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  • Afternoon Snack.

    Cracking Macro.
    • 10 Sep 2010 9:16AM
  • Yellow Heart !

    Love the simplicity in this Image,nice composition.
    • 10 Sep 2010 7:48AM
  • Shelter

    Wonderful Image,love the lighting.
    • 10 Sep 2010 7:28AM
  • central Park NY !!

    Great Image,love the composition.
    • 7 Sep 2010 9:49PM
  • Gerbera In Monsoon

    • 7 Sep 2010 9:16PM
  • New Mask

    • 7 Sep 2010 6:56PM
  • Tigress

    Mesmerizing shot.
    • 27 Aug 2010 7:22PM
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  • Quote:A PF worth anyones time, glorious landscapes and as an animal lover some of the finest horse shots you can see anywhere. A joy to view even although I apologize for been late to view such wonders.

    Wonderful Portfolio.
    • Posted on Paintman's profile
    • 26 Aug 2010 11:08PM
  • Wonderful portfolio.Truly admirable.
  • Great portfolio,I just love your street shots,and very much enjoyed looking through .

    • Posted on Cormy's profile
    • 24 Aug 2010 8:57PM
  • Wonderful imaginative...I myself had tried this sort of photography several times and found it real hard to get a real result,here you have so many of them in your PF .............just great.

  • Great portfolio.
    • Posted on Niknut's profile
    • 5 Aug 2010 7:39AM
  • Excellent portfolio !!
  • Love this extraordinary PF, excellent work .

  • Great PF.Love the perspective and painting like effects u put on your Images,in true sense they are unusual and gorgeous.
  • What great portfolio u have here,most of the images are wonderfully composed and the presentation is superb.I specially liked ..........
    Snap Snap,Godrevy,Kevin and Perry??,Orange Glow,Old and Battered,All Tied Up,Swan,Seaside colour,Calm after the Storm,Flower Power,Funky Catapilliar,Blooming,Godrevy Lighthouse,Jay,Pretty in Pink,Sunset, Feeding Time....well actually all of them.

    Regards Ananda
    • Posted on RoxyMoo's profile
    • 31 Jul 2010 4:00PM

  • Quote:Quote:Your portfolio has blown me away, and given me huge inspiration. I am a newbie of on a year or so, but when I see work of such insight, compassion and character I realize what I have to aim for.
    Thank you.
    PaulineI coudnt have put it better myself. Its just GREATTTTT.....


    one word from the bottom of my heart....... "INCREDIBLE ".