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  • RIP HR Giger

    Sad to hear of the passing of HR Giger, I've been looking at his work again tonight and hadnt realised in all the times I've looked at his work that he did a Debbie... Harry that is.. the cover of Kookoo album. note to self, must look further :D

    13 May 2014 10:16PM | Read


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  • IT! 365-74

    When it goes wrong crikey is a working day difficult! lol Its a long story but suffice to say anything and everything conspired against us yesterday, had to call in support who may need to come back today. So last night a little stress relievin...


    17 Feb 2012 8:00AM | Read


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  • time 365-25

    I've had the Christmas break off this year, first time in years, and I had intended to have some creative time with paints and pastels and all those goodies but so far it hasnt happened. However, I made a start tonight ... something to finish tomo...


    29 Dec 2011 10:54PM | Read


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  • .. and breath... 365-22

    Just had to get some fresh air today so went for a short walk around a nature park.


    26 Dec 2011 5:02PM | Read


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  • migraine relief 365-2

    Today I woke up with a migraine, that doesnt happen often thankfully. 90% of the time I can anticpate them and do something about it before it gets really bad, this morning was one of the other 10%. When I finally found the strength to haul mys...


    6 Dec 2011 1:17PM | Read


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  • Stop and look 365-1

    I have no idea what I'm just beginning, I really dont have the time - or do I? I've been thinking about doing the 365 for ages but carrying the camera around with me daily is a non starter. Some thieving git stole my bag recently after breaking int...


    6 Dec 2011 1:09PM | Read


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  • Greggs plc...

    .. and its appalling customer service. Some weeks ago I nearly broke a tooth on what transpires was a sharp piece of bone in a baguette I'd purchased from Greggs. I was persuaded to write and let them know but I wonder why I bothered. They dont ...


    22 Mar 2011 7:17AM | Read


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  • Its Christmas, no its Easter..

    Well yes I know its not really but I was in ASDA a couple of weeks ago and they were selling new school uniforms, the kids havent even broken up for summer yet! Yet when you need school uniform its never in, kids grow - continuously but this doesnt ...

    8 Jul 2010 7:03AM | Read


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  • She pats me on the head!

    Its a short blog but a poignant one I think.. my daughter now nearly 13 is now taller than me and when she gives me a hug - pats me on the head! I feel so small :-( LOL

    29 Apr 2009 10:46PM | Read


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