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A quick view of AlistairJ's recent activity.

  • Robin

    Lovely shot
    • 29 Mar 2014 5:03PM
  • Optical Fibers

    Spot on macro
    • 29 Mar 2014 4:55PM

    Great capture, I think that the DoF is spot on.
    • 29 Mar 2014 4:52PM
  • Dots

    Wow , what a Macro
    • 26 Sep 2013 8:08PM
  • air balloon

    Hi and thank you for the comment.
    Great shot and not often seen from the same level.
    I like your portfolio
    • 11 Aug 2013 3:55PM
  • Curlew

    Great capture. I have not seen or heard a curlew for years.
    • 11 Aug 2013 3:48PM
  • Slide

    Wow. Macro at it's best.

    • 11 May 2013 12:03AM
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  • Hi Di, Once again I have been going through your portfollio. As you know I agree with Neil. Just Fantsastic, what more can be said.

    • Posted on dianah's profile
    • 26 Jun 2007 12:24AM
  • I like your Portfolio and have added it to my list. I like your sense of humour combined with an ability to see a good photograph. I will be back. Alistair.
    • Posted on bunbeam's profile
    • 3 Apr 2006 1:37PM
  • What a great portfolio, you do have a gift. Those faces are hypnotic, how do you do it. I feel like throwing my D70 away. Take care, Alistair.
  • What a Beautiful Portfolio, thank you for the click.
    • Posted on arnieg's profile
    • 24 Mar 2006 7:53AM
  • What a great Portfolio. Well done Marc. Shows me how far I still have to go.
    • Posted on sunshot's profile
    • 24 Mar 2006 7:40AM
  • What a good portfolio. It makes me realise how far I have to go.
    • Posted on Tom_H's profile
    • 26 Jan 2006 12:21PM