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A quick view of amber's recent activity.

  • blue heart by amber

    Hi Michael - thanks for taking the time to look at my website!
    an interesting choice, as most of my 'friends' hate that one... but I like it.

    I am having a great day!
    I have literally just won a tender to direct a regional short film with a massive budget (for a short that is) along with producing a supporting stills exhibition...
    and I've also just found out that I've been selected to go to Babson business school in Boston for 2 weeks on an intensive entrepeneur course - one of 20 selected to represent the UK!
    what a great day!

    Happy Friday everybody!

    Anyway, I'm rambling...
    Do you have a web gallery anywhere, other than this, Mr Spaceman?
    • 24 Jun 2005 1:37AM
  • caged by amber

    Thank you all for your comments, wasn't sure how this would be received...

    and Spaceman,
    always a pleasure, I genuinely look forward to catching up with your portfolio.
    I am going to attempt to stick around - but you know how it is.... Smile
    • 16 Jun 2005 5:20AM
  • Drained by spaceman

    like very much
    • 16 Jun 2005 2:01AM
  • Deceased by spaceman

    gorgeous - sorry for brief responses - short on time, but feel must comment!
    • 16 Jun 2005 2:04AM
  • Grime by spaceman

    love it
    • 16 Jun 2005 2:02AM
  • spaces inbetween No3 by amber

    ooh, thank you - especially for the Rothko comment! very inspired by him, though dont know Bridget Riley (dare i say)
    i am however, going to found out who she is right now!

    oh, and its the space inbetween two buildings, the dividing space being the central white line - the building is one i came accross in Prague last week.
    • 13 Apr 2005 2:42AM
  • spaces inbetween No.2 by amber

    Thank you.
    Although I must say that I personally dont believe you have to know what something is for it to work - or maybe I'm just weird!?!
    I have more like yesterdays really.... i just really like the colour and texture in this one.
    • 12 Apr 2005 1:25AM

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