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HI, welcome. take a look around my images and let me know what you think Smile
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  • Annoyingly I don't have any Grad filters. Only full ones. I should finally stop procrastinating and purchase some grads.
  • I shall not bother with the flash then.
    Might look at investing in some reflectors though. seem to be plenty on the Amazonian website for a decent price.
  • Sorry, took ages to find an example with a link I can actually use.... something like this....

  • Thanks for the reply Smile

    I have all evening to practice with the flash, the spot I have in mind is only a 10 minute drive so I will experiment multiple methods and see which is best in post production.

  • Hi all,

    I have a question regarding a technique for Landscape photography.
    I've seen many images of a beautiful landscape, everything is correctly in focus and exposed, but the flowers in the foreground are vibrant and bright.
    I have tried replicating these images by focus and exposure bracketing and blending them into a HDR, but the flowers still don't have the same "pop" as those you tend to see on Instagram. Its hard to explain the images I am thinking of without 'grabbing' someone else's. Ill try to provide a link.

    I suddenly had a thought that perhaps they are using a flash for the foreground? So, focus on the flowers, and use TTL flash to light them up and make them bright and vibrant, then remove the flash and continue to take a few more shots with focus bracketing, and then blending them.

    I'll try this tonight, but thought I'd ask here first in case its something completely different that I am missing.

    I hope this makes sense Smile

  • Hi all ,

    I will be visiting Derwent Water in the Lake District for the first time next week. I've never been before so was hoping some members on here might have some advice?
    Is there anywhere to park a car for free around DW? Laybys? If not, best priced carpark?

    I plan to capture sunrise and sunset on the same day, and most of the day will be spent walking around DW.

    Any bits of advice or ant tips would be much appreciated.


    ps. I will be Vlogging it on my channel too
  • Right. I keep saying I am back and will enter this weekly completion again. I keep forgetting/getting busy.

    I WILL submit one this time. And try to get back in the habit of doing it every week.
  • Hi all,

    I'm back again with my latest Youtube Landscape Photography VLOG. A few people on here said they enjoyed watching my videos so here is the latest.

    Super chilly, minus 6 degrees with a heavy wind! But it was fun!

    Video! - Snow Drifts and car slips!

  • I never get a full nights sleep!

  • Quote:I guess the new battery was because the car kept stopping and had trouble starting. Wink

    Well.... installing the car battery was going g to be my submitted image. But I forgot a socket set so wasted valuable time going to get one Tongue
  • I won a Manfrotto tripod and bag about 2/3 years ago. Still happy about that! Still using the tripod.

    This year the prizes were excellent so hats off to the Ephoto team.
  • I was fitting a new car battery last night and forgot to enter my photo for last weeks. Shocking. Anyway... I will be out early this weekend with one of these themes in mind!
  • Ah yes I remember now, ta!

    Anyway, my super awesome plan has been foiled. I cant take the picture I had in mind till AFTER 8pm, so back to the drawing board!
  • Oh gosh, its been so long. I have forgotten how to add photos to the challenge image pool Blush
  • I am back from yet another Ephotozine Hiatus..... And I am back to my favourite forum topic on here! Hope all had a good new year!

  • Quote:Nice to see you back Andy, admiring your Rubik's Cubes and new lens

    Thanks! Glad to be back!

    Thatís only half my collection of cubes. I recently moved and havenít unpacked everything.
  • Hi all!

    Haven't been on here for quite some time! Had some time out from photography to be honest. Sad times Sad
    Anyway, I am back, with a new lens, and a ffresh attitude towards photography!

    I recently picked up the 16-55mm f2.8 on the Black Friday double cashback deal. It was a lens I was planning on buying anyway, so this was a steal for me Smile

    Only had the lens a couple of days, haven't had the chance to test it yet, and I cant wait to use it in the field!
    My first impression though, are "wow". What a nice looking and feeling lens. Its bulky, but NOT as heavy as I imagined. I think I could comfortably hold it all day shooting Smile

    Finally, some of you on here are subscribed to my YT channel, and I have uploaded an unboxing video, so take a look if you want.
    I will be bringing out a lot more "on location landscape photography" videos in the new year. I only managed to squeeze out 3 of them this year Sad

    Ciao for now!

    Channel update and 16-55 unboxing!

    Andy C
  • Ah that ROTOLIGHT looks about right. Will have to do some research on it. Thanks all!
  • Hi all,

    I recently saw a nightclub photographer working with a fairly large LED rig light for her photos. The thing is.... the light wasnít plugged into any mains!

    Iíve tried googling them but I CANNOT find any portable LED ring lights that donít require a plug to power it. I can see some small 2-5Ē ones for an iPhone, but nothing bigger.

    Have you ever seen one? Or do you think she wired the ring light into some sort of power supple that she had in her bag?

    Any help/suggestions would be great.


    Ps. Havenít been on Ephotozine for ages!!!! Hope all is well
  • I use it everyday. Perhaps its an age thing?
  • Thanks for the comment Smile

    I said she'd be doing it for free, as in..... it won't cost the couple any extra. But I have every intention of crossing her palm with some cash Smile
  • To answer the most pressing question..... I can't give any blood to sign in. I went to donate blood for the first time last week and couldn't Sad No luck finding a vein good enough.

    To the rest, this is a hobby/part time thing, so I wouldn't be telling the tax man, why would I? They are showing their appreciation for taking pics at their wedding, by gifting me some dosh Smile

    Anyway, here is the update, I gave them my price and the bride is extremely happy with it Smile That does not include prints though, so that is still to discuss.

    I do not have a back up photographer, as such. But I am going to be asking a photographer I know, who wants to do weddings, if she would want to join me as a second photographer/ backup. She has mentioned before that she would like to tag along with me, for free. And the bride is happy for her to be there too.
  • That doesn't include all the post editing.
  • According to what?
  • Well... I wasn't expecting to do it for free, it just hadn't been discussed yet.

    And I'd love to do it for free. But I have done too many free weddings for family and friends. I can't keep doing it. If they want me to shoot for a full 18 hours, and do all the post work, I'd like some recognition for it.

    They aren't close friends. Just people I know. Without sounding rude haha.

  • Hello,

    I know this is a topic that gets brought up all the time, but I am at an end and super stuck, and need some guidance.

    I have been asked to photograph a wedding, a full day, 7am-12am, The whole lot.
    I now the couple, and they like my portfolio of wedding images.

    the issue is, I thought I would be doing this for free... which didn't bother me. But, when I met up with them recently to go over the finer details, they asked me how much it will cost. And that threw me.

    For photographing the event, I was honestly thinking about £550. Photographing, travel, my time for 12 hours, and all the post editing.

    If they wanted prints, that would cost extra, but that can be done at a later date.

    Please, I know its different anywhere you go. But what would you do in my situation

  • Ooooo I just checked out SRB's elite range. They seem to be quite well received, and a very comfortable price. Even their circular polariser is affordable. Thanks Chris, for pointing me at them.

  • Quote:I will not say what filters I use now

    I can probably guess Wink

    I think I will just go for it, its £50... I'm sure they will be more than adequate for me. I don't print often (or big) and most images end up on a website anyway.