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  • Green Beret by SteveMackay

    Delightful image . . . made me laugh, thank you! Smile Linda.
    • 17 Jun 2014 8:47PM
  • Fun by clive burrow

    Many thanks for the smile, Clive - love the image!
    Linda. ((0:
    • 25 Oct 2013 1:09PM
  • House Sparrow on Flowering Quince by SteveMackay

    Really appreciate this vibrant image of spring - thank you! :0))
    • 22 Oct 2013 5:14PM
  • Kimmeridge by clive burrow

    Beautiful! The colours and reflections are wonderful - would love to see it on my wall !!!! ((0:
    • 22 Sep 2013 7:13PM
  • Stag Beetle ♀ by ChloeFT

    Good work, Chloe! Well done! ((O:
    • 2 Aug 2013 5:20PM
  • Green-winged Orchid... by Greyheron

    Just feel the early warmth of the sun on the meadow and smell the dew-freshness . . . I love this image! ((0:
    • 4 Jun 2013 6:51PM
  • RX150 by clive burrow

    Beautiful colours, Clive, crisp and clear. There is fun in the composition: does the boat fit in the box? Would you rather sail in the boat or the box? ((0: Thanks for the smiles!
    • 9 Feb 2013 12:39AM
  • Loving the Snow by teocali

    Hannah is lovely, Sylvia, and you have really done her justice!

    Linda. ((0:
    • 22 Jan 2013 12:53AM
  • Green, Blue & Purple by clive burrow


    Linda ((0:
    • 22 Jan 2013 12:48AM
  • St Marys by clive burrow

    Feel physically drawn into this image, Clive, feel the movement of the sea contrasted with the solidity of the path and the lighthouse. The reflected colours make a wonderful image! Linda.
    • 25 Jun 2012 3:04AM
  • 25 left to go by clive burrow

    Love the textures and colours - looking forward to the rest of the alphabet!
    • 25 Jun 2012 2:53AM
  • Flymo 2 by clive burrow

    Love the 'feel' of this . . . the reflection is magic - the mono works so well Grin
    • 10 Mar 2012 7:55PM
  • Lady in red... by ChloeFT

    A great image of a lively ladybird, Chloe, well done! x x Grin
    • 10 Mar 2012 7:51PM
  • Pollen Collector by Terry L

    Wonderful image, Terry, glad you enjoyed the day - was good to see you!
    • 23 Feb 2012 8:58PM
  • Old Honey... by Greyheron

    Good to find the fungi today - great walk, good hunting and beautiful image ((0: L x
    Glad to make the total 30!!!
    • 26 Nov 2011 11:48PM
  • Autumn by ChloeFT

    Like you, I love the spider's web of branches against the colours - well-spotted, Chloe. Grin x x
    • 30 Oct 2011 11:07AM
  • Cheeky Monkey by ChloeFT

    Love the close-up, Chloe, you can almost feel the fur on this one - looks as if he's just brushed his coat especially for you.
    Well done! x x Smile
    • 27 Oct 2011 8:37PM
  • Party's over... by Greyheron

    A lovely image and a reassuring reminder that cracking apart at the end can be beautiful! Wink
    Thank you, Mike. x x
    • 30 Sep 2011 3:50PM
  • Free Spirit by teocali

    A real pleasure to see this beautiful image, Sylvia.
    Thank you, Linda ((0:
    • 11 Jul 2011 5:06PM
  • my little frog by Jess_B

    Super image, Jessica, he looks ready to jump! Well done, Linda ((0:
    • 4 Jul 2011 11:22PM
  • Otters by ChloeFT

    A good photograph of two lovely otters, Chloe, well done! Smile
    • 27 Apr 2011 11:13PM
  • Glass Bells by clive burrow

    What fragile beauty - looks fantastic! Smile
    • 25 Apr 2011 10:56PM
  • Dog in the Bells by Jess_B

    Looks really good, Jessica, well taken Smile
    • 25 Apr 2011 10:54PM
  • Poppy in Bluebells by clive burrow

    What is Poppy thinking . . . . . ?????? Smile Wonderful image!
    • 24 Apr 2011 11:30PM
  • Tooooo much!!! by ChloeFT

    Know how he feels, Chloe! A lovely image, well done! Smile x
    • 24 Apr 2011 7:55PM
  • 7 Weeks by Terry L

    Beautiful!! Grin
    • 12 Feb 2011 10:18PM
  • Fairfield Church by Greyheron

    You have posted three very different images of Fairfield Church, each with its own appeal. This third image has more detail than either of the first two and the church,although presented simply here, has great presence - a well-balanced scene. (Perhaps yesterday's angle on the church has more integral interest in its shape.) L x
    • 17 Jan 2011 9:42PM
  • Church of St Thomas a Becket. by Greyheron

    Love the composition - the shapes, colours and shadow patterns of the subjects and they are even better in the large version! The sky is a good colour but am not sure about the expanse - maybe because it seems to diminish the beautiful church and put it out of reach. Lx
    • 13 Jan 2011 10:22PM
  • Learning curve by Greyheron

    An evocative image of the day out - he certainly spent a lot of time on the sidelines, just watching the action! L x
    • 25 Oct 2010 9:59PM
  • Lady's Smock by Greyheron

    Looks beautiful . . . dare I say even better than looking at it in the grass!! ((0: L x
    • 27 Apr 2010 10:22PM