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AnneB50's Blog


Hello, I'm Anne, I joined a little while back but have only just got round to adding some photos to my portfolio. Hopefully this is just the start! I'm really looking forward to hearing folks' comments on my images, anything that you think will improe them will be welcome.
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  • 365 Day 240 - Captain's Day

    I thought I wasn't going to be able to upload my photos for another week. We are in a cottage in Killin, Perthshire for a week with mother in law and I forgot it copy my pictures onto the iPad before I left home. However I still had them on the cam...0


    7 Sep 2014 6:33PM  |  Read


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  • 365 Day 239 - I feel apple pie coming on

    Another sign of autumn! We only have a very small apple tree in our garden bearing eating apples, still small but coming along nicely. Our neighbour has a huge tree though and presented us with a big bag of Bramleys this morning. Apple pie for Sund...0


    30 Aug 2014 11:32AM  |  Read


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  • 365 Day 238 - Autumn is on its way

    We are starting to see signs of autumn creeping up on us, blackberries (or brambles as we would have called them), the leaves are starting to tinge, the conkers are still on the trees but getting bigger, I even saw a line of swallows sitting on a wir...0


    30 Aug 2014 11:28AM  |  Read


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  • 365 Day 237 - This week's macro challenge

    This week's macro challenge is 'Something French'. There have been several suggestive comments on the forum but I though I would stick to something fairly safe, St Agur cheese. 0


    30 Aug 2014 11:19AM  |  Read


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  • 365 Day 236 - 100 yds to the pin

    Another golfing picture today. As usual, Tuesday is ladies golf afternoon and on this hole you can't see the flag when you tee off, so when you get to the 100 yard marker you have to ring the bell so that the next group know that it is safe to tee o...0


    30 Aug 2014 11:15AM  |  Read


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  • 365 Day 235 - Wet dog

    It has been really wet here today but Isla has to have her walk just the same. So what does she do when she comes back? Lies on our bed with her toy, an orange space hopper like thing rather than an orange. You get the evil eye whenever you try to...0


    30 Aug 2014 11:10AM  |  Read


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  • 365 Day 234 - Playing with multiple exposures

    As part of my OCA course I have been reading a book called The photograph as contemporary art, which for the main part leaves me cold, however I have come across a photographer called Jason Evans who has done a lot of work using multiple exposures wh...0


    24 Aug 2014 7:22PM  |  Read


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  • 365 Day 233 - This week's macro challenge

    Daughter in law home, grandchildren gone so in theory I have the day to myself to concentrate on photography, in between doing all the things I haven't done for the last week that is. As the weekly macro challenge has to be uploaded by 8 pm tomorro...0


    23 Aug 2014 2:08PM  |  Read


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  • 365 Day 232 - Babes in the wood

    Today we visited the Dean Heritage Centre so that the children could go round the 'Room on the Broom' trail, which the centre has for a year. Having had lunch, walked round the trail and the rest of the centre, we were heading back to the carpark vi...0


    22 Aug 2014 4:28PM  |  Read


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  • 365 Day 231 - Sophie trying not to pose

    Daughter in law Dee is still in hospital so Nanny and Grandad are in charge again! We were going to take some nice photos of Sophie and Lily to cheer mummy up but didn't get round to it what with making chocolate brownies etc. So this was Sophie ge...0


    21 Aug 2014 9:03PM  |  Read


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  • 365 Day 230 - Shrek the musical

    The plan today was to take my little compact camera with me when I went to see Shrek in Bristol Hippodrome. I did, but didn't think to check that I had returned the SD card after downloading the last lot of photographs! As a result this was taken o...0


    21 Aug 2014 9:00PM  |  Read


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  • 365 Day 229 - Pre-match practice

    Wow, up to date except for today's picture which I plan to take this evening. Played golf against the county juniors yesterday and got soundly beaten. This was taken just before the start. 0


    20 Aug 2014 3:23PM  |  Read


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  • 365 Day 228 - Cheltenham in the rain

    I always intend to do something for the weekly macro and black and white challenges but don't always get round to it. This week I did, this is my interpretation of 'weather' for this week's black and white challenge. 0


    20 Aug 2014 3:20PM  |  Read


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  • 365 Day 227 - Highnam old school

    This morning we has a local area RPS meeting in the village hall in Highnam, which is just a few miles from me so very convenient. Took a walk around the grounds after the meeting and this is a photograph of the old school rooms. 0


    20 Aug 2014 3:18PM  |  Read


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  • 365 Day 226 - Tibberton Show

    Our camera club had a display at Tibberton show which is an annal event and for once a dry one! This is our display. 0


    20 Aug 2014 3:16PM  |  Read


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