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Errant muso, former Head Z, serving Chief of Staff to Ophelia T Cat, guitarist of little repute and likewise with camera weilding, frequent co-Beagle, sloth in training
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  • The Ross Tiger

    Thanks for the comments 😊😊
    • 13 Jun 2019 7:58AM
  • English Trees II

    Thanks 🙂
    • 6 Jun 2019 7:40PM
  • Head of Steam

    Thanks 😊
    • 27 May 2019 11:36PM
  • Is It really Summer?

    Thanks 🙂 I seem to have acquired an affinity with Beach Huts
    • 22 May 2019 7:50AM
  • Vertical Face

    Thanks. It's one of my favourites from the day, and really needed very minimal editing in RAW - hence being the choice for testing what Director365 can do
    • 10 Jan 2019 7:00PM
  • When The Going Gets Rough

    Thanks Smile
    It's quite a difficult venue to shoot - long narrow room, with only a tiny walkway between the band and the bar
    • 15 Dec 2018 6:18PM
  • Yanks Again

    Thanks Smile
    • 28 Nov 2018 8:07PM
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