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A quick view of angrygreg's recent activity.

  • Heading West by sandwedge

    awesome, my question is where were you when taking this picture Wink ?
    • 1 Nov 2021 12:00AM
  • LISBON - METRO by Uher

    wow, every aspect of this picture not only speak for itself - it shouts out to wake people up, it is like full "matrix" movie in one still image - every detail of it, so you can think whether it was really taken spontaneously or meticulously prepared, I wonder what impact it would have on people if presented to a larger public lets say 15 years ago and in 15 years time.
    • 31 Oct 2021 11:53PM
  • Katelyn by MrB

    • 5 Oct 2020 10:53PM
  • Siobhan by K4RL

    superb, top class, spotless, beyond... I mean it could be printed in the "natural" scale and hang on the wall so you could spot her and feel the urge to start conversation... Wink
    • 20 Feb 2018 11:16PM
  • Upper Takaka 4 by DevilsAdvocate

    so what do the sun rays say us about the distance between the sun and earth? Wink
    • 19 Feb 2017 11:32PM
  • Sunrays by seahawk

    so, how far from us is the sun ? Wink i mean really
    • 19 Feb 2017 9:01PM
  • pov by Csir

    is it Tenerife?
    • 3 Oct 2015 1:05AM
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