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Hello there...My name is Alison and I live in North Lincolnshire. Rather flat here,geographically speaking so always on the lookout for somewhere or something to photograph thats not!

My husband is also on this site....Alan...... aka Wooly

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and view my Portfolio.

I hope my images will progress and improve as I strive to learn more and get the very best from my camera.

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10 1.6k 574 United Kingdom
13 Sep 2012 1:42PM
it was great to meet you last weekend . wish i could have stayed longer.

some stunning work in your folio. fantastic work on some of the subtle backgrounds that dont show through until you take a second look. thats the thing i have to work on most.


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Hey Princess

Love the pics. You are sooooooooooo talented.

Many thanks for taking a pic of me, never thought anyone would be interested.

your fan xxxxxxxxxxxShaunxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hey girly glad to see you back from your trip! Hope it was great! Really like the new pics!
AlleyCatz Plus
12 274 6 England
5 Sep 2011 7:10AM
Thanks for stopping by and your kind words on my PF Des....much appreciated Smile

1 Sep 2011 10:35AM
A super pf Alley,very diverse.I really like your mono collection,there is a great richness and depth to the subject matter.The colour shots are full of detail and rich in texture.Very nice.

AlleyCatz Plus
12 274 6 England
20 Aug 2011 11:17AM
Thanks for accidently dropping by Phil....appreciate your time and words Smile

Yes Janet and I are great tog pals.....we really enjoy working together

10 1.6k 574 United Kingdom
19 Aug 2011 10:51PM
i sort of dropped in by accident, but i was really fascinated by your pf and really enjoyed seeing some of the people pictures in particular, i see the link with Chase,s images and guess you must be tog pals, i love her work too.
very very inspiring the both of you.
AlleyCatz Plus
12 274 6 England
11 Jun 2011 6:54PM
Really appreciate you stopping by and your very kind comment on my portfolio Steve Smile

10 Jun 2011 10:42PM
You have a stunning PF. Some of your images have given inspiration to try similar techniques, many thanks.
AlleyCatz Plus
12 274 6 England
20 Apr 2011 11:24PM
Thank you so very much for your kind and encouraging words Jon,Simon and Scott. I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by on my portfolio Smile Smile Smile

20 Apr 2011 11:00PM
I really enjoyed looking through your port. You have a natural instinct to see a great picture which is matched by your excellent processing skills. You also show in your work that you are not one dimensional in your approach and can take fabulous pictures of different scenarios with ease.
I look forward to watching your portfolio grow with more superb work.

12 13 1 United Kingdom
18 Mar 2011 8:52AM
Been looking at your work Alley and am impressed and inspired. keep it up.
redstag Plus
13 100 15 United Kingdom
3 Jan 2011 11:54AM
Wow, your portfolio has really moved on, you've developed a wonderful distinctive style. Superb, I will catch up with the clicks, but reckon they all deserve one!
AlleyCatz Plus
12 274 6 England
21 Sep 2010 9:10PM
Hello Jonathan....and thanks for your comment and time to stop by.

I am an amateur photographer...but passionate about it.

A lot of the people you see are taken at events re-enactments or at a victorian living museum like Blists Hill. I think on most of my images in the tags or description I always say where and when. I do collect props myself from charity shops and car boots for some of my models and still lifes. If I see someone interesting I approach them and hopefully end up getting to take their photograph. Smile

21 Sep 2010 6:47PM
Your work is excellent. Well done!

Are you a professional photographer? Where do you get all your models and costumes from?
AlleyCatz Plus
12 274 6 England
2 Sep 2010 8:08PM
Thank you very much for your kind words/comments Al, Astyag and Sam....appreciated Smile Smile Smile

10 56 1 United Kingdom
25 Aug 2010 10:11AM
Fab PF Alley and congratulations on all your HC's, well deserved !

All the very best

astyag Plus
11 12
21 Aug 2010 4:38PM
Very creative and artistic PF. Ironic I haven't seen your works before...! truly skillful
User_Removed 10 1 8 United Kingdom
19 Aug 2010 10:05AM
stunning p/f!

AlleyCatz Plus
12 274 6 England
16 Jul 2010 8:17PM
Thanks Gilbert.....means alot.
You have a superb vision and PF also Smile

15 Jul 2010 6:32PM
Superb PF
AlleyCatz Plus
12 274 6 England
24 Jun 2010 8:40PM
Thanks very much for your very kind comment Johanna Smile

brownsilent 12 7 2 United Kingdom
24 Jun 2010 12:14PM
Amazing pf! Very skillful work,
AlleyCatz Plus
12 274 6 England
19 May 2010 10:22PM
Thanks for your very kind comment Kev....much appreciated Smile

KevSB Plus
14 1.5k 5 United Kingdom
19 May 2010 5:29PM
Some times I come across a gallery and wonder how i ever missed it before, i don't recall seeing any of your pictures in my sweeps, The first thing that struck me was you attention to detail, everything is just in the perfect place on your still life's, and you post processing is consistently good, I could go on but ill finish by saying excellent work
Hazel Plus
12 1 United States
25 Mar 2010 4:12PM
Wonderful portfolio, very diverse & full of lovely images!
Brilliant gallery, thank you for sharing- it's a pleasure to watch!
bobsblues 9 10 2 United Kingdom
1 Feb 2010 8:30PM
Amazing photography alison thanks for sharing,work likes this keeps me and alot of people inspired to become better photographers .
AlleyCatz Plus
12 274 6 England
26 Jan 2010 2:25PM
Thanks Andy, for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment....much appreciated Smile

andy210966 Plus
11 4 119 Wales
10 Jan 2010 10:42AM
Some truely astonishing work here Alison. I have enjoyed a thorough view through this excellent showcase PF.

AlleyCatz Plus
12 274 6 England
18 Nov 2009 10:13PM
Thanks so very much for your time/comment Sue....appreciated Smile

Suehh Plus
12 39 6 England
17 Nov 2009 8:07PM
These are just SO, SO. So good. Could look at them all day x
AlleyCatz Plus
12 274 6 England
19 Oct 2009 3:42PM
Thanks Ali for taking the time to leave a very kind comment on my PF Smile

18 Oct 2009 7:34PM
Dear ALLEY, Your portfolio is excellent. SUPERB.
Rgds, Ali
AlleyCatz Plus
12 274 6 England
13 Sep 2009 9:21PM
Thanks so very much for stopping by Ian and for your very kind words....most appreciated Smile

Ian-Munro Plus
11 200 15 Wales
13 Sep 2009 8:31PM
This is an outstanding PF imo. The processing of your work really finishes off the image.

I enjoyed being inspired

Thanks for sharing your images.

AlleyCatz Plus
12 274 6 England
6 Sep 2009 12:46PM
Thanks for stopping by Gilbert....appreciate your time Smile

4 Sep 2009 3:51PM
Fine portfolio!
AlleyCatz Plus
12 274 6 England
25 Aug 2009 5:27PM
Hello Mudge..I am a great believer that we can all learn a little something from each other no matter what stage our photography is at. I am glad you did I appreciate that sometimes it is difficult to comment and get across in the correct manner that which you want to express.

Thanks for your very kind comment on my PF Smile


mudge Plus
16 1.0k 75 England
25 Aug 2009 4:45PM
I'm glad I didn't see your fantastic Showcase and Editor's Awards before making tweaking recommendations on your Tractor image, as I wouldn't have dared to offer you advice!!!!
But I'm glad I did!
Hi there thank you very much for you kind comment on my image, as I am still pretty new to this was not sure what you ment by HC?

you really have some cracking images in your portfolio think I will be a frequent visitor

many than ks

AlleyCatz Plus
12 274 6 England
5 Jan 2009 9:08PM
Thanks Cole Smile


Coleslaw Plus
13 13.4k 28 Wales
5 Jan 2009 1:30PM
Just realize that you have 2 POTWs already!
You are getting waaay too good now.
Well done.
AlleyCatz Plus
12 274 6 England
1 Jan 2009 9:52PM
Thanks for your kind comments and taking the time to stop by....appreciated Smile

Dinda Plus
14 90 United Kingdom
1 Jan 2009 9:23PM
Really impressive portfolio Alley!
sjteague 11 147 1 Wales
31 Dec 2008 6:49PM
Some cracking images in your PF,

AlleyCatz Plus
12 274 6 England
14 Nov 2008 7:01AM
Thank you for stopping by .....much appreciated Fred, Eraina and Chris Smile

13 Nov 2008 6:43PM
Absolutely stunning portfolio,i'm blown away and am definitely going to be pickong your brains.

29 Oct 2008 5:47PM
long time since ive had a look on here. LOVE lyds boosh pic....just keeps getting better and better Alley...ive not got my ohotshop any more so cant really play about with thepics have to take mine as they come im afraid. hope you are all well xx
FredF Plus
12 1 France
29 Oct 2008 1:40PM
fantastic portfolio, great work.

AlleyCatz Plus
12 274 6 England
9 Sep 2008 9:12PM
Thanks for taking the time to stop by and give such very appreciated comments Dave and Martin...They are all important to me Smile

martinproe Plus
13 293 5 England
9 Sep 2008 7:49PM
Don;t know how the hell I've missed this portfolio before, Had to drop a note to say it's bloody brilliant! Versitality, humour, technique, the lot, LOVE it!
User_Removed 11 78 1 United Kingdom
9 Sep 2008 6:02PM
Superb allround togging, pleasure to view your PF Alley

AlleyCatz Plus
12 274 6 England
9 Sep 2008 8:50AM
Thanks for stopping by and your comment Alan....much appreciated Smile

7 Sep 2008 11:40PM
Wonderful PF particularly your HDR work. Its images like yours that are the inspiration for me to improve my photography. Really like Glory Days II.
AlleyCatz Plus
12 274 6 England
24 Aug 2008 1:57PM
Hi Jackie....your move than welcome....your images are superb and I really admire your work


22 Aug 2008 2:57PM
Alley thank you very much for your award, Im so happy... Smile
AlleyCatz Plus
12 274 6 England
10 Aug 2008 5:30PM
Hello there and thanks ....Irene & Rainy.

Nice of you to stop by and comment.
Much apprecited Smile

9 Aug 2008 12:01PM
Alley, You have a wonderful portfolio. I personally feel that many of your pictures have warmth and feeling behind them. And quite a few of your pictures have fantastic composition and color tones.
my best regards to you.

Rainy Iannucci
4 Aug 2008 3:20PM
Hi AlleyCatz

Ive joined the site and its nice to catch up with you and see the passion you enthused about your images onto the screen . There are some great shots there and Im really looking forward to seeing some more
proz 14 205 United States
25 Jun 2008 11:50PM
got playing the song game with you so I figured to have a look at your PF while I wait for my next turn. You have a wonderful pf here and I really need to come back and take the time to meander through it at length. Good stuff.
AlleyCatz Plus
12 274 6 England
25 Jun 2008 2:00PM
Thanks for your time to comment....much appreciated.


Vilcens Plus
11 39 3 Latvia
25 Jun 2008 11:44AM
Lots of fine and interesting work in your portfolio Alison

24 Jun 2008 10:50AM
Thanks very much for your comment!
ill tka ehtat into account Smile
AlleyCatz Plus
12 274 6 England
20 Jun 2008 9:07AM
Thanks for your time and comments.
Really apprecited Smile

VCLex Plus
11 1 Belgium
13 Jun 2008 11:09PM
Wonderful gallery . Excellent quality !!
12 May 2008 9:44PM
Thanks for your comments on my photos. You have some great work in your pf well done.
User_Removed 11 78 1 United Kingdom
9 May 2008 10:46AM
Great work in your PF Alison

Just to pop a quick word in here, HDR - only worth doing if done properly and trust me these have been done brilliantly. Really well done with your PF Alison - impressive.

AlleyCatz Plus
12 274 6 England
12 Apr 2008 10:38AM
Thanks folks for your time and very kind words...much appreciated Smile

Completely agree with all the others its stunning work
User_Removed 11 485 13 England
2 Feb 2008 10:43AM
superb PF full of first rate photography. Extremely well done Alison

chase Plus
13 1.1k 246 England
23 Oct 2007 9:25PM
A really good pf Alison,a pleasure to view.Your photography has come along in leaps & bounds,such a great improvement in such a short time.Very well done.
stevie Plus
15 1.2k 2 United Kingdom
8 Oct 2007 9:24PM
Great portfolio full of variety - and getting better all the time.
Nick_w Plus
11 4.3k 99 England
19 Sep 2007 11:39PM
A ery impressive portfolio alison
Hoffy Plus
14 262 16 England
18 Aug 2007 11:19AM
You do have some wonderful Landscapes.
riprap007 Plus
14 1.6k 37 England
17 Aug 2007 6:26PM
excellent PF Alison
albi Plus
14 68 1 England
28 May 2007 7:55PM
What a fantastic looking portfolio you have here Alison with great photography and processing skills on show, also excellent variation in topics which are extremely well presented.

Excellent work.
24 Apr 2007 9:28PM
Super portfolio, I like the diversity. Pleasure to view!
26 Feb 2007 11:51PM
Hi alison, You have a great portfolio full of beautiful shots, keep em comin and thanks for the clicks.

Gary Smile
Stewy Plus
12 103 2 England
20 Feb 2007 6:28PM
Hi Alison, don't know how I've missed your work before, my loss. Some great images here, wish I could "dabble" as well as you.

BertC Plus
12 29 Malta
15 Dec 2006 4:14PM
Lovely PF Alison !! Keep it up.
10 Dec 2006 3:05PM
always of a fantastic high standard and varied.

ChristineL 13 39 United Kingdom
6 Dec 2006 7:38AM
Hi Alison, I can't understand how I've missed your pf until now,it's full of lovely images with lots of variety and colourful people, all with great clarity and beautiful use of light. Keep it up,
imagio Plus
12 12 1 England
3 Dec 2006 9:15AM
Hi Alison Cick on your Great PF...
owp 14 168
17 Nov 2006 5:09PM
"had the use of a digital camera for the last year and been dabbling in Photoshop for about 6 months"

. . .hey! nice "dabbling" Smile . . an imaginitve and pleasing P F that keeps getting better! . . .

. . keep dabbling Alison!
Wooly Plus
13 112 4 England
25 Oct 2006 8:53AM
Hi Alison. What a great and varied portfolio you have.

Alan x
jeanie Plus
15 6.0k 6 United Kingdom
15 Oct 2006 5:20AM
I have just had 15 mins to spare before going to work. Decided to take a tour of your portfolio and I have done rather a lot of clicking but just wanted to say here how much I enjoyed viewing your images. What a super and varied portfolio you have built up.

5 Oct 2006 5:27PM
One of my favourite photographers here on EPZ - varied, original and often totally inspired (and inspiring)!

uggyy Plus
13 2.1k 9 Scotland
2 Oct 2006 2:06PM
Variety is the spice of life and your Portfolio is full of life.

Been a pleasure to look through.

10 Aug 2006 5:13PM
All your photos are Brilliant!Im glad you are going to help me along the way!
Alex xxx
PS. Oh la la!!!!
cat_mc Plus
12 17 Australia
5 Aug 2006 12:21PM
your have some really gorgeous photos in your pf definatley one to be proud of.
davidhu Plus
13 19 United Kingdom
31 Jul 2006 10:23AM
A portfolio of interesting, varied but above all strong images. "Soot and Steam" is still one of the best shots on epz. Thanks as well for your continued support.
bliba Plus
13 2 Austria
21 Jul 2006 8:48AM
A truely FANTASTIC portfolio...allway nice to visit it!
I do really love your stayle ....your work inspires me!

keep up your great work

12 Jun 2006 3:50PM
Wow...your a Nartist...your portfolio is superb, inspiring, blah di blah, you know the rest, amazing! And you gave me a nice comment...I'm humbled to the floor. Thank you for sharing your vision.
AlleyCatz Plus
12 274 6 England
9 Jun 2006 2:04AM
Thank you so much for your kind & inspiring comments on my portfolio and hopefully I can keep learning and improving.

Thanks again... ~Alley~
9 Jun 2006 1:05AM
A very interesting and professional portfolio.
Thank you for your interest in mine, regards John
7 Jun 2006 12:41AM
Fabulous portfolio. Real talent at work here and willing to experiment. Always looking forward to your next posting
31 May 2006 11:59PM
Superb portfolio. You have a real talent and it's great looking out for your next posting
AlleyCatz Plus
12 274 6 England
25 May 2006 9:59PM
Hello Paul...No it's not a Wicca photo on my profile. It was taken at a friends bonfire and thought it would be ok for my profile pic,well for now.
Alison : )
paulcr Plus
14 1.5k 9 Ireland
25 May 2006 5:09AM
Is that a wicca photo on your profile? Paul
Vixs Plus
12 5
21 May 2006 10:44PM
Hi Alley
Thanks for commenting on my work, just looking through your impressive portfolio and discovered some local shots to me. I live in North Yorkshire, are you from that area also.
My email -
backbeat Plus
13 134 1 United Kingdom
21 May 2006 11:53AM
You have some wonderful work in your porfolio..just looked through it and was very have a real talent.

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