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Thanx for dropping by and looking at my photos.
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  • Young French Bulldog

    Many thanks for your comments all of you.

    I shot this in the market hall at Maidstone where the dog show was held. I was taking it for the dog owner and even though I'd turned the power of the right hand light down slightly, I could have gone a bit further. In the particular hall there are skylights plus very strong powerful sodium lights beamed downwards which play havoc with trying to get a good white balance and even affect flash lit shots slightly. I shot using RAW and put the photos through DXO Optics Pro 9 first to try and adjust the colour temperature to what I thought looked about right. I also put the picture through Topaz detail on a fairly strong setting to try and enhance the detail of the dog's hair. I don't consider myself an expert at using the various softwares.

    With this shot, I wanted to crop in fairly tight to the head but that meant that I could not get an eye on an intersection of thirds without chopping off the top of the ears. I have some others with more space to play around with but the dog isn't so attentive in the other shots. I find that taking dogs shots, you have to take lots and just hope you get that right expression, pose, movement, moment etc.

    Some of you have said you have made modifications but I don't know how I go about viewing these.

    I recently put this image in my local club open competition where it scored 20/20 and received 2nd place so was well pleased with the result. I didn't have competition in mind when I took it.

    Thanks for your comments. I always take critiques on board, it is the best way to learn how to improve, especially if you have them in mind on futre shooting occasions. Smile
    • 22 Nov 2014 5:59PM
  • Tess - Annatefkah Bennu

    Thank you all for your comments about my beautiful Pharaoh Hound. She got 2nd place in the Special Junior Bitch class of Pharaoh Hounds at Crufts this year. You can see more of my photos on Wink
    • 24 Mar 2012 6:52PM
  • "Who said,Squirrels?"

    Karen, They are the comedians of the dog world, very active, can be vocal, good diggers and can take off vertically like a harrier jump jet. You need a garden with a 6 foot wall with trees or shrubs planted in front to stop them running up and over. They can run very fast and have good stamina so most owners don't let them off lead. They also develop very strong natural hunting instincts as they mature and want to chase cats and small creatures. In Malta, where they are the national dog, they are known as Kelb Tal Fenek which means Rabbit dog or hound and are kept by farmers for that purpose. My user name - the 2 is my kennel name and if you Google it you'll find my dog website.
    • 8 Feb 2012 6:23PM
  • Bournton on the Water

    Lovely Scene and I like the way you have used the trees to enclose the subject. Just one small thing (and I'm always being told to check) is to level it up a bit. You could use the kerb by the hedge as your level.
    • 26 Sep 2011 3:51PM
  • Tessie- Looking for mischief!

    Thanks, Lobski. Smile
    • 27 Jul 2011 6:55PM
  • Florrie

    Thank you Rev2
    • 11 Mar 2011 3:21PM
  • Kermit at Play

    Thanks, Jeaspeke, some people will probably say they would like some blurring to emphasise movement. I prefer to try and get the best detail of my dogs and want to see shots without blurry legs. My choice. I am quite capable of doing blurry movement.Smile
    • 22 Feb 2011 1:18PM
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  • Just spent ages looking through your lovely photos. Thanks for sharing.
  • Thanks for the comments on my Pharaoh Hound Photos. I see you have a lot of cats. They just wouldn't be safe around my hounds. LOL Pharaohs are OK with them if raised with them fro puppyhood. My girl Lottie loves to chase butterflies so if I am out with dogs and camera I don't stand a chance of shooting butterflies etc. I am usually taking one handed photographs - camera in one hand and dogs leads altogether in the other unless I can find a secure enclosed area in which to let them off. LOL
    • Posted on KarenFB's profile
    • 9 Feb 2012 9:18AM