Enjoy my portfolio - I enjoy travel, landscape, concerts, portraiture, monochrome, architecture and the occasional experiment.

I would like to be good at nature but I don't really have the patience. Some of my nature shots I have been quite pleased with but it is the weakest area I have attempted.

I have always wanted to create some totally unique images, heavily manipulated, using lots of layers but somehow I never seem to get round to it, despite having a few ideas I would like to play around with.
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    I would have waited just a couple more seconds when the Balloon was higher so that you would have had some separation between the camel and the hot air balloon, ensuring the man and the balloon were on the third.

    Good picture all the same.

    • 2 Dec 2015 1:54PM
  • A Nostalgic Uncertainty

    This is the kind of image I long to be able to create. A real stunner, just love the way it all hangs together perfectly. Excellent work.

    • 19 Jun 2015 1:54PM

    I see quite a few motorbike shots that are fairly standard/mediocre but this one really sets the standard. Full of impact and energy.

    Where is the rider (or ex-rider), that's what I want to know? I love the inclusion of the photographer in the background. He definitely didn't get this shot!!!

    • 18 May 2015 1:46PM
  • Mid Day Salute

    Taken with an I-pad, it should have been taken with a Canon!

    Great shot and very well timed. A beautiful island, looking forward to seeing more of your photographs of Malta.

    • 18 May 2015 1:32PM
  • Waiting

    I absolutely love this and would give my right arm to be able to produce such a stunning piece of artwork. I love the concept and certainly cannot fault it in anyway. It has certainly inspired me to have a go at photomontage, I find them fascinating.

    • 15 May 2015 1:07PM
  • coloured street

    I reminds me of Ireland, Galway or somewhere like that. I used to think all the Irish main streets looked like this, until I visited and they are quite rare.

    The bottom of the photo is the weakest so maybe worth a crop, although I do like the lead I lines.

    • 20 Apr 2015 2:00PM
  • Little Light

    A great concept and well composed. I would have called it 'Reading Light', what do you think?
    • 15 Apr 2015 1:54PM
  • Wow, you have en Epic Portfolio. What an amazing mind and imagination you have. I will set aside some time to study your portfolio in more detail. It is so inspirational!

    Andrew (no imagination at all) Hurley!
  • There is only one thing I dislike about your portfolio, coming to the end of it! Your nude shots have so much variety it's really refressing to see; There are no two shots the same.

    Well done, keep up the excellent work that you do.

    • Posted on dudler's profile
    • 7 Oct 2012 4:17PM
  • Wow, I love monochrome photography and you really are a master of the art (a true compliment indeed). What can I say - stunning work - You are now added to My Favourites.

    Well done Andre.
  • Hi Mark,

    Your portfolio was brought to my attention by the fact you submit to and you are indeed their most successful submitter. Congratulations on your 12 daily wins and being so damn good. I am in total awe of your success and your portfolio is simply mouthwatering. I'm in joint 57th place on photoburst with my 1 daily win so have some catching up to do.

    You should have 20 letters after your name with a portfolio like this one - it is just awesome.

    • Posted on Keelo's profile
    • 24 Mar 2009 2:44PM
  • I still can't seem to find January '09!!!
  • I still can't seem to find January '09!!!
  • Your really have an amazing portfolio which is very popular amongst other ePHOTOziners. Rather than just take an 'ordinary' picture of a flower you have put some thought and turned them into a kaliedoscope of colour or you have just concentrated on a small detail. If you like flowers (I presume you do) check out the work of Dianne link She visited our Camera Club last week in Wallasey and her work proved very popular. Dianne is a school teacher too!!!

    Thanks also for your comments on my Mayrhofen, Austria photograph. The photograph of the 2 girls in the desert was actually taken on a beach, with hotels, bars and an entire resort just a 2 minute walk away. It is one of my favourite images of mine of all time and has done OK for me. I am really pleased you like my work.

    • Posted on dianah's profile
    • 29 Oct 2008 1:27PM
  • I've just looked at your showcase and my jaw just dropped (literally!). Your skies and timing are amazing. You are a really talented photographer. Thanks for sharing them with everyone.

    Thanks for your comments on my "Still Reflections" shot!

    • Posted on steve_r's profile
    • 25 Oct 2008 2:42PM