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Goodbye old fella :(

By AngieLatham    
I just wanted to re-upload this pic of the friendly stag near Glencoe in light of the awful news that he had to be put down after thugs used him as target practice with an air riffle ! Sad

He was known to many photographers here, especially the Rowardennan meet posse. We all looked on him as our special friend. I am very upset about him having suffered so much at the hands of the human beings he had come to trust and be so tame with. may he rest in peace and the gits who shot him be caught and dealt with.

Anyone who has pics of the stag do feel free to add them in the mods under this as a bit of an epz remembrance Smile

story here:

News story is here

forum post here:

Forum topic about the stag is here

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Hanners 14 875 10 Ireland
12 Jan 2009 5:01PM

Quote: I am very upset about him having sufferd so much at the hands of the human beings

People like that don't belong to the human race, it's just a shame that I can't say what I really think of them Sad
AngieLatham 16 790 2 United Kingdom
12 Jan 2009 5:03PM
actually a few already are on the forum Wink I agree, I can't get me head into those minds who wish to hurt animals for fun
barbarahirst 12 27 12 United Kingdom
12 Jan 2009 5:04PM
Nothing to add really
But I am so upset and equally angry
sut68 17 2.0k 77 England
12 Jan 2009 5:04PM

Quote:I can't get me head into those minds who wish to hurt animals for fun

... neither can I Angie, and if I could I'd be worried!!!
Buffalo_Tom Plus
14 2.3k 11 Wales
12 Jan 2009 5:08PM
Those responsible for this need to be put down also.Tragic news and it is so difficult to understand.
viscostatic 14 47 8 United Kingdom
12 Jan 2009 5:10PM
A very sad and upsetting story - this wonderful photograph is a fitting tribute to a magnificent animal.

Its a pitty that some have spoiled this happyness that this stag had given to others.

Heres my contribution.
Wibbles 13 1 England
12 Jan 2009 5:15PM
I really don't understand people sometimes. What makes a person want to do such a thing. I get so upset over matters such as this.

At least this guy will never be forgotten. He's a handsome chap... wonderful photo. Smile
12 Jan 2009 5:16PM
super capture of a special animal.ray
12 Jan 2009 5:18PM
A wonderful photo of a truly majestic beast. Saddened by the news myself. Sad
andylock 11 1 1 Scotland
12 Jan 2009 5:20PM
I have passed this stag so many times and seen the joy that families have had being able to get so close to such an amazing animal. Sometimes you can loose all faith in man kind. A lovely photo for a sad ending.
jken 14 1.7k 1 United Kingdom
12 Jan 2009 5:23PM
Disgraceful...maybe someone should use those guilty for this for some target shooting to?

Great shot by the way.

ThomasGorman 16 87 Scotland
12 Jan 2009 5:24PM
A great stag image. Well taken.
shannron 14 97 United Kingdom
12 Jan 2009 5:26PM
Amazing image !!

Im totally gutted someone could be so evil to something so beautiful Sad

f8 17 9.2k 22 England
12 Jan 2009 5:27PM
My sentiments exactly JK.
rossi 17 142 11 England
12 Jan 2009 5:28PM
Fabulous image of a fabulous animal.

I find myself simply asking....

richardwheel 15 217 2 England
12 Jan 2009 5:28PM
it's a sad state of affairs angie, but a nice tribute
stevieasp 13 7 England
12 Jan 2009 5:36PM
Shocking story, can,t say what we think of them. I will, cruel, evil, cowardly bastards!!! I hope they get what they deserve,
Cormy 13 3 England
12 Jan 2009 5:51PM
An excellent tribute to a fine beast.The thugs are sub-human.
conrad 16 10.9k 116
12 Jan 2009 5:51PM
Thanks for posting this - I can't even begin to explain how sad the news made me and Jacqueline. It's like losing a good friend.
paulcr 15 1.5k 9 Ireland
12 Jan 2009 5:54PM
Superb shot. Love this. Paul
SlowSong Plus
12 9.3k 30 England
12 Jan 2009 5:56PM
A proud and beautiful animal.
User_Removed 13 485 13 England
12 Jan 2009 6:02PM
sick people indeed, such a great shame for this beautiful animal to be treated in such a way.

CarolG 13 199 20 Greece
12 Jan 2009 6:03PM
What a very sad story to this beautiful image. I have always said, and still maintain, that animals give so much more to this world than the human race. Carol
phillips 14 69 2 Scotland
12 Jan 2009 6:07PM

rgarrigus 12 25 7 England
12 Jan 2009 6:11PM
Ignorant imbeciles. Your image stands as a tribute to this majestic icon. One way or another these a55holes will eventually get what's coming to them. Their poor judgement will eventually be their undoing. If not for this offense it will be another cruel and selfish act but these sorts always end up losing in the end. Most often it results in them hurting themselves but I just hope nobody else has to lose anything more along the way.


Bob G.
Mynett 12 142 6 United Kingdom
12 Jan 2009 6:16PM
They should get the same treatment and left to suffer - I would show no mercy.

How very very sad. But a beautiful picture to grace any wall of a very fine beast. a lovely tribute to him RIP
Coleslaw 15 13.4k 28 Wales
12 Jan 2009 6:19PM
RIP... Sad
rontear Plus
17 23 8 England
12 Jan 2009 6:19PM
These bar....ds need to be taught a lesson, the police should hunt them diown and fill them full of lead ! It seems that our society has degenerated into the cess pit. Fitting tribute to a wild animal that trusted mankind, Angela. Ron.
12 Jan 2009 6:34PM
I was very sad to hear this. I was taking some german friends on a tour on the weekend before christmas and we stopped to see him then as it turned not long before he was murdered. A beautiful image as a tribute Angela.
fraser 16 631 14 Scotland
12 Jan 2009 6:35PM
A great epitaph - a real shame that it has to be posted as such.
andy210966 12 4 119 Wales
12 Jan 2009 6:43PM
A super shot!!

BERTRAM 12 United Kingdom
12 Jan 2009 7:00PM
Great shot,but what bad news.
Carl40 14 18 United Kingdom
12 Jan 2009 7:27PM
Great looking image.The thugs who done this awful thing wants the crap kicked out of them.
It just gose to what us humans are like and how the some of the younger generation have no respect for anything.
AngieLatham 16 790 2 United Kingdom
12 Jan 2009 7:28PM
Thankyou for your comments, its good to know so many people feel the same way as I do, and we all haveto believe there is more goodness and love in the world than ignorance and cruelty Smile

oh...thankyou for whoever fixed the links so they work properly Grin
JohnH37 14 1 United Kingdom
12 Jan 2009 7:45PM
A sad end for such a beautiful creature.Your photo is stunning.
12 Jan 2009 7:58PM
Great shot, you must've been pretty close with that lens
12 Jan 2009 8:02PM
A truly stunning image showing him in all his glory. Such a shame that no one else will see this through the eye again.
12 Jan 2009 8:26PM
all said
pmorgan 13 217 13 England
12 Jan 2009 8:29PM
Wonderful image Angela, such a mindless waste Sad

12 Jan 2009 8:31PM
Don't you just despair at the human race when you read something like this, a beautiful creature, whose life was ended in such a way.
A lovely image to remember him by.
martinl 17 269 2 United Kingdom
12 Jan 2009 8:43PM
I've never seen the stag in real life, only seen the images that have been posted on EPZ, but it makes me feel very sad and angry that something like this has happened. For it to die in such an way by the very humans that it trusted is shocking. A fitting tribute Angie.
hellsbells8868 12 151 2 Wales
12 Jan 2009 8:52PM
Some people make me sick, cowardly thug sons of bitches. Stoning would be too good for them.
jeanie Plus
16 6.0k 6 United Kingdom
12 Jan 2009 8:52PM
A lovely idea Angie - I will see if I can dig something out to add to your mods area tomorrow.

Milvus 13 168 2 United Kingdom
12 Jan 2009 8:57PM
A beautiful photo.

A terribly sad story.
Mari 17 1.8k United Kingdom
12 Jan 2009 9:19PM
Stunning shot Angie, such a sad end to a wonderful proud animal, everything is a cycle in life and the culprits will surely learn the error of their ways whether it be in this life or the next, it won't bring this magnificent animal back and thats so sad, but its good that he is remembered with such fondness, a lovely tribute and superb photo, i'm sure you are glad you took this.

chris-p Plus
15 72 England
12 Jan 2009 9:42PM
A fine tribute Angie....
Moey 14 14 United Kingdom
12 Jan 2009 10:42PM
A superb image, though a sad story......

Morgs 12 20 62 Wales
12 Jan 2009 10:46PM
Your photograph is wonderful, the story of how this beautiful animal died has really shocked me.

I sincerley hope that the a***holes that did this are caught.


AlleyCatz 14 274 6 England
12 Jan 2009 11:03PM
Excellent image and a fitting tribute....

It's about time for ...

"An eye for an eye...and a tooth for a tooth"

Badger 18 4.7k 20 United Kingdom
12 Jan 2009 11:17PM
Sad news to hear.

Links, no problem Angie, thought it would make it easier for people to access that way.
podgod 16 514 3 United Kingdom
13 Jan 2009 12:37AM
The bastards should be shot.
Tom-Melton 12 2 United Kingdom
13 Jan 2009 12:53AM
stunning image of both the stag and the scenery,not so happy about the local idiots though
jakcie 14 8 Ireland
13 Jan 2009 3:07AM
WOW WOW WOW. This is OUTSTANDING GREATE PORTRAIT. So distinctive and simply beautiful. And sad story behind the image!!!
AngieLatham 16 790 2 United Kingdom
13 Jan 2009 6:37AM
Thankyou Matt Smile

Thankyou again everyone, I haveto say I am in favour of the 'eye for an eye' train of thought. I dont think our soft approach to criminals and cruelty have lead us anywhere but down a rocky path where the innocent loose and the guilty get away with it.
LesF 14 182 9
13 Jan 2009 8:22AM
So sad, he trusted people and it was humans (so called) that took advantage, as you say will be sadly missed by many togs.

sut68 17 2.0k 77 England
13 Jan 2009 9:05AM
Congrats now on the HC too Angie, well done.

Ian-Munro 12 200 15 Wales
13 Jan 2009 9:23AM

This is such an amazing image only to be marred by the goings on behind it. Id love to spend an hour with the cowards,just 1 hour.

BobbyHB 14 2 England
13 Jan 2009 10:20AM
How about making a gibbet cage for each of them?
Tom_Charles 15 279
13 Jan 2009 10:58AM
Only recently was I discussing the cruelty that humans can inflict. This story just adds to the sickening feeling. Im stuck for words to describe this mindless behaviour! Such a handsome beast and very majestic. Im happy there must be many fine images around as a lasting testimony. This is one of them!

AnneWorner 13 620 43 United States
13 Jan 2009 12:45PM
Congratulations on your HC for this image - the tribute is now made even better!

(We had a case in a small town here in Texas that raised some furor - some high school boys penned deer in and speared them - it also was an example of mindless cruelty - sickens me.)
Shroomer 13 14 167 England
13 Jan 2009 12:49PM
Such a great memorable capture and what a sadness for this magnificent beast and all who had ever had the pleasure of being close to him. Just hope the people responsible get their just dessert. Line the buggers up and shoot them, but slowly as the pain will do them good.
javam 16 1.1k 19 United Kingdom
13 Jan 2009 1:55PM
Catch them and castrate them as they have demonstrated the world would be better off without their genes polluting it for future generations.

Anesthetic optional.

StevenPrice 16 30 2 England
13 Jan 2009 1:57PM
a superb shot of a majestic animal in great surroundings. such a sad story some peoples cruelty knows no bounds at times.

AngieLatham 16 790 2 United Kingdom
13 Jan 2009 1:59PM
Im right with you Neil Wink

Thanks again everyone , thankyou for the HC and also thankyou for the couple of mods....I'd love you to add more if you have them Smile
13 Jan 2009 2:15PM
Beautiful photo - what a shame.
BobbyHB 14 2 England
13 Jan 2009 2:35PM

Quote:Catch them and castrate them as they have demonstrated the world would be better off without their genes polluting it for future generations.

Anesthetic optional.


Five pellets each side to make them sing soprano. Anesthetic not an option Grin
tim g 17 13 United Kingdom
13 Jan 2009 8:03PM
Excellent capture.

GrahamNobles 12 9 4 England
13 Jan 2009 8:21PM
Not on, not on. Those idiots deserve no less than the same treatment they've doled out to that poor old lad.
Merciaman 13 1 England
14 Jan 2009 12:00AM
Disgraceful behaviour. I have lost count of the number of times that I have used this understatedly mild term. But remember just this one thing ; 'what goes round - comes round'. Mock that not. It comes into the experience of those who afflict suffering upon the meek and those who are incapable of defending themselves. -John
HUMIE 13 2 United Kingdom
14 Jan 2009 7:12AM

AlleyCatz 14 274 6 England
14 Jan 2009 8:22AM
Congrats on the HC Smile

15 Jan 2009 12:40AM
Brilliant shot, Really sad story hope those responsible are caught.
AngieLatham 16 790 2 United Kingdom
15 Jan 2009 6:28AM
Thankyou so much Tom for your user award! Grin
Declanworld 13 37 Ireland
15 Jan 2009 10:36PM
Words fail me.
SuperRoo 13 63 2 Australia
16 Jan 2009 12:04AM
This news makes me both sad and angry!!! Sad for the loss of such a wonderful creature but also angry for the senseless way way in which he was attacked and the pain he must have suffered prior to his life being prematurely cut short. He will be sorely missed by all who frequent the area.

garymcparland 13 343 3 United Kingdom
16 Jan 2009 12:28AM
Very Sad, your picture is a wonderful tribute Angie.

justin c 16 5.1k 36 England
16 Jan 2009 10:07AM
A very effective image indeed.

AngieLatham 16 790 2 United Kingdom
19 Jan 2009 7:13AM
Thankyou agin guys and thanks Mike for the user award ! Grin
21 Jan 2009 5:46PM
Can't believe what I've read, Tony
cassiecat 12 39 46 England
22 Jan 2009 9:05PM
what a beautiful stag, and what appalling behaviour, which is beyond words.lesley
Hazel 14 1 United States
6 Mar 2009 9:01PM
That makes me so very sad. Sometimes I'm so ashamed of mans inhumanity to other living beings. For being the most intelligent - we are very cruel & intolerant! I hope they catch the monsters that would do such a thing!
Delg999 12 9 United Kingdom
22 Apr 2009 11:24PM
A fine image of a magnificent beast.

May the people who did this rot in hell.

CPG 12 United Kingdom
22 Apr 2009 11:36PM
Can only echo Delg999's comment..........

Says exactly how I feel.


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