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Activity : Photo Comments


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  • Baaaaaaa...d Company by ANNIEKERR

    Thanks alot Natures Haven - wow delighted with an award from my 1st image in a few years, great start thank you!!! GrinGrin
    • 15 Feb 2015 8:37PM
  • Bridge over peaceful waters by ANNIEKERR

    Thanks alot Walter - I'd forgotten my polariser so the detail under the water could have been so much better, but I still liked it. Thanks for commenting!! Smile
    • 15 Sep 2013 8:28AM
  • Dark Knight by K_T

    Another absolutely stunning image KT - your work is so imaginative, just excellent Smile Kerry
    • 11 Aug 2013 9:19AM
  • Summer Sunset by Porthos

    class shot Derek - love the detail in the f/g Smile Kerry
    • 20 Jul 2013 7:57PM
  • Valley Mist by edrhodes

    this is gorgeous, beautiful light and great comp!! Kerry
    • 20 Jul 2013 7:56PM
  • Pastel Granny by CaroleS

    This is absolutely beautiful, very subtle processing - really like it!
    • 5 Jul 2013 10:14PM
  • Saltees Gannet by ANNIEKERR

    Thanks so much everyone for your lovely comments - I was very happy with this image also, one of the lucky ones I guess!! Smile Kerry
    • 2 Jun 2013 6:55PM
  • Manhattan Snooze by ANNIEKERR

    Thanks alot Cats and Walter for taking the time to comment - so much appreciated Smile Kerry
    • 19 May 2013 10:44AM
  • Alone in the crowd... by ANNIEKERR

    Brian and Dave - thanks alot for your lovely comments Smile Kerry
    • 15 May 2013 10:13AM
  • Burrishoole Abbey by canonfan

    Deserves all the great comments Jim - lovely photo Smile
    • 5 May 2013 9:31PM
  • Dunlewy Sunrise by ANNIEKERR

    Quote:Hi Kerry. Nice to see you posting again. Indeed the early start was worth it for this wonderful image. The new 5D I take it Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin

    yes Jim the new 5D - loving it! Grin

    Thanks everyone for your lovely comments!! Kerry
    • 23 Apr 2013 6:51PM
  • Cheetah by Brian_Scott

    What a stunning image, beautifully captured and the golden shades are fabulous!! Luv it!! Smile
    • 22 Apr 2013 9:49PM
  • Fire 'n Water by ColouredImages

    This is beautiful Mike - I'd be proud to have it in my P/F Smile Kerry
    • 22 Apr 2013 9:47PM
  • Maggie 'R' by ChrisStyles

    Another super shot Chris - your beach scapes are always gorgeous Smile Kerry
    • 22 Apr 2013 9:38PM
  • Fading Light by ChrisStyles

    this is beautiful Chris - both images are wonderful but if I had to pick - v1 Smile
    • 20 Apr 2013 10:04PM
  • Boxing Hares. by philmclean

    great shot Phil and very well captured! Smile
    • 20 Apr 2013 9:24PM
  • There's Gold in them there Hills by ColouredImages

    Wonderful shot Mike!
    • 20 Apr 2013 9:14PM
  • Snow and Fire! by awhyu

    This is a beautiful image, well done Smile
    • 20 Apr 2013 9:13PM
  • Mount Errigal, Co Donegal by ANNIEKERR

    thanks for the lovely comments Chinga, Christine, John and Dallachy!Smile
    • 20 Apr 2013 9:03PM
  • trail of gold by andylea

    This is a lovely shot Andy, luv the detail in the f/g, nicely captured. Kerry Smile
    • 19 Feb 2013 12:36PM
  • Dawn Rabbit by ANNIEKERR

    Thanks very much everyone for your votes and lovely comments - much appreciated! Grin Kerry
    • 3 Dec 2012 6:35PM
  • Hunter in the rain! by Kingfisher8

    Super shot of a wonderful subject! Smile Kerry
    • 3 Dec 2012 12:55PM
  • Little and large by Tooth

    Stephen that would be a lovely shot if you had a nicer back drop, the friendship between Eddie and Mollie is a great subject and would make for some beautiful shots. Maybe if the background was out of focus we would concentrate more on the two pals. Eddie's gotten so big and is still obviously very brave with the horses - although I note his tail is down so at least he's still a little bit cautious which I'm sure you're grateful for!! Smile Chat soon. Kerry
    • 18 Nov 2012 7:33PM
  • if you ever go... by Tooth

    wonderful sky Stephen - I can see for sure the benefits of this over the "silky milky" (... although I must admit I'm still a sucker for a bit of silky milky too Wink) Kerry
    • 18 Nov 2012 7:26PM
  • Errigal by canonfan

    Lovely photo Jim - that old tree compliments the scene really well. Smile Kerry
    • 17 Oct 2012 6:26AM
  • In Flight by Dougie60

    Another nice one Doug - you might have gotten it a wee bit sharper at a faster shutter speed Smile - but great effort I know how hard they are to find in the view finder lol !!
    • 11 Oct 2012 9:56PM
  • Oil seed rape by Dougie60

    That oil seed is so pretty to photograph and lovely against the blue sky Doug Smile (you've a little dust spot though that would be easily removed in Photoshop if you have it?Wink)
    • 11 Oct 2012 9:36PM
  • Fanad Sunset by garymcparland

    Another great shot Gary - this must be one of your fav Donegal locations! Grin Kerry
    • 11 Sep 2012 10:07AM
  • Gypsy Dream by ChrisStyles

    Outstanding image!
    • 23 Aug 2012 6:32AM
  • Hobah by ChrisStyles

    Fantastic image Chris, great colours - fab sky! Smile Kerry
    • 23 Aug 2012 6:31AM