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Time for a more in-depth profile I think Smile

Ive been happily snapping away for probably 15 years or so with a complete variety of compact cameras (most of which I still have) and a 35mm SLR in the middle (which died far too quickly).

My knowledge of terms and techniques is severally lacking as Ive always just been more of a point and click photographer.....I see something I think would make a good photo and take the shot....Not much setup or consideration and 80% or the time the photos come out well (or so I was told).

Now Im on to digital and have finally made it back to having an SLR, I can start learning the more technical aspect of photography and start (with any luck) working towards a career (or paying hobby) in photography.

Of course to do that I need to up the standard of my photos so all comments/tips/criticisms/clicks are more than welcome so I get to know whats liked and whats not....Its all very well taking shots I like but I get the strange feeling I wont get very far as a photographer if Im my only fan Smile

also have photos here:


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