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Greetings ! Welcome to my corner of cyberspace,hope you find something you like....Andy
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  • sorry for the slow reply....hi Colin.yes ..long time....hope all is well with you....
    Tianshi_angie ..yes it works fine with my other camera..5d mk 2...
    its only the 7d mk 2 that is showing the poor raw files in lightroom....
  • Hi everyone...
    I have recently upgraded my 7d to the new mk2 and i am having major issues with lightroom...
    The problem is :
    When i upload raw files to lightroom the image quality is very poor (non sharp) and very noisy even at very low iso (200)..
    I have tried multiple computers,and lightroom program versions including the new "cc" all with the same result...
    After much head scratching i have found that when i upload raw via Canon's software the results are massively improved ..sharpness and noise..
    Anyone else had this problem...? as much as Canon's software is usable its a long way short of lightroom in regards of ease of use....

    Any ideas....

  • Thanks everyone for the comments...much appreciated....Andy
  • Hi Everyone...can anyone comment on Creativity backgrounds.good or bad...i am in the market for some paper backgrounds... Size wise they sell a 2.08 m roll which is about the best i can get with the space i have..the colorama 1.75 is the other choice but that extra size would be helpful...quality is the question here..is there a difference..? your thoughts would be welcome...

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  • ok guy's i can see this is gonna run on and on ! i have already said life is to short so lets draw a line under it !! i also stated i was being over sensitive !! i think some of the replies are typical of such forums and should have expected nothing less !! thanks to the guy's who have seen my side of the coin and i appreciate the understanding.sorry to the others who have seen it as petty !!
    And to sum up !! Although the general styles of my work don't get a lot of attention in either votes or comments(i know how much you all love motor sport). yes i am very critical of my own work and i am very keen to learn and enjoy comments both good and bad on my work as Pete says that's good for the site and helps us all to learn ! It was just the way i interpreted "nice -ish" as a comment ! along way different in my eyes to "nice shot"
    In a strange twist to it all i am getting lots of votes etc since posting this and many people who probably wouldn't look twice at my work have obviously viewed my portfolio.and i am glad to say none of the comments have been bad.....i'm sure someone said no advertising is bad advertising .....
    may be a good idea to lock this thread now as it wasn't my intention for it to become a slanging match....and i think we have covered most of the points..keep up the good work.....Andy
  • Hi Cameracat ....thanks for the post..i agree tit 4 tat wasn't the best plan....and yes you don't have to be an expert to be a critic...foolishly it really got to me...obviously i am far to sensitive....i put a lot of passion in what i do....Anyway enough from me on the matter....Andy
  • Anyway....life's to short for this.....i very rarely post on forums...and probably because of these reasons....it just really annoyed me..and as the previous person stated .."probably being over sensitive"
    could well be right !!..Andy
  • His : A nice-ish shot,though the waters seem a trifle dark.@9:17
    my comment @ 9:32
  • oversensitive perhaps!!and not abusive no....
    but i have contacted him saying politely that i would rather not get comments from him and then obviously the comments increased ! foolish me !
  • That was made after his initial comments !! not the best way to handle it perhaps, but made for the reasons stated earlier....

  • Quote:Well it's ok,up to a point.Maybe try using an ND Grad,say 0.6,to control the overexposure on the upright section of wall.It's too white on the upper part.Grin

    It'ok but lacks definition.You should,even in that light,be able to easily see the Belle Tout on the farthest headland.I was there in early December 2012.

    two comments received today on two images in my portfolio ! i have pm'd the person explaining im not interested in his comments due to the reasons stated above..

    Takes a few deep breaths....

    quick question....is there a block user choice anywhere ? as i feel that it may be time to assemble toys ready for throwing !!
  • I have been on this site for longer than i care to remember and i like to think i have learned alot ! But i really do struggle with picky comments from people whose photographic skill is far from good!
    I'm no professional but i think my overall quality of images is fairly good.I don't comment a lot other than to say positive things and always click on worthy images in whatever field. I appreciate people may not like certain styles of photography like the motor sport images which never seem to get the attention i think they deserve, but hey that's only a personal preference and i know how difficult they are to get right and i love the sport !
    I think the VS mode has proved that they are appreciated and thank the EPZ guy's & Gals for thinking of it..however much we all moaned about it at the start !
    I have a very wide and varied appreciation for photography and the various skills needed ,and i will try my hand at almost all genres especially because of the images on here which are a constant source of ideas and motivation....plus i love the challenge!! that was why i got so into motor sport" i blame certain photographers on here" !!
    But going back to the original rant i wish people would think about what they comment and how they say it !! and take into account their personal level of competence and skill level ....
    Rant over.....sorry everyone...but i feel better....Andy

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