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I am a total novice with photography, but would love to learn more about techniques used etc
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A quick view of AndreaJ's recent activity.

  • Blackpool illuminations

    lovely photo of Blackpool x
    • 3 Nov 2012 1:14PM
  • My Little Girl Chloe x

    Quote:Welcome Andrea. Looks like you shutter speed was a little too slow, so you have blur. You havent loaded any shot details, so I cant really tell for sure.


    sorry newbie to the site really and not brilliant at photography, this shot was taken at about 60 or 70 mph...we were driving down to Cambridgeshire at the time and just used Samsung tablet for a quick picture x
    • 3 Nov 2012 1:08PM
  • Heavy Industry

    very haunting shot I think, lovely in B&W X
    • 3 Nov 2012 1:04PM
  • Elgol in Skye

    lovely tones....but yes I can see a horrid face in it too! :-S
    • 3 Nov 2012 1:02PM
  • New Poppy (1)

    wow, absolutely stunning....even capturing the water droplets Smile
    • 3 Nov 2012 1:00PM
  • Anonymous flower

    stunning colours!!!
    we have these weeds in our gardens up north, but only idea what they are called tho?
    • 3 Nov 2012 12:58PM
  • Highland Cow

    love the background colours, so soft and warm x
    great capture!!
    • 3 Nov 2012 12:57PM
  • Lovely landscape shots!!
    Well done with the portfolio x
    • Posted on MalcolmS's profile
    • 21 Sep 2012 11:55AM
  • Brilliant Photos in your collection....lovely x
    • Posted on parallax's profile
    • 21 Sep 2012 11:33AM
  • loving the robin and the black cat pictures x
  • what beautiful flower photos you take...stunning!!
    • Posted on Niknut's profile
    • 17 Sep 2012 7:07PM