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AnneB50's Blog


Hello, I'm Anne, I joined a little while back but have only just got round to adding some photos to my portfolio. Hopefully this is just the start! I'm really looking forward to hearing folks' comments on my images, anything that you think will improe them will be welcome.
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  • I'm back (ish)

    I haven't gone back to my 365 project, will just put that one down to experience and I'm not quite ready to go back to my OCA course but will do so in the spring. In the meantime I have not been entirely idle, the difference is that I'm taking the s...0


    27 Dec 2014 9:00PM  |  Read


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  • It has beaten me with less than 2 months to go

    Anyone reading this on a regular basis will have realised that I haven't uploaded anything for over a month, it has finally beaten me! I got to the point that I was taking photos of any old rubbish just for the sake of taking a photo and getting rea...0

    25 Nov 2014 12:56PM  |  Read


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  • 365 Day 306 - Patterns

    So the theme of this week's macro challenge is 'patterns'. I said earlier this week that I had considered the skeletal patterns on the Chinese lantern as it was drying out but abandoned that in favour of this silky scarf. To me there are 2 patterns...0


    26 Oct 2014 9:47PM  |  Read


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  • 365 Day 305 - How do you find your ball in this?

    I love autumn. The colours, the fresher air, the great light for photography, the feel of dry leaves crunching under your feet. Not so great when I am playing golf though, my ball is in there somewhere, but where? 0


    26 Oct 2014 9:39PM  |  Read


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  • 365 Day 304 - Locked out?

    These chickens live at the top of our road and to say they are free ranging is an understatement. Here they are sitting huddled together, looking like they are waiting to be let in. It is not their house though! 0


    26 Oct 2014 9:35PM  |  Read


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  • 365 Day 303 - Westies are very inteligent you know

    When we got Isla as a puppy we were told that Westies are one of the most intelligent breeds of dogs, though I'm sure every breeder tell that to their prospective clients. I didn't expect the have to fight her for the business pages though! 0


    26 Oct 2014 9:25PM  |  Read


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  • 365 Day 302 - More roadworks

    Yet again we have roadworks in Huntley. It is only a few months since they dug the road up to put superfast broadband in, then they resurfaced and now they are going to be replacing water mains.... after the resurfacing!!! This is only the start, w...0


    26 Oct 2014 9:17PM  |  Read


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  • 365 Day 301 - Chinese lantern

    Still playing around with the Chinese lanterns that I brought back from our camera club members' evening last week. My original thought was that this might work for this week's macro challenge but had second thoughts. I do like the fragile papery t...0


    26 Oct 2014 7:31PM  |  Read


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  • 365 Day 300 - Another visit to Crucible 2

    I've had a brilliant afternoon in Gloucester Cathedral today taking in some of the exhibits from Crucible 2 which is in the Cathedral until 31st October. I popped in a couple of weeks ago and promised myself that I would go back when I had more time...0


    20 Oct 2014 9:00PM  |  Read


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  • 365 Day 299 - Macro challenge 'smooth'

    I have struggled with the theme for this week's macro challenge which is 'smooth'. I finally settled on some pearls on a silk scarf, both of which are smooth, although using a small aperture at this close range has brought out the weave in the scarf...0


    19 Oct 2014 3:29PM  |  Read


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  • 365 Day 298 - God only knows

    Yesterday I attended a workshop organised by the DVJ group of the RPS. The tutor was Alison Baskerville, a really inspiring photojournalist who has spent time photographing war zones in Bosnia and Afghanistan amongst other things and the theme of th...0


    19 Oct 2014 3:25PM  |  Read


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  • 365 Day 297 - Awake at last

    Anyone reading these blogs will be bored to tears of my grandchildren photos but I don't care. Today was my weekly visit to the smallest member of my family and I finally got to see her with her eyes open! She seems to have turned the corner at last...0


    17 Oct 2014 6:48PM  |  Read


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  • 365 Day 296 - Sophie

    Stressed or what! I was asked to take some photographs of my friend's 2 year old granddaughter and stupidly agreed. I have taken photographs of friends' grandchildren before but not quite so young as Sophie. My friend was worried that she might be...0


    16 Oct 2014 10:19PM  |  Read


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  • 365 Day 295 - More Chinese Lanterns

    The person who brought the Chinese Lanterns to camera club last night was kind enough to let me have some and I couldn't resist having another attempt at still life. According to the colour wheel, orange and blue are complementary colours so I tho...0


    16 Oct 2014 10:13PM  |  Read


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  • 365 Day 294 - Still life

    Members' evening at camera club tonight. Some of us took along the makings of still life settings for folks to practice on as we have a competition on this theme coming up shortly. We have very limited space in the local library for our meetings so...0


    16 Oct 2014 10:01PM  |  Read


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