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A quick view of AltImages's recent activity.

  • When I've had just one more cigarette... by dudler

    It's occurred to me in the past that there's good outdoor contra jour photos to be taken of vapers, emitting clouds of smoke to match those of railway steam engines!
    • 25 Sep 2021 10:07AM
  • Ariel emerges by dudler

    Ah, I was going to ask if the exposure combination was an effort to emulate ISO3200 film grain. Evidently not 😊
    • 16 Sep 2021 10:06AM
  • Modern life by dudler

    Well my view is that if the government decides it needs to match our ever increasing appetite for more power then it should designate an area for power generation. And then give the locals a choice of what that should be. If they could choose between having wind turbines, underground nuclear waste storage, open cast mining, or fracking I'm sure that turbines would become very popular!
    • 6 Sep 2021 12:42PM
  • Kezzie by dudler

    I love all three John. They're each lovely in different ways.
    • 12 Aug 2021 11:30AM
  • Grateful memories by dudler

    A lovely set of images and a great tribute John.
    • 10 Aug 2021 11:25AM
  • Spectrum by dudler

    I love the lighting in the seated lead image John. Now I know that I'm asking the impossible out of your lights. But I'd love it more if her face and arm was as softly lit and as low-key as her body.

    It's a small world too. As the only (separate) shoots that I did between lockdowns last year were Fallen Raven, her now fiancÚ, her sister, and her mum! 😊
    • 29 Jul 2021 10:02AM
  • Old school by dudler

    That "works" well John 😊
    • 23 Jul 2021 11:00AM
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