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andy210966's Portfolio.




13 Mar 2013 2:00PM
Absolutely fabulous portfolio, breath taking, brilliant photoshop , and photography, very artistic

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ColinEJ Plus
12 21 17 United Kingdom
5 Mar 2013 11:33AM
I have enjoyed your portfolio. Interesting, imaginative and high quality.
18 Jun 2012 10:50AM
One of the best porfolio i have seen, Some super images, Keep up the good work..


What a absolutely sensational portfolio you have - I can only dream of having such a portfolio - Jo
Lovely portfolio.Wink
ge22y Plus
10 115 12 Wales
31 Jan 2011 3:12PM
Hi mate, had some time off and just starting to make a come back, some great new stuff in your pf, the Snowy Owl is stunning.

Merbert Plus
9 5 1 Australia
16 Dec 2010 9:01PM
Fantastic Portfolio Thank you very much.
User_Removed 8 34 4 United Kingdom
13 Dec 2010 6:17PM
Just popped in to have a look at your portfolio...wow your work is stunning, there are plenty I would be proud to hang on the wall.
Great work.
andy210966 Plus
11 4 119 Wales
13 Dec 2010 1:17PM
Thank you Gez, Matt, Nigel, Stew and Osie for your kind comments.

osie Plus
8 2 3 United Kingdom
10 Dec 2010 7:29PM
Andy...you have an amazing Portfolio...I Love your work...Your Surreal artwork is Excellent...I Look forward to seeing more of your work over the coming months...Smile
bfgstew Plus
12 668 105 England
10 Dec 2010 3:06AM
A cracking P/F mate, filled with stunning landscapes, especially "through the clouds", my fav. And then has a good smattering of abstract work which is very well crafted.
A P/F to be proud of Andy, keep up the good work.

1 Dec 2010 11:33PM

Quote:Simply a stunning PF Andy!
Iam allways looking at your uploads and i get amazed everytime!!
Keep up the excellent work.

Best regards Nigel
Excellent portfolio Andy, you've developed a lovely style. Matt
ge22y Plus
10 115 12 Wales
22 Oct 2010 12:52PM
Haven't been around epz that much lately mate, some really excellent work has been added to your pf, to many to comment on so please accept my apologies.

BillyGoatGruff Plus
11 191 199 England
21 Sep 2010 12:13PM
Just when I had the time and opportunity to catch up, you've gone and removed everything!
Still, these five are rather special, Andy!
Especially the Ducati!!
Keep it up, mate!

All the best,
17 Sep 2010 9:04PM
Simply a stunning PF Andy!
Iam allways looking at your uploads and i get amazed everytime!!
Keep up the excellent work.
cassiecat Plus
10 39 46 England
10 Sep 2010 9:19AM
i've seen such an advancement in your work in the time youve been on epz, and will miss your images.
Youve also helped alot of people, myself included which i think is admirable.
what an extraordinary pf, simply first class, an amazing talent to match your amazing imagination. Truely gifted
AMAZING Portfolio! WoW!
Very Original

Niknut Plus
8 2.0k 76 United Kingdom
14 Apr 2010 3:00PM
First time I've seen your PF Andy, very impressive...one to be well proud of..regards..Nn.
DM1 Plus
10 7 United Kingdom
11 Apr 2010 11:26AM
Fantastic PF Andy, very inspirational.
jonah794 Plus
9 1.7k 11 United Kingdom
3 Feb 2010 9:53PM
What a fantastic PF you have full of inspirational pictures to all photographers alike. I really respect you and your images so well done, keep up the fantastic work Smile
10 Jan 2010 12:18PM
loving the work you produce, a great insperation, hope one day my work could be as good as yours. all the best in this new year and may the great work continue
thanks dan
28 Dec 2009 12:40AM
Spectacular collection of images
23 Dec 2009 8:57PM
Oh dear... so many wonderful images that I have missed in recent weeks - my apologies. And I do rather like your new pf shot... very interesting...
Great. Dear ANDY, there are many excllent creative photos in your amazing portfolio.
Rgds, Ali.
30 Nov 2009 8:35AM
Top Pf.
Unique mood.

29 Nov 2009 8:40AM
Some gorgeous images in your portfolio, favourited it and will keep my eyes open,

great stuff,

good collection...!! take a look at my gallery....!!!
Diana Plus
12 2.0k 19 Netherlands
14 Nov 2009 8:20PM
Hey Andy, I like this new portrait style of yours, apart from your spectacular, dramatic and impressive landscapes, it seems you have other veiled creative talents that you are just delving into...more, more, more !!!

12 Nov 2009 3:13PM
cheers for the comment on the picture andy look forward to seein your new work soon .
12 Nov 2009 11:02AM
really good gallery andy great work in here
Mari Plus
15 1.8k United Kingdom
14 Oct 2009 12:11PM
Just popped in to say how much I love your work Andy, when i'm missing Llyn, its good to look at your pics and I can imagine myself there. Love the composite work too. Keep up the good work Smile

10 Oct 2009 10:21AM
fantastic portfolio you have a great eye for detail...and thanks for your comment on one of my pics ..much appriciated...
CSuk Plus
9 7 33 United Kingdom
4 Oct 2009 7:20PM
I'd say your'e a born natural Andy, from what I've seen here, and don't need to bother whether you get awards from here or not. If this sells that's all that matters. Its been a pleasure to view your work and long may I view more.
Thanks 4 the share Smile
27 Sep 2009 12:35AM
Wow, truly stunning art work, i'm a newbie to photography and any tips and hints etc are most welcome, gorgeous shots mate

JanieB43 Plus
10 49 6 England
24 Aug 2009 4:26PM
Awesome gallery Andy. How do you do it ? Exceptional work in all your images - love the clarity and colours. What software/filters do you use ?
great gallery.
best regards, G.G.
DaveMead Plus
9 23 14 United Kingdom
4 Aug 2009 2:48PM
This is a fine body of work from someone I see as a true artist. That you took the time to comment on (and enjoyed) one of my pictures, inspires me more than I can say.
Kind regards,
Only 2 HC's and no EC's from this quality gallery? What does one have to do?
Always a pleasure looking at your stuff Andy.
jools59 Plus
9 4 1 United Kingdom
23 Jul 2009 7:57PM
Thanks Andy....just had a chance to have a nosy at your PF....very impressive.....look forward to seeing more of your work.

J. Smile
RachelMB 12 42 10 England
22 Jul 2009 7:57AM
You have a beautiful gallery Smile
Andy you have a fantastic p/f, a source of inspiration to me and surely others, to go out and try that bit harder.


Wow, just have looked at all your picture, what can i say. Just so proffesional pictures. Smile
19 Jun 2009 5:42PM
This is a fabtastic gallery, and I say that having only glanced through it so far. When I have a bit more time, I'll probably spend a day or two drooling over these images.

Many congratulations, GRAHAM
Neeka Plus
9 16 Wales
10 Jun 2009 9:51PM
WOW Andy!!!! Awesome portfolio!!
6 Jun 2009 8:54PM
Great portfolio, excellent work
Trout_Man Plus
10 1 30 Wales
5 Jun 2009 11:55PM
Just popped in to have a look at your portfolio...wow your work is stunning, there are plenty I would be proud to hang on the wall.
Great work.
Mgd 10 Poland
30 May 2009 5:51PM
Fantastic atmospheric gallery, brilliant light and colours!
27 May 2009 11:03PM
Thanks for your comments.Roy
redshank 9 1 United Kingdom
27 May 2009 4:37PM
Wonderful portfolio
cuffit Plus
12 332 5 England
14 May 2009 8:53PM
Andy, a stunning portfolio from start to finish. Chris
13 May 2009 9:52PM
kat x
great portofolio !
Rorymac Plus
10 53 1 United Kingdom
28 Apr 2009 2:12PM
great portfolio. really enjoyed it, keep it up
Absoulutely AMAZING portfolio truly an incredible photographer....
GalleryGirl 11 4 2 United Kingdom
20 Apr 2009 6:05PM
A fabulous portfolio. So beautiful!
Marilyn x
You are a very talent photographer.
Truly stunning portfolio.
Blue velvet is just breathtaking.
Just one amazing portfolio - can't stop looking at it lol..Jo
17 Apr 2009 10:26AM
Hello Andy what a great gallery u have here my frend pleasure too have a look around regards aj
Wilmot Plus
10 338 1 United Kingdom
16 Apr 2009 8:30AM
What a fantastic PF you have Andy,thanks for the comments
16 Apr 2009 12:00AM
Wow, great talent
charlotte 14 34 2 United Kingdom
9 Apr 2009 5:15PM
Love your portfolio Andy. Hard to choose a favorite but I do like --- with the ripples of water.

graceland Plus
14 2.5k 2 United Kingdom
28 Mar 2009 1:42PM
great pictures love the north Wales ones
sherlob Plus
12 3.0k 129 United Kingdom
15 Mar 2009 9:25PM
Hi Andy,

Just stopped by and a wee look at your rather splendid PF. An ecclectic mix! All images show care and some excellent post production work, but there are too many to click. I'll be able to keep a closer eye now your in my fav's. Thanks for your interest in the recent cathedral serise.

tw3 Plus
15 1
2 Mar 2009 2:00PM
Hi Andy

Landscapes don't normally interest me but looking at your portfolio I can appreciate stunning work.

Well done. MIKE
Les_G Plus
11 148 4 Scotland
26 Feb 2009 12:45PM
Hi Andy,

Just come across your work on here, stunning images!

Many thanks for sharing these.

25 Feb 2009 10:41PM
Eventhough I haven't voting to all your works Andy, I love all of it coz the quality are top notch. From time to time, I pay a visit in your page and looking to your wonderful images. Well done my friend.
11 Feb 2009 5:45PM
Fantastic work all round, you have a rare talent and eye for a great shot.
Well done,
Iain_C Plus
10 2 3 Scotland
8 Feb 2009 12:59PM
Amazing PF Andy possibly the best i've seen

8 Feb 2009 9:13AM
This P/F is something else mate, stunning!! Where do you come up with your ideas for the manipulations?!

Your regular images are stunning too man, great work!!

Loving the Jodie!! Wink

Thanks and regards Paul.
Andy,all of your photo is very nice.
Especially in Landscape.

Great work,

shaz4 Plus
13 26 2 United Kingdom
28 Dec 2008 8:32AM
I would just like to agree with all thats already been said about your PF......You have some stunning photography on show here..have to say my personal favourite is the reed bed..Smile
10 1.4k 30 England
20 Dec 2008 11:10AM
I have only just come across your work and I have to say that it is quite superb. You have an exceptional talent for landscape photography and your processing is immaculate. A brilliant portfolio. Andy
sjteague 10 147 1 Wales
19 Dec 2008 8:06PM
A smashing pf, nice one...
Richsr Plus
11 91 223 England
18 Dec 2008 10:42AM
Some excellent images in your PF Andy - like the variety
Regards Richard.
marla26 10 1 United Kingdom
18 Dec 2008 7:18AM
Thank you Andy,means a lot and makes me smile too :-]
Landlord Plus
12 25 1 Scotland
17 Dec 2008 11:16PM
For those looking, this is one of the BEST p/f''s on this site. IMHO.
hi Andy, Thank you v much x
ketch Plus
11 770 50 Turks And Caicos Islands
14 Dec 2008 6:25AM
What a beautiful PF - some real crackers here - lovely images all.

13 Dec 2008 10:50PM

Quote:I too have just stumbled accross your PF and boy, look at what I've been missing!!

Some fabuolous work you have here. I will definitely be back again.

regards Nigel
13 Dec 2008 10:45PM
Wow some fabuolous work you have here. I will definitely be back again. regards Nigel
Ayelet_A Plus
10 11 3 Israel
8 Dec 2008 10:00PM
Hi Andy - just wanted to stop by and tell you I think your work is superb and really inspiring. Your landscape shots are simply out of this world, I find myself coming back whenever I can to catch another glimpse and hopefully learn a little from your great skills. Also you've proved you are capable of shooting much more than landscapes and I'm sure you'll succeed in every style you wish to.

Keep up the good work,

PS - thank you for your very kind comment on my PF, I'm honored. Smile
Excellent portfolio - I can't believe I haven't noticed it before - very jealous of your Nepal pics!
Stewy Plus
12 103 2 England
4 Dec 2008 11:32AM
I too have just stumbled accross your PF and boy, look at what I've been missing!!

Some fabuolous work you have here. I will definitely be back again.

29 Nov 2008 7:46AM
A good range, style, subject and techniques. An impressive pf.
26 Nov 2008 3:04PM
I've just found your p/f and wow what an amazing array of images. Your landscaping is magnificent and your ability at digital manipulation is awesome. I'll be coming back time after time. Great work Andy.... Where's the EC's come on Pete

Sue_R Plus
12 11 6 United Kingdom
21 Nov 2008 6:38PM
Just realised I've been admiring your work for ages and never left a comment on here. Great pf. Particularly like your seascapes and mountain scenes. They always make me want to be there and I reckon that's what a good image is all about Smile

10 Nov 2008 10:58PM
Just stumbled across your pf - only one word for it - stunning! And, you won't get any better by listening to me, you're already way ahead! But I will be back, to have a closer look and to see what comes up in the future...

Regards, Carol
User_Removed 12 11 11 United Kingdom
6 Nov 2008 11:10AM
Hi Andy

Just come across your PF and you ahve some stunning landscape images. My favorite is Pwllheli Beach - awesome!

Keep up the good work.

Kind regards

Chris C
2 Nov 2008 3:53PM
Enjoyed viewing your portfolio Andy - love the autumn colours, in particular 'A Distant Mountain'. John
Artois Plus
12 405 1 United Kingdom
17 Sep 2008 10:05PM
Interesting and varied portfolio that I have enjoyed visiting. I particularly like "claustophobia".
Strobe Plus
11 1.3k United States
16 Sep 2008 4:56PM
I just came across your pf Andy and I really like your work, will be visiting at again
konu Plus
10 31 United Kingdom
15 Aug 2008 12:13PM
Very nice pf with varied subjects.

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