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A quick view of AnneWorner's recent activity.

  • Posted on: The Sony World Photography awards

    Thanks for another fine read Martin. You have a way with words, and a special sense of humour, so please, stick to rosŤ and speak your mind. (Gah, slaughter house photo, and rats in the mouth - yuck, but yes, powerful photography).
    • 4 May 2010 2:29PM

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  • Posted on GillyB's profile

    A wonderful and varied PF of excellent quality images. I must surely have voted on some of these at some time?

    • 25 Mar 2013 4:55PM
  • Posted on Dave_Henderson's profile

    A portfolio I seem to have missed, although I might have voted on a few of these - some look familiar Smile A great variety of images, creativity expert composition!

    I shall be back,

    • 8 Mar 2013 1:50PM
  • Posted on Source's profile

    I love this portfolio - so glad I found it - inspiring, different, unique Smile

    • 19 Feb 2013 1:46AM
  • Posted on Phil_L's profile

    Every now and then I come across a photographer that for some reason I've not notice before on EPZ - I've missed some excellent images, and will check in here again!

    • 8 Feb 2013 3:01PM
  • Posted on Toger's profile

    I find great pleasure in discovering a photographer on EPZ, whose PF I have not run across before - well, maybe I have voted on an image, such as today. You have an interesting and varied approach to the images you take.
    • 13 Jan 2013 2:46PM
  • Posted on User_Removed's profile

    Your portfolio is excellent. I find myself leaning more and more towards monochromatic - going back to my film days possibly. I still like colour, as it has it's uses, but black and white is timeless, especially when converted properly.

    • 12 Dec 2012 7:14PM
  • Posted on bill33's profile

    Just looking through the thumbnails initially - you have some wonderful landscapes. I remembered The Jetty, having voted on it earlier. It reminds me of a place I used to fish as a youngster Smile

    • 16 Nov 2012 3:25PM
  • Posted on helenlinda's profile

    Just looking through the thumbnails, one is rewarded with immensely beautiful and well thought out compositions and creations.

    • 9 Nov 2012 5:05PM
  • Posted on andylea's profile

    I love this warm glow of light in your PF Smile

    • 11 Jul 2012 8:23PM
  • Posted on JohnChambersPhotography's profile

    Thanks so much for your recent comments on my PF - so glad you stopped by - made me come visit you and take a look around. A very good selection of images. Glad I found you, and will check back again.

    • 31 May 2012 5:05PM
  • Posted on fazzer's profile

    Excellent PF - a wonderful assortment of images giving visual delight and of very good quality. Where, oh where is the image that you have as you PF photo - the horse being shod - what I might give to see a large version of that!

    • 17 May 2012 5:53PM
  • Posted on RobDougall's profile

    This is such an inspiring PF - I am especially taken with your ability to capture the essence of the people you photograph. To do this one must have at least a small understanding of what makes each person "tick". You are also a master of light.

    • 15 Mar 2012 4:11PM
  • Posted on Mike_Smith's profile

    Some excellent wildlife photography in your PF, mixed in with a few other interesting bits. I admire the detail in the shots of the birds - don't know that I will ever take images of birds, but I certainly do enjoy seeing them in my yard. A wren male is currently trying to build the best nest possible in a gourd hanging under the eaves of the house Smile

    • 14 Mar 2012 8:00PM
  • Posted on TrevBatWCC's profile

    I love the way you process your image, and the fact that you take us for trips to different places in the world Smile
    • 13 Mar 2012 5:20PM
  • Posted on annettep38's profile

    I love to see a portfolio like this, with a variety of different subjects, all photographed well. Point your camera at what catches your eye - that's the way to do it!
    • 15 Jan 2012 12:58AM
  • Posted on rontear's profile

    Not being around all the time means missing a lot of wonderful uploads. Am taking the time to just go through some of these stunning recent captures of nature. As always, very appealing work.
    • 7 Dec 2011 7:27PM
  • Posted on AnnChown's profile

    A PF full of interesting and diverse images - I like that, and will look forward to seeing your future uploads Smile
    • 8 Jul 2011 2:31PM
  • Posted on JN_CHATELAIN_PHOTOGRAPHY's profile

    I see that you like diversity in your photography - bravo - whoever said one had to stick to just one subject matter. Lots to keep the eye interested in this portfolio Smile
    • 6 Jul 2011 7:00PM
  • Posted on nonur's profile

    A very diverse PF - lots to entice the eye.
    • 6 Jul 2011 2:29PM
  • Posted on bliba's profile

    I guess I don't have to really say it, but your work with the Lensbaby especially has been of great inspiration to me, and one of the reasons I decided to start using the lens. I shall return often to your PF Smile
    • 20 Jun 2011 6:37PM
  • Posted on User_Removed's profile

    Waiting to see what you are working on right now Al. I like to come by here and look every now and then, it's kinda inspiring Smile
    Thanks for dropping by my PF; appreciate your time much.

    • 12 Jan 2011 9:02PM
  • Posted on User_Removed's profile

    I should get around and leave comments in portfolios, especially those photographers I enjoy. Will there be more fractals?
    • 13 Aug 2010 6:51PM
  • Posted on pascalg's profile

    An attempt this morning to catch up in the gallery is proving almost futile as I am stopping to view portfolios!
    I've caught up with several of your images that I have missed while on vacation or during breaks from uploading.
    I really like your work Pascal, admire your vision. Have enjoyed my photography trip through here this AM Smile
    • 9 Aug 2010 1:43PM
  • Posted on jonathanbp's profile

    Lot's of great photography in this PF - varied images, makes for great viewing. I especially like the candids.
    • 15 Jun 2010 3:08PM
  • Posted on TrevBatWCC's profile

    Lots of variety and good images in this PF. Also, a lot of care has gone into the presentations, a pleasure to view.
    • 21 Apr 2010 1:43PM
  • Posted on Dave87's profile

    Cor is right, but we need more images to view in this PF Smile
    • 22 Mar 2010 3:22PM
  • Posted on backspace's profile

    I very much enjoy your portfolio. With respect to the images of women, one thing becomes very clear and that is your handling of the subject matter with respect. It is also obvious that you have the ability to make your models comfortable. Your respect for them probably makes them comfortable and it shows in the photography. An inspiration to someone who occasionally "dabbles" in nude photography - and hopes to do more of it in future. Thank you.

    • 22 Mar 2010 12:06PM
  • Posted on Phil1958's profile

    Thank you for your recent visit to my PF, and for leaving a comment! I will thoroughly check this later today, when I have the time - I notice the more recent images are in mono - something I really like.
    • 21 Jan 2010 6:55PM
  • Posted on DannyLenihan's profile

    Beautiful, tasteful, excellent light - I think I may learn a few things here!
    • 20 Jan 2010 5:12PM
  • Posted on Dave87's profile

    Happy New Year to you Dave! Got your card, and thanks for that. We still have a few hours to go before 2010. The best wishes to you and family.

    Take care,

    • 1 Jan 2010 1:04AM

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