Welcome to my corner of EPZ, my interests are mainly in landscape photography and astrophotography.
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A quick view of AntHolloway's recent activity.

  • Canadian Pacific

    NIce one Ed
    • 12 Feb 2020 5:44PM
  • Wastwater Boathouse

    Cheers all for the comments and awards Wink
    • 5 Feb 2020 10:57PM
  • Wastwater Reds

    Cheers all for the comments and awards Grin
    • 26 Jan 2020 6:46PM
  • Traigh Mhor Twilight

    Cheers all for the comments and pink for your user award.

    Peter - the key thing with this beach is how steep the sand slopes back to the sea, so a 1s exposure still gets motion in the foreground while the waves keep some structure.

    • 4 Jan 2020 6:14PM
  • Metro Bend

    Thanks for the comments and User awards Wink

    • 3 Dec 2019 11:03PM
  • Marmorkirken

    Cheers all.
    • 1 Dec 2019 6:28PM
  • Axelborg Atrium

    Thanks for your comments, to clicknimagine for the Guest Editor award and to Lory, kw and Umberto for your awards.

    It took a bit of shuffling back and forth, looking to get in just the right place Grin

    Joan - keep an eye out for the view looking down in a future upload Wink

    • 29 Nov 2019 8:01PM

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