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365 Day 8 - The diet starts tomorrow


Hello, I'm Anne, I joined a little while back but have only just got round to adding some photos to my portfolio. Hopefully this is just the start! I'm really looking forward to hearing folks' comments on my images, anything that you think will improe them will be welcome.
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365 Day 8 - The diet starts tomorrow

8 Jan 2014 5:01PM   Views : 378 Unique : 300

There were a few things floating round my head when I took this picture. It looks quite healthy doesn't it but looks can be deceiving. A delicious sandwich made with home made bread that Paul Hollywood would be proud of, spread with butter (the light variety) on one slice and mayonnaise (again light) on the other. Italian 'porchetta' ham, not as lean as it might be although the salad leaves are completely syn free! It might be a little while before I enjoy another sandwich like this as the diet class starts again tonight so why not indulge myself today? There will be no more home made bread for a while as we eat too much of it and I will only be allowed 56 gms per day and wholemeal at that. I will have to cut all the fat off the ham, and mayo and butter will have to be measured and counted as syns. I will be allowed plenty of salad leaves though! Not that I will follow it slavishly, I never do but I want to lose half a stone before my holiday in April and the sooner I start the better!

The second thing going through my mind was that Moira, Mrs Woolybill of these pages, always advocates draping a tissue over the camera's integral flash to diffuse the light and prevent very bright spots, particularly if fairly close to a subject. I always diffuse my speedlight whether on or off camera but this was an opportunity to try the 'tissue test' and I think it worked.

A third thought was about trying out some of the camera's 'scene ' settings and this one was 'food'. Over the last couple of years I have become a slave to manual, aperture priority and shutter speed settings so why not let the camera do what it is programmed to do occasionally! Not unlike making bread really, why not let Tesco do all the work for a while!



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11 Jan 2014 11:04PM
The tissue's worked a bit too well, resulting in, I suspect, some underexposure.
Personally, I don't have, or need, a diffuser for my everyday (read; just about every shot) flash. It's a small two battery affair, akin to Nikon's SB400, every bit as good but a fraction of the cost. Made by "Meike."
My other flash, the name of which I can't remember but which cost me 8.00 from a car boot sale, could light up Wembley Stadium. This also doesn't have a diffuser as I've no idea where I'd get one from. Instead, I use a child's white sock, held in place, if need be, by a postman's discarded rubber band.
Much more robust and effective than a tissue.

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