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A quick view of andrewrobson's recent activity.

  • another one bites the dust

    Great shot. Ouch!
    • 2 Jan 2007 8:03AM
  • Motherhood

    A wonderful shot very tastefully done.
    • 2 Jan 2007 8:00AM
  • Self Outline

    Awesome!!! Very well done to you.
    • 1 Jan 2007 9:31PM
  • Sossosvlei

    Great shot! I know how difficult the sky can be in Namibia, especially full daytime, so you've executed this perfectly.
    • 1 Jan 2007 7:49PM
  • ..

    Superb portrait - unlike so many you have managed to evoke a great deal of emotion here. Very well done.
    • 1 Jan 2007 7:45PM
  • On the Rocks

    Awesome. Breathtaking. Click
    • 31 Dec 2006 10:56AM
  • The Prayer

    Perfectly executed theme. The lighting and composition is exquisite.
    • 31 Dec 2006 9:52AM
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  • Hi Cathy

    You have a fantastic portfolio. Your eye for landscape shots is incredible and your use of color... brilliant. Thanks for sharing your pics and keep up the good work.
    • Posted on CathyT's profile
    • 7 Sep 2006 12:10PM
  • David
    Your work is exceptional. I have seen many photos on the net and off the net, and don't remember being quite as inspired regarding this great art of photography as when I came across your portfolio. I think that for novices like myself it is vital to see what kinds of possiblities exist in the future, and thanks to you, I can get excited about what is yet to come.
    Your photos evoke a still reminder of the beautiful thing we know as humanity. You capture it perfectly in all its facets, which in turn allows me to re-contmplate a gamut of emotions toward my fellow man (and woman).
    Thanks very much for your work. I hope you will keep it up for a long time to come. Thanks also for lighting the way for a newcomer, myself, along this wonderous path of photography.
  • A really admirable portfolio Ollie... well done! When I started out a few months ago, I saw myself wanting to photograph elderly people's faces and hands. They are fantastic material for photography, particularly B&W. And now I see you do just that, and very, very well. I guess I won't be taking these kind of pics (for a while at least) but I'll be sure to return to your portfolio for the enjoyment it brings. Congratulations on some excellent work.
    • Posted on bliba's profile
    • 2 Aug 2006 6:15AM