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Welcome to my portfolio, thanks for stopping by, please feel free to comment on my images
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  • Lumb Falls

    Quote:A while since i was there, well captured.
    Is it still a struggle to get down to the water ..

    Thanks, Yes it is a struggle, especially when the rocks are wet
    • 27 Feb 2017 5:04PM
  • Malham Tarn, North Yorkshire

    Thanks folks Smile

    Likewise Tony... must go out again Grin
    • 29 Jun 2011 2:23AM
  • Westgate Arcade, Halifax, UK

    Quote:Its ok andy
    But would be better mate with some light in the sky as the building tops have vanished in the darkness and a different white balance would improve it Wink

    Cheers Dave, was a last minute pic for my 365 project on my way home from work
    I'd missed the 'blue hour' and the rooftops can't be seen from there, not even in daylight Wink
    • 2 Mar 2011 8:37PM
  • Puppy Food

    Thanks for all the comments!

    Quote:Great shot how did you get them to stay there puppies will usually come to you if you get to close.


    I had to use my son as an assistant, and get the shot as soon as his hands were out of shot Smile
    • 16 Nov 2010 11:29AM
  • Remains of an era gone by

    Thanks, it's at Old lane, Halifax, West Yorkshire
    • 29 Oct 2010 3:17PM
  • Halloween Prom Queen

    Quote:Did you do that to her andy ya bugger lol '-)


    Simply enhanced the image to give a B-grade movie effect Wink
    • 29 Oct 2010 1:43PM
  • Roe Deer buck in woodland

    Quote:Nice catch but there's a noticeable blue cast here due to a white balance problem. If your image editor lets you, adjusting the colour temperature to about 6000K gives a big improvement.

    Thanks, but there's no blue cast when viewing on my monitor or on the 10x8 print I have recieved, the red-brown tint in the foreground and the orange leaves in the background are unaffected
    • 12 Oct 2010 2:34PM