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Hi I love this site and visit most days to be inspired by the stunning photos, smile at the good natured banter and hopefully improve my novice skills. Look forward to joining the chitchat!
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  • Moth and hitchhiker by Anne66

    Thank you! Wink I got a similar one that day, the neighbour's cat on my lawn with a bee flying towards him and then another when it landed on him - the cat never batted an eyelid! Again didn't notice the bee until I downloaded them Grin
    • 5 Sep 2014 9:19AM
  • blister beetle by CarolG

    Stunning!!! Grin
    • 24 Apr 2014 5:58PM
  • Indoors til Spring by Anne66

    Thanks Barbara. I feel quite honoured to be in possession of the book and before we know it, it will have been in existence for 100 years Smile
    • 28 Dec 2013 6:09PM
  • Cloud over Tetley by barbarahirst

    Pleased to hear the young men of Leeds are so gallant!! Grin

    My grandfather worked there for 47 years (interrupted only by WWII which he spent some years as a POW in Poland). I have Tetley's book "A Century of Progress" 1823-1923 and the accompanying banquet's menu card to honour the Chairman (Charles Francis Tetley) on his 75th birthday and 50 years with the firm.

    The inscription inside reads...

    "Pleasant to stand upon the Hill called To-Day,
    and look back upon the landscapes of the Yesterdays"
    • 28 Dec 2013 5:56PM
  • Hey You Get Offa My Grass by achieverswales

    Beautiful! Smile
    • 30 Nov 2013 9:35AM
  • Can we put the trimmings up yet >> by graceland

    No... Christmas Eve for the tree and trimmings....a childhood tradition I've carried on Grin
    • 30 Nov 2013 9:18AM
  • Refuelling before take-off by Anne66

    Thanks Danny. No this Newby Hall is in North Yorkshire and they have one of the longest double herbaceous borders in Europe - breathtaking! Hence all the butterflies! Grin. If you get the opportunity to go I am sure you will have lots of photo opps! Grin
    • 14 Sep 2013 11:10AM
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  • Posted on CarolG's profile

    Hi Carol, your portfolio is stunning and inspiring! I am a novice and also have a Panasonic point and shoot (TZ-40) and to know these cameras (in the right hands Grin) are capable of producing photos like these is brilliant! Wonder where I can get a pair of those "right hands"? Grin
    Kind regards Anne
    • 22 Jun 2013 10:30AM

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