evaluation essay for my course work yet still writing it so i thought id post the first part for you along with tell you the topics i can chose from for my exam.

Evaluation Essay

For my coursework I chose to do the topic movement (Perception of movement). I got the idea by starting brain storming key words that describe movements of things that move such as sports, taps, games and running. I then started by looking artist that had done movement photography with both objects and people such as Carl Rosendahls work with objects and then legendary photographer Harold “Doc” Edgerton’s work, where he used mainly film and the new up coming photographers used digital. So I felt it necessary to explore both and see which one in my opinion showed the best perception of movement. I started by analyzing my artist research works before exploring my own techniques one technique I found practically use full to use in digital object movement photography was the light paths used to capture the path, which can be created in camera, rather than using digital or darkroom manipulation; the raw photograph.

For my final photographs to show my journey of exploring movement and the process, techniques, people and objects I have chosen to show case 6 photographs that I feel show the combination of techniques, mixed media and subjects.
I start with my first photograph that I feel portrays the beginning of my journey with the topic “Movement”. The photograph is from my set on of photograph, “Speed” inspired by a very similar work of Carl Rosendhal portrays my twist on his technique of using light to show the path of the movement, the dice was an object that most households with have to made it a simple and easy photograph to capture I feel this influence the beginning of using random objects that have movement to them to show the perceptions of movement. This is also one of the first digital object photographs I chose to do, due to it turning out well I felt it necessary to try more digital object photographs.
For the second photograph in the series comes my second attempt of digital object photography inspired this time by Alan Babbitt and his work of photographing still objects but creating movement via the shakiness, the photograph “Frozen in Time” shows a frozen snap shot of the shakiness of the running water, which created another technique for me to explore of the fast shutter speeds to capture that frozen movement that we would not other wise see. This photograph was also inspired by Bob Martins work as he showed the snapshot in time of sporting events, it’s that one moment that you wouldn’t be able to see with the human eye that I feel this photograph portrays.
The third photograph I have chosen is also from my second set of photographs, this photograph was inspired by Harold “Doc” Edgerton because his work with film was simply beautiful, the detail in the black and white tones of the photographs using human subjects, I felt inspired to at least try a similar context theme of using human subjects. So the photograph “Capturing Spirit” I feel advances my journey into exploring movement in different medias and in a way different time eras of photography. I chose to use 35mm black and white film to capture the spirit and emotion in this photograph of the girl leaping, I then proceeded to use traditional darkroom techniques that Harold ‘ Doc” Edgerton would of used. For this photograph in particular I used the technique of dodging and burning using light in the darkroom. I also used a filter with the consistency of 36 yellow and 47 magenta.
My fourth photograph is also from set two of photographs – “Strike a Pose” and is inspired this time by both Jonathan Lucas and Harold “Doc” Edgerton with this photograph because it too was film I learnt more the skills and hardship Harold “Doc” Edgerton had to deal with when developing the photographs as with this photograph because it was back lite getting the right tones was sometimes quite hard, however I also learn how hard it is to get just the right freeze frozen snap shot to capture the raw emotion like Jonathan Lucas has in his work. This technique is one not really that can be taught it is more training your hands and eyes to coordinate the reaction of when you feel the movement is in the right place.


"Speed" from set one


"Frozen in time" from set two


"Capturing spirit" from set two - film work


"Strike a pose" - set two film work

Right my exam the paper we got given we have the following topics to choose from
pix and mix
my generation

i think i might go for reading there are plenty of ideas i think i can do with books, gonna brain storm ideas for all tomorrow see what i come up with.

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