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Hello and welcome to my portfolio, I hope you enjoy and find some inspiration from my images, as indeed I do looking at many of yours. Aso a thank you for your votes and comments.
Regards Andrew
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A quick view of AndyMurdo's recent activity.

  • Text II

    Massive, it's great the way some of the feet have worked out sharp, good blurred movement too, very well observed.
    • 25 Feb 2016 4:30PM
  • Quack!

    Subject nice and sharp, though eye is a little too dark, and background is a bit distracting, there is still a lot to like though.
    To turn a well observed almost comical waterfowl portrait, to an excellent one, you could selectively lighten eye and add more of a catch-light to give it greater prominence. I'd guess that you are already working at max aperture given the lens and selected focal length, so cloning background to an even green tone, some additional blurring and maybe a touch of darkening would help the subject stand out more. I would also give the image a crop to lose some of that dead space to the right, you may not need to go so tight as to create a perfect square format. As always with editing don't overdo it.

    Andy M
    • 10 Dec 2015 9:44AM
  • VULCAN XH558

    Great frame filling shot, noticed some colour fringing round the aircraft outline and typical of the lens you are using, specially when at full tilt. This can be cleaned up in Photoshop.
    • 8 Dec 2015 11:34AM
  • Classic Ride

    A good effort, pity the top part of bike is lost against the hedge in the background and that tree trunk is doing you no favors either, yep I know it's propping the bike up!
    So watch your background in future and give it a bit more thought. For instance, you could have have used an old house brick or something similar like a block of timber under L/H pedal (that's in the 'Bottom Dead Center' position) to support your bike during the shoot, then it could easily been cloned out in your editor after, also moving the bike further away from the tree & hedge, so that from the camera viewfinder you are taking your picture with the bike against an all grass background, in this case would have helped to separate the subject out, I would have would moved further away from the bike, so as to enable use of the telephoto end of your zoom lens, this in turn would have helped reduce the sharp background, plus dialing in a much shallower aperture (around f/5.6* should be sufficient, but do check you 'Depth of Field' preview before taking or live view if you don't have a dedicated DoF button on your Pentax) for a nice out of focus B/G boketh and for even deeper separation. If you are keen to convert more of your images to B&W, it would pay you to study the tonal effects of colour when converted to B&W.
    * Note: Most lenses hit peak sharpness at between f/5.6 & f/11, using f/22 you are likely to get aberration effects like colour fringing that in turn will effect the overall sharpness of your image.
    Keep up the effort & good luck
    Andy M
    • 29 Jul 2015 4:11PM
  • A Right Royal Dust Up

    Stunning, Stunning & Stunning, you have both a good artistic eye and an amazing trigger finger, a great combo for this type of photography. Andy MSmile
    • 17 Apr 2014 8:01PM
  • Welcom Harry

    A cracking shot and the dog? Brings back memories of my old woof when he was young
    • 16 Feb 2014 8:45PM
  • Red drinking in a stream

    Wonderful capture of animal behaviour and lovely colour, I think a slight crop to the L/H side would make it an even stronger image and create a better balance, but great work anyway

    Regards Andy M
    • 13 Feb 2014 7:31PM
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  • Novice my foot!*?>!!!!! Well observed,wonderfully creative, and evocative images. Keep up the good work.

    Andy M
    • Posted on kitsch's profile
    • 13 Aug 2006 3:26PM