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Thanx for dropping by and looking at my photos.
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I've been involved in photography since my early teens back in the early 60s. In fact photography is in my blood - my mum & dad met when they both worked at Kodak in Harrow during the WW2.

It was whilst my father was posted to Cyprus 61-64 that I and a few friends went to some evening classes run by an army photographer. Those magic moments of seeing your first negatives developed and then making your first print was my fix onto photography. My father gave me a Halina 35 and later his old Olympus 6 120 folding camera. Our army photographer friend equipped us with an old enlarger, some film stock, paper and chemicals and away we went. Been hooked ever since.

In 70s and early 80s lived in Gravesend, Kent and used to belong to Gravesend Camera Club. Served on the committee and was also chairman for a while. Gave up club in mid 80s when I met my 2nd wife. Did wedding photography at weekends for a friend. I eventually, after some years of doing that, gave it up when my wife wanted to get into dog showing.

I eventually decided to venture into digital photography but at first anything serious was still taken on film stock as the digital quality wasn't brilliant. l started with a Panasonic Camera that I don't think was even 1 megapix. I then got a Fuji Finepix s5000 which I still have but I now use a Pentax K10D with a Tamron Zoom lens. I bought a Pentax as all my old film equipment is Pentax fittings and I have always been satisfied with the brand.

I now dream (as I cannot afford) of having a Pentax 645 Digital. I can but dream (and hope to win the lotto).


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