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  • Commented on 'Oly EP1 Vs G11'

    Quote:Quote:Oly EP1 Vs G11There not even in the same ball park, the EP1 is infinitely better, larger sensor, choice of lenses etc.

    I don`t believe the focus issues are as large as been made out, there`s more than likely a firmware upgrade on the way anyway.

    I appreciate that they are not 'in the same ball park' but I wanted a smaller camera/kit/ than I had with my 20d. Both the EP-1 and the G11 offer me that.

    The one reason why my 20d gathered dust was that I could not simply pick it up and take it with me due to there being too much stuff to lug about. I am not really concerned that one is labeled a compact, and the other a DSLR, just so long as it is small and takes great shots, hassle free... Would a firmware release sort out the 'hunting' issue with the EP-1 then?

    The G11 is also some 300 pounds cheaper (than the double lens kit)...
    • 1 Sep 2009 2:02PM
  • Commented on 'Oly EP1 Vs G11'

    Hi there

    I am hoping to find out if anyone has taken the plunge and bought themselves an Olympus EP-1?

    I ask this question as I was about to buy one but have now seen that canon are bringing the G11 out soon. I sold my 20D recently to buy myself a good compact as I was not using my 20D. I then saw the EP-1...

    I have played with an EP-1 for 5 mins or so in a shop, and am really concerned about the incredibly slow autofocus... I must admit a real let down, even if it was the only thing that let me down about it...

    What would people recommend for a keen photographer, but does not want the hassle of lugging all the gear that comes with a DSLR?

    I really like how cool the EP-1 looks and the feel is nice and solid, however I just cant get the focus thing out of my head. For that sort of money I would have hoped for more...

    Thx for any advice
    • 31 Aug 2009 6:25PM
  • Commented on 'New Olympus coming?'

    Quote:So far yes but not really had a chance to fully work out yet with it.

    But the pure feel of it and lens movement and changing etc sweet the ergonimics are also really good and the body has a good solid weight and feel to it, not cheap in any way at all.

    I have a couple of images on my portfolio taken with it.

    Has this camera got 'full' manual settings, or does it just have a selection of aperature settings etc, as is the case in a lot of digi compacts that offer 'Manual'?
    • 12 Aug 2009 12:50PM
  • Commented on 'Canon G10 Vs Samsung WB1000 Vs Lumix LX3'

    Quote:I'm a keen SLR photographer (and remain so) but I wanted a compact take-everywhere camera. I opted for the G10 last December. It is a very nicely constructed camera and pleasing to use, but after a month it was on eBay. The image noise was COMPLETELY unacceptable, at any ISO setting. In January I bought an LX3 and I am 100% delighted with it. On one occasion I took it on a walk along with my EOS450D and took pictures side by side. When I returned home and printed them on A4 and A3, it was impossible to differentiate between them (in fact in some cases the LX3 was voted the better). I have taken some absolutely stunning shots with my LX3, particularly in low light. The lens is so fast that almost all the shots I take are at ISO80 (although they are still excellent at higher speeds).

    Ergonomically the camera is a joy to use and I absolutely cannot recommend it highly enough (and I have no connection with the trade). I see that they are just coming into stock again in the UK, having been more or less unobtainable since January. Go for it and get one - you will not be disappointed.

    Am I right in saying that the LX3 has only got a 2x optical zoom though? From asking about, this seems to be avery hard camera to get hold of. Out of stock in loads of places, which I guess should tell me something
    • 10 Jun 2009 3:21PM
  • Commented on 'Canon G10 Vs Samsung WB1000 Vs Lumix LX3'

    Quote:Quote:compact camera that can do the whole DSLR thingThere is no such animal.....

    That said if you are prepared to accept the quality limitations etc etc, The Canon G10 Or Panasonic LX3 seem highly regarded by DSLR owners......!

    Yeah I appreciate that.... but I would like as close a product as I can get. I am not worried about price as I have the readies from the sale of all my kit


    overall it's excellent, solid, great controls, manual controls, obviously good resolution.
    Viewed at 100% the quality is way off a good SLR and lense, so you can't sell images for stock, but plenty good enough for most uses.

    What are the images like to blow up though, I like to have my shots around the house at times in frames... I take it it is still good for that?
    • 10 Jun 2009 12:15PM
  • Commented on 'Canon G10 Vs Samsung WB1000 Vs Lumix LX3'

    Hi there

    I have just sold ALL of my DSLR equipment as I simply was not using it, and now want to buy myself a compact camera that can do the whole DSLR thing, in hope that I might actually start taking it out with me (being a compact).

    The 3 cameras I have been looking at are the G10, LX3 and the WB1000.

    I am aware that none of these will replace a DSLR but the point is I never took my 20D with me anywhere as it was too big.

    If anyone can help/advise me on these 3 cameras or offer any alternatives I would be very grateful.

    I am looking for quality images, full manual capabilities, easy to use, RAW images and HD video is an added bonus.

    Thanks in advance for any info anyone can throw in my direction....

    Thanks folks

    • 10 Jun 2009 11:23AM