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answersonapostcard's Portfolio.




johnke 10 232 17 England
28 Mar 2022 6:42AM
A diverse and colourful profile...John
Mike_Smith Plus
15 1.0k 2 United Kingdom
21 Mar 2022 8:00PM
Superb portfolio, just enjoyed looking through your work. I really like all your wildlife shots, keep at it

Chris_L 9 5.5k United Kingdom
12 Sep 2014 1:49AM
Think you're starting to get the hang of it now
ColinEJ 16 21 17 United Kingdom
22 Feb 2013 9:42AM
Wow, glad I popped by. Beautiful work and very inspirational.

JackAllTog Plus
14 6.4k 58 United Kingdom
4 Jan 2013 2:14PM
What an amazingly rich and diverse professional portfolio - i'm kicking myself for not seeing this before. Wow Lots i'd love to learn from & emulate.
1 Jan 2013 1:59PM
excellent portfolio, assured technique and a great style.
bagman 12 65 United States
31 May 2012 3:00PM
YOUR work with the pentax ist d is what got me to change to that camera from film and started me
down the road in the digital age. I absolutely cherish your magnificent work with your beautiful models.
The gorgeous colors, the dark reds you could capture was ,wow. To me your work was so impressive and exquisite
that it inspired me to give digital a hard try and have been at it every since . You have produce such incredible work
over the years.Excellent exceptional photography work in your exciting portfolio.
26 Jan 2012 3:00PM
Loving your work Smile
franfoto 15 2 32 England
4 Mar 2011 12:08PM
A really interesting PF to browse, diverse, imaginative and skill in abundance. A most enjoyable and inspiring visit.
Gosh K, I remember you getting those first EC's, they are still amazing and it seems like yesterday, eh
Hope your kids are well and you are too. Happy 2010 xx
Richsr 16 91 224 England
15 Dec 2009 10:39AM
Great PF lots and lots of ideas in this - thanks for sharing.
Regards Richard.
BreadandShutter 14 16 7 United Kingdom
18 Apr 2009 10:27PM
great portfolio some fantastic ideas captured here
U4eA 18 475 England
21 Feb 2009 10:10PM
I'll need to return when I can bring a more focused thought to bear...but for now wow. Just wow....
lakemist 15 5 United Kingdom
14 Dec 2008 9:47PM
I just love your work Karen,ever since I saw some of your images in PM.
sjteague 15 147 1 Wales
20 Nov 2008 5:34PM
I'd love to have this PF :0)

boony 16 980 3 United Kingdom
22 Aug 2008 1:39PM
brill folio , people shots done well are sooooo good
lobsterboy Plus
19 15.0k 13 United Kingdom
7 May 2008 7:01PM
lots of cracking - well thought out images here.
28 Feb 2008 3:06PM
Firstly - you are now my Photozine angel.
Secondly - your photography is amazing, your digital skills are exemplary.

Thanks for the gift and also for the portfolio, brilliant work.

Lisa x
6 Feb 2008 12:10AM
You have one of the best portfolios ive seen for a while ive really enjoyed looking through your images, you have really got my creative juices flowing, Thanks.
stevemc 16 49 England
8 Jan 2008 7:33PM
Excellent Webiste
Dave87 16 42 5 England
5 Jan 2008 1:08AM
Somehow I think K - stands for Karen. Ace people photography this, the standard Iím dreaming about one day achieving. This is what you call - top draw stuff. Super work - love it.

paulsimmons 15 10 2 England
4 Jan 2008 12:12PM
great shots on your port mate,
scragend 19 3 Scotland
16 Nov 2007 11:38PM
I've just had a quick look through your folio again. Brilliant images no matter what type of photography you turn your attention to!
How do you do it? There's probably a few answers to that but talent is right at the top!
shannron 17 97 United Kingdom
9 Nov 2007 9:10PM
Stunning work !!!!!
steve_kershaw 18 2.3k 4 United Kingdom
22 Oct 2007 11:36PM
stunning pics, when i grow up i want to be able to take pics just like you

or at least be able to have access to your models
seriously, excellent pics
Steinmachine 19 80 Scotland
29 Jul 2007 8:44PM
Excellent portfolio loved viewing it

Absolutely love your portfolio K, im a massive fan of your work, very impressive

Fantastic portfolio K - loved viewing it
warb 19 839
22 Apr 2007 9:50PM
hello, arent you doing well, i dont know where to even start with commenting on your photos, they are all excellent, nice work miss.
jimPat 18 8 1 Scotland
25 Mar 2007 8:52PM
Great body of work - just re-visited your web site - Impressive! Regards JP
JohnRShort 19 25 United Kingdom
20 Mar 2007 6:00PM
it's been sometime since I viewed your portfolio, it was always excellent but now it is inspirational.

Your portrait work is absolutely brilliant
User_Removed 19 16 1 United Kingdom
28 Feb 2007 7:23PM
They are all simply beautiful...

dickiedriver 17 212 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2007 11:56PM

This is a truely spectacular portfoilio the pictures are wonderful, it certainly gives me something to aim at well done

NickBrandon 16 29 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2007 3:51PM
These are truly exceptional, beautiful images.

Definitely something for the rest of us mere mortals to aim at..........

Excellent work, keep em comimg, I'll keep on looking.

regards Nick.
23 Dec 2006 10:22AM
This is some of the best work I have ever seen. It's quite humbling to see stuff like this because it makes me realise quite how poor my work is LOL.

Do you have all the lighting kit yourself or do you hire a studio? It's pretty obvious that you have a perfect understanding of lighting and I know that this is difficult to achieve unless you regularly shoot with studio lighting.

Anyway your work is stunning Smile


Where do you get your models from... some of them are absolutely gorgeus Wink
princezippy 17 58 United Kingdom
6 Dec 2006 8:53PM
Absolutely awsome PF
Incredible quality
Superb set of images taht really do set the standard
A very big well done K

Regards Jeff
9 Nov 2006 12:34AM
Your portfolio is getting better and better....really nice work have you done.

Was great to see familiar photos in Photography Monthly. A good quality magazine, so great job to get a portfolio spot in there. Well done.
dpemberton 18 25
11 Oct 2006 2:38PM
Congratulations on getting published in Photographic Monthly!

SharD 16 94
29 Aug 2006 2:54PM
Hi K, your work goes from strength to strength - I love seeing each new piece of art that you create!

Shar x
Skull 17 28 United Kingdom
9 Aug 2006 10:36PM
Wow, some fantastic shots. Very inspirational.
Love the website too.
lynsfiona 19 5
30 May 2006 9:00PM
Your portfolio is absolutely stunning, you really are an inspiration! Keep up the fantastic work! Lyns x

P.S. Thanks for the congrats, been gone far too long, you know how weddings seem to take over your whole life! xx
Tandberg 20 1.2k 2 England
23 Apr 2006 4:49AM
Keep em coming as there are a few ports i like looking at on a regular basis.
And yours is one of those

Classic, Exellent images

Cheers Dave
skydivemike 18 47 Northern Ireland
23 Apr 2006 3:43AM
A unique and stunning collection of images.

UserRemoved 17 162
23 Apr 2006 1:03AM
I love your portfolio - you really can do no wrong! the lighting/colour tones/b&w tones/composition - everything in each picture is perfect! I've got a lot to learn and you are definitely a photographer for other photographers to aspire to!

wyatturp 17 2 England
22 Apr 2006 12:00PM
Its the light i love on all our pics well done.
wyatturp 17 2 England
8 Apr 2006 3:26AM
A fine portfolio, well done.
gilman 18 36
6 Apr 2006 1:09PM
First time I see your work.
Enjoyed you portfolio a lot, you have a great eye and feel for people....your use of light is also amazing!!
Thanks for sharing.
jeff50 17 162
25 Mar 2006 7:41AM
A superb portfolio - what impresses me here, is to see a woman's approach to nude/glamour photography, it's far more inspirational than the average male photographers "glamour" photographs
cossack2005 17 86
16 Mar 2006 1:57AM
A truly inspiring portfolio.

BillS 17 27 United Kingdom
15 Mar 2006 5:29AM
A truly impressive site , your images are super , really inspirational .
steve5452 18 15 United Kingdom
9 Mar 2006 10:22AM
Very impressive portfilio.

I bow before you oh great one [:o)
dontforgetme 19 1.7k 7 United Kingdom
26 Jan 2006 11:23AM
I think all the images on your showcase are absolutely superb. Would look great as a series in large print.
Rob 17 116
20 Jan 2006 1:46AM
I've been looking around for a while and this is one of my favourite portfolios on the site.
BrittO 18 36
10 Jan 2006 2:27AM
You have a beautiful portfolio. Very artistic style.
Looking forward to viewing more of you work.
Click On!

dakapture 17 14 United Kingdom
5 Jan 2006 7:37AM
very impressive, you have some very creative work here. nice one. laser
Miles Herbert 20 1.9k 4 United Kingdom
29 Dec 2005 10:55AM
Creative, talented and artistic, your portraits have always been amoungst my favourites, and your honesty and integrity have always been appreciated.
jeanie Plus
19 6.0k 6 United Kingdom
20 Dec 2005 1:26PM
Not only a superb photographer who keeps on improving but a good friend too.....
User_Removed 18 132
16 Dec 2005 6:09AM
An inspirational & creative portfolio. You have a true talent for photography
16 Dec 2005 5:19AM
You are all very kind, thank you Smile
cdm36 19 391 7 England
14 Dec 2005 10:44PM
One very talented photographer K, with a good Eye for creativity and one thats not afraid to higlight issues.
keep it up.

User_Removed 20 39 6 Scotland
14 Dec 2005 9:28PM
Simply put a beautiful photographer with an artist eye and a beautiful person with a sole to match.
Thank you for being there when it really counts.
Take care and luv to you and the family xx
Kris_Dutson 20 8.2k 1 England
14 Dec 2005 6:52AM
It's difficult to add anything to other's comments except that I agree whole heartedly with their sentiments.

You're definitely one of the best and getting better all the time.

MartinWait 19 95 United Kingdom
10 Dec 2005 12:10PM
Won't harp on 'bout it.
Yer bloody great - nuff said!


User_Removed 17 279
9 Dec 2005 9:18AM
I've been staring at this blank box for ages and over several days trying to add something that hasn't already been said.

So, apart from what's already been written, which I concur with wholeheartedly, I'll just say that you are an institution on this site, much appreciated, admired and not only for your photography, but just as importantly, your enthusiasm, honesty, integrity and support.

Best wishes, Simon
mattmatic 19 598
9 Dec 2005 2:59AM
Always a pleasure to view this portfolio.
Excellent quality, interesting variations of subject.
Oh yes, and your comments and views are appreciated too Wink
Keep up the good work!!
Nic_WA 18 179 2 Australia
9 Dec 2005 2:33AM
I agree with really embody the spirit of epz for me K. I think I've learnt from you to try not to concentrate on one type of photography but give everything a go. And your images just keep getting better and better.
Inspiring portfolio.
Nic x
conrad 18 10.9k 116
8 Dec 2005 11:44PM
I'm glad we can now comment on entire portfolios, for you deserve praise for yours!

You have an inspiring portfolio with photos of a creative quality I may never achieve.

But I would also like to take the opportunity to say that I feel you are part of what makes this site, because you're one of those EPZ members who are always ready to help out, make supportive comments, and put things in perspective when discussions tend to get out of hand.

May you go on doing so for a long, long time!

Pete_g 18 327 United Kingdom
8 Dec 2005 6:54AM
Excellent portfolio Karen. Extremely creative, with outstanding portrait and people images and wide ranging skills. Keep up the good work.
paulcr 18 1.5k 9 Ireland
8 Dec 2005 4:48AM
I never tire of looking at your work Karen. Paul
shitzkit 19 147 United Kingdom
7 Dec 2005 4:53PM
im with PatrickSmith on what he said keep up the good work. one of the best on here so you are.
stevieb 19 3.0k 2 Panama
7 Dec 2005 1:17PM
..and apart from talent she has thelongestusername on EPZ..unless of course..
beaniebabe 17 2.3k England
7 Dec 2005 7:15AM
you are so creative, I love seeing your work, thank you

Angie x
tartanlady 19 58 Scotland
7 Dec 2005 6:40AM
You are so creative K, your portfolio is an inspiration to all.
5 Dec 2005 4:29AM
You are all very, very kind thank you Smile
U4eA 18 475 England
4 Dec 2005 8:43AM
Creative,chique, many superlatives and so little space! Smile Buried away in here is the image that first drew me to this site, and so many more that have kept me coming back. You truly are an inspiration kiddo, and deserving of of every plaudit your receive. (\/)
PatrickSmith 18 1.2k 2 United States
2 Dec 2005 1:43PM
K, what I've learned from you is that people really appreciate honest input, especially if it is a valuable critique. LOL - Therefore, you must be well loved on EPZ!
FrankThomas 20 2.8k United Kingdom
2 Dec 2005 3:52AM
You have an amazing portfolio K. You have this photography lark cracked that's for sure
funkeldink 19 1.6k 1 Australia
2 Dec 2005 2:48AM
ello ......
1 Dec 2005 2:11PM
I wish I had a fraction of your talent.....a superb portfolio

KathyW 19 1.8k 12 Norfolk Island
1 Dec 2005 9:45AM
Have to agree - very inspiring portfolio.
Superb work.

kokobrown 19 1.9k Scotland
30 Nov 2005 1:53PM
Your very talented. Your creative ability is inspiring. The little story on one of your recent uploads was very uplifting.

Mari 19 1.8k United Kingdom
30 Nov 2005 9:17AM
One of the most talented people photographers on the site, K - you are an inspiration and have a wonderful eye. Look forward to some stunning future uploads

Mari Smile

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