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A quick view of AngelaD's recent activity.

  • Searching

    Thanks Patti and David. It is quite hard to get her to stay still, and she also has very dark brown eyes, so when looking at you, she appears to have "hollow" eyes. Profile shots of her are much easier to work with.
    • 12 Aug 2009 12:54PM
  • Neeka

    Thanks Chen and Karen. She is a very good dog, and usually does what she's told - she sat for so long there while I got into a good position, I didn't have the heart to move her. The bush, by the way, used to be green all the way down - but when you've got a shepherd and a husky, nothing lasts very long Smile
    • 11 Aug 2009 1:35PM

    An evocative piece of photojournalism.
    • 30 Aug 2006 1:18PM
  • What do you think?

    Have to say, prefer it as it is! Great shot.
    • 25 Jul 2006 12:12PM
  • An Elder

    • 21 Jul 2006 8:40PM
  • Enter and search

    Nice to see you've let everyone know about the story - it's getting better every day!
    • 21 Jul 2006 8:38PM
  • the pogs

    • 21 Jul 2006 8:37PM
  • This is an incredible story, supported by incredible pictures - book worthy. Keep going, I'm riveted.