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Classic Ride

Classic Ride by Friendlyguy

A good effort, pity the top part of bike is lost against the hedge in the background and that tree trunk is doing you no favors either, yep I know it's propping the bike up!
So watch your background in future and give it a bit more thought. For instance, you could have have used an old house brick or something similar like a block of timber under L/H pedal (that's in the 'Bottom Dead Center' position) to support your bike during the shoot, then it could easily been cloned out in your editor after, also moving the bike further away from the tree & hedge, so that from the camera viewfinder you are taking your picture with the bike against an all grass background, in this case would have helped to separate the subject out, I would have would moved further away from the bike, so as to enable use of the telephoto end of your zoom lens, this in turn would have helped reduce the sharp background, plus dialing in a much shallower aperture (around f/5.6* should be sufficient, but do check you 'Depth of Field' preview before taking or live view if you don't have a dedicated DoF button on your Pentax) for a nice out of focus B/G boketh and for even deeper separation. If you are keen to convert more of your images to B&W, it would pay you to study the tonal effects of colour when converted to B&W.
* Note: Most lenses hit peak sharpness at between f/5.6 & f/11, using f/22 you are likely to get aberration effects like colour fringing that in turn will effect the overall sharpness of your image.
Keep up the effort & good luck
Andy M

A Right Royal Dust Up

A Right Royal Dust Up by Trev_B

Stunning, Stunning & Stunning, you have both a good artistic eye and an amazing trigger finger, a great combo for this type of photography. Andy MSmile

Welcom Harry

Welcom Harry by Oliverpants

A cracking shot and the dog? Brings back memories of my old woof when he was young

Red drinking in a stream

Red drinking in a stream by Enmark

Wonderful capture of animal behaviour and lovely colour, I think a slight crop to the L/H side would make it an even stronger image and create a better balance, but great work anyway

Regards Andy M

Kinder Winder

Kinder Winder by MrBlueSky

Excellent composition and colour pallet,the contrasting effect of the sharp foreground contrasting with the softness of the mist in the valley and the background hills contribute to a surreal effect. Great stuff
Andy M

Micro Moth (Pyrausta Purpuralis)

Micro Moth (Pyrausta Purpuralis) by Snapitt

Wonderful micro image with a well conceived background complimenting the beautifully captured main subject, also you have done well to capture this moth with it's hind wings exposed.
Andy M


d by Dismorfic

I don't know if you applied the spectral additions in post production, or if it's all down to a dirty Lens &Sensor combination (if that could work in this way). Whatever the outcome works well in a curious way and gives your picture a bit of a 'Turner' feel, that might be further improved with some carefully controlled selective softening, nice work well done.
Andy M

Mirrored Mill

Mirrored Mill by MattB1987

Superbly executed photo Matt and you obviously have a good eye for an image, though the wide angle has induced a bit of lean on the mill tower, somewhere in the back of my mind, something seems to be telling me that there is a Nikon dedicated lens distortion correction software out there that may help you sort that problem and hopefully without loosing the overall dynamic affect, including those streaked clouds (could be in Nikon NX View) but check out the web.
Andy M

i believe this is a silvery Y moth /

i believe this is a silvery Y moth / by sparrowhawk

Affirmative Steve it is a Silver 'Y' though your image is rather soft in places, no doubt due to the angle that you have chosen to photograph this moth from, the problem is that Depth of Field (Sharp Focus range over the subject) is always inclined to be shallow with Macro shots and exasperated by the the long focal length you have used (zoom setting) and the fact that these moths are the sort that hold their wings in a tent like fashion when at rest, next time try to get overhead and keep the camera at right angles to your subject (make all your settings prior to moving in on the subject for least disturbance)and also use a smaller aperture too, f/5.6 is far too wide unless you are deliberately trying to draw attention to only a very small part of you image, f/11 or f/16 is more ideal, any more than this will give other problems with image softening though can be used if the situation demands it. Taking control of your aperture will mean getting into Manual or Aperture Priority mode though, so refer to your camera's instruction book if you are not sure how to do this, any way well done for getting this beast at rest as they flutter incessantly otherwise and good luck
Andy M


shadow by marian_balta

Well spotted, but could do with a little more light in the woman's face, the child is great as it has light reflected from the parasol, either a little fill flash or a reflector would do, though you may get away with a tweak in your image editor.

Andy M

Time Warp

Time Warp by Boffs

Clever stuff

Andy M

Smart Shield Bug in Sunday Dress

Smart Shield Bug in Sunday Dress by annettep38

Hi Annette.
Great capture, but your dust spots need removing, post capture by cloning/spot healing out in your editor, but your cameras sensor needs a quick clean, if you have not dealt with this before, don't worry, if you have a rocket type lens/sensor blower, in a few seconds you will have a clean sensor, just follow your camera's instructions for this process, i do this periodically on my D80 and rarely find anything too stubborn that would require a deeper cleaning session. If you do not have instructions to hand, have a chat with the dealer you got it from or check out tutorials on line.
Regards Andy M

Strange Faces

Strange Faces by billycurriephotography

Great capture with it's mean and moody interpretation, carefully composed as well.
Andy M


Quiraing by carson-images

Nice image with good light /modelling on the cliff face (central) The L/H horizon is over bright in relation to the rest of the picture and gives the impression of sloping down to the lower L/H/S, either crop this edge to reduce the effect or a tweek of levels in your raw converter may help, though I guess this may be caused by lens distortion, so a distortion correction plug-in may do the job a bit better, but overall a good effort
Andy M

The Witch

The Witch by Cavolfiore

This one is good too, but lighting is a little harsh (prevailing conditions/time of day and year) try out the "Golden Hour" round sunrise/set.

Andy M

Captain's Log

Captain's Log by Cavolfiore

Hi Smee, I've only just seen your other effort "Captain's Log" It's a great picture and in a different league to the two previous images that I have reviewed for you. I particularly like the contrast both in terms of colour and textural contrast between the fall and the pool below, that splash of sunshine hitting the water works a treat and the exposure in this part of the picture is bang on, also your presentation is excellent. There is still room for improvement though, the biggest and only major fault is that bit of what looks like a tree stump poking out into the bottom R/H side and to add injury to insult your Highlights blown out on the top edge of it! (Trees seem to be bit of a stumbling block to you at the moment, as a rule of thumb, unless you are making them the focal point keep them in the background! Though they can be used sometimes to frame a view if kept to the periphery) to be honest it's a clumsy distraction in what otherwise would be a truly excellent photograph, remember "That simplicity is the essence of good design". Resist the temptation to include these additional elements, they are not needed. It's also important to remember that any bright spot in an image will draw the eye. The only other thing to comment on and at a minor level, is that I feel that water in the fall could benefit from being slightly lighter, this latter issue could have been resolved at the moment of taking by balancing the exposure with the use of a relevant strength N/D Graduated Filter or later in post-production by adjusting your levels, preferably in your Raw Editor. as a final note: It might help you to have work flow list and checks for setting up your camera before a shoot and get into the routine of using it every time, things to include are: Focus Point, Depth of Field, Exposure, Controlling Dynamic Tone Range, Composition, ISO, White Balance and a final in your list should be a test exposure with review and adjustment if needed etc. One of the advantages of Landscapes, is that they cannot run away from us so slowing down is not the problem found in genre's of photography and another saying: "We are what we do most, therefore excellence is a habit".
Keep up the good work
Andy M

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Added Date: 13/08/2006 - 3:26 PM

Novice my foot!*?>!!!!! Well observed,wonderfully creative, and evocative images. Keep up the good work.

Andy M